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ItemImageAlan Greenspan is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

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frenchiefastwaves (6)
He parked america's "monster truck" economy, upside down at the bottom of the gully. Thanks bud!

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Moosekarloff (22)
"Any Way The Wind Blows" Alan. Suffers from the Zell Miller Syndrome, i.e., has the ability to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Seeing how lame the U.S. economy has been for the past half decade, and doesn't appear to be improving anytime soon, his stewardship of the Federal Reserve has hardly been impressive. Considering that the U.S. dollar has been trading at a near-historic low for quite some time now, and that the interest rates set by this twerp are not at all reflective of the true, actual state of the credit pool in this country, the tenure of this turd has hardly been confidence-inspiring. He's just another self-protecting political hack of very mediocre talent, which is typical of people who work for the government.

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Gromit (2)
Greenspan is a total LACKEY! He and his cohorts are quite adept at LYING about the true state of our economy. We have had huge numbers of personal and corporate bankruptcies and foreclosures, with RECORD numbers of even WHITE coller jobs (not just Blue Collar) 'offshored' or eliminated under this pathetic Bush administration, with most 'new job creation' being low wage Wal-Mart and foodservice type jobs with minimal or NO benefits, and Greenspan and company have the GAUL to tell is this economy is doing well?!?! Every middle-class family I know is either unemployed, grossly underemployed, or barely making ends meet on TWO salaries! These assclowns have pulled the wool over the American public's eyes for years now, and it is high time we the people expose them for the charlatans they truly are!

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kemmie (0)
I'm waiting for Steve Forbes to take over as Fed Chairman.

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EschewObfuscation (71)
Not a member of the Administration. Currently serving his (unprecedented) fifth term as Fed Chair and has done nothing to warrant replacement. I hated to see Volcker go, when he did, but Greenspan has done well in difficult and in prosperous times. Fed Chair is appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate, to a four year term, I don't know how that constitutes a 4th branch of government but whatever. Expect Greenspan to always do the right thing about six months after it is obvious what the right thing is.

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noskcaj (0)
Took forever to drop interest rates in the face of a recession. Matter of a fact he raised them several times by several points in the recession and all along said the recession was ending when it wasn't. He relies far to much on old data and data that has proven bad track records. Plus he is running a fourth branch of government that no one has power over. He isn't really even really in the Bush Administration. Also stood up to Bush and said his tax break was a bad idea and should instead pay off the debt. Later back tracked and said tax breaks sound good. Now again he says pay down the debt. How long till Greenspan again says tax breaks sound good. The Dollar is really tanking against the Euro and China is sticking it to the US with their currency. More cheap wal-mart crap that will break and we get to close our factories. Thanks Alan.

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Chalky Studebaker (18)
So 4 of you haven't found my comments helpful; do you not agree w/me when i say he is probably one of the ugliest people ever. for shame.....i really love how well the dollar is doing against the euro and yen.......way to go pile of puke..... a very ugly man who should get a 1

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robertp (0)
His commenta to the public would be better withheld. They are repetiteve and meaningless and to most to understand what is really happening in the economy, we feel he is twisting the truth to fit the needs of the administration.

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LanceRoxas (41)
Mr. Greenspan has done an excellent job at the fed. Inflation has stayed low. He flooded the market with liquidity after 9-11 by dropping interest rates and inducing massive amounts of home refinaces that were used for home improvements, other investments or new homes. Home ownership is now at an all time high! Without Bush's tax cuts and Greenspan's measures at the fed we might have been looking at another great depression not just a few month recession.

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jgls (14)
mr. greenspan is not a member of the administration, but has done a credible job as chairman of the fed.

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abichara (67)
It can be fairly stated that Alan Greenspan is the master of domestic economic policy. As Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Greenspan feels it is his obligation to anticipate unforseen circumstances. His longetivity in Washington rests largely on this premise; he was recently re-elected to a fourth term as Chair of the Board. Greenspan is best known in the business world as an inflation hawk. His economic outlook was defined in large part because of the events of the 1970's. During this period when he served as Chair of Economic Advisors under President Ford, Greenspan saw long term interest rates hit 5%. Prices also skyrocketed during this period, creating a economic phenomenon known as stagflation, economic stagnation along with increasing prices. A combination of events caused this, amongst others higher energy prices and deficit spending. Suffice to say, Greenspan understood that the fear of inflation would be the driving force behind the economy from that point forward, he has mastered the psychology of markets. Generally speaking Greenspan is a conservative economist. He believes that the government must run a balanced budget in order for other countries to have confidence in our economy. He is one of the most powerful people in world. His words move entire world economies and in a world with floating exchange rates dominated by the US dollar this is even more the case. Domestically he supported tax cuts but with the condition that they are economically feasible and that they have an immediate impact, in other words, tax policy can't be permanent. This put him at odds with the Bush White House who wanted to enact permanent tax cuts. It is true that Greenspan is above politics, this is what has made him an institution in Washington.

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Enkidu (38)
I kinda like this guy. He's so splendidly uninterested in partisan dung-flinging, he's self-effacing and amused by his own boring persona, and he seems to make his decisions rationally (not always a common quality among *elected* officials, which he of course is not).

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slanlak5 (0)
Brilliant and helpful to our Presidents. America is fortunate to have such a wonderful public servant and I wish we had more like him.

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BillCody (0)
Why is Greenspan in this list? He is not part of Bush's administration. He couldn't be part of it since he questioned tax cuts in the past. Bush would never put up with such rational thoughts.

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