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Scott McClellan is the Press Secretary. (Add picture)

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Moosekarloff (21)
Professional liar, excuse maker, apologist and backpeddler. Just another hack who would be taking orders at Wendy's if he weren't involved in the Bush Administration. I just wonder if he's the one that male prostitute Jeff Gannon visited so frequently at the White House, or whether Gannon's client is actually Karl Rove or the President himself.

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Gromit (2)
This assclown has 2 opinions on ANY matter, mainly Bush's and Bush's! Of course, not allowed to deviate any on current policy, he sounds like a 'broken record', spewing out the same old tired 'one liners' about the state of our economy, the war in Iraq, etc. Truly a personality-lacking robot, although i'm sure, a well paid one!

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odbtx (9)
The ultimate weasel. It would suck so bad if your job were to constantly make lame excuses for poor policy. However, if it paid REALLY well, I would do it.

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oscargamblesfro (82)
At least Fleischer looked like he actually gave the questions some thought- unlike this robot. Hearing Bush's cliches "Weapons of Mass Destruction," "Hate our way of life," "Enemies of Freedom," "Mandate from the American People," "Stay the Course," (and the rest of the trite sayings they spew out to the unthinking section of the public) in a flat monotone is akin to, but worse than, listening to a Britney Spears or Limp Bizkit album backwards searching for deep meaning concerning timeless philosophical questions.

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Fresnopip (0)
A weasel. That sums it up. Answers no questions from the press. He just dodges them and refers to the talking points.

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