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Overall Rating:2.76 based on 17 ratings
ItemImageElaine Chao is the Secretary of Labor.

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SchadenfreudianSlip (18)

A female version of an empty suit. This chick STILL thinks SOMEONE is going to buy the lie that [insert whiny voice] "Undocumented workers do jobs that Americans will not do." (I want whatever the Bush cabinet is taking...it must be AWESOME!)

Well, listen, Elaine...it's like this...if a sociopathic corporatist steals your life and hands it over to the new slave market in India, then what does it hurt to at least OFFER an American one of those jobs you're saying only illegals will do? Got an answer for that? Probably not, 'cause you're too busy chugging the Bush Aide supplied at every cabinet meeting.

What a waste of meat she is.

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noskcaj (0)
Would like to do away with silly things like overtime and minimum wage. Most people don't care about minimum wage cause they don't make it. They should, if the kid at burger king has to work for market condition they'd be working for about $1.35 in a couple of years. When those wages go down so does everyones. Why the hell would anyone pay $16.90 an hour when all these people will do it for less. Doesn't really matter though cause Bush wants to bring in millions of more mexicans. 1 in 10 mexicans lives in the United States. I really lose sleep over the poor execs at HP that have to fly on 2 year old Gulfstream G5s and make ends meet on a 100 million. If we did away with overtime they could buy boeing 757s and make 300 million. Please stop overtime.

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robertp (0)
I watched and listened to Chao as she went through the motions of this position. Week after week in new locations she gave the same speech which told Americans just how well the administration was doing on generating new jobs and establishing training programs to retrain those who had lost jobs which possibly would never return. Week after week, more jobs were lost and still the same Bush policy speech. More Hi- Tec jobs out-sourced to India and more illegal Immigrants flow into the USA. Wages continue to fall as do benefits but everything is getting better. Hear this enough and you may need to believe it. Like the prayer you learned in grammar school. It's all youll ever hear, anything else is screamed down on the air as lies and treason.

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EschewObfuscation (61)
Hey, pip, careful not to get your anecdotes mixed up. Bush's 1st choice for this post was Linda Chavez, she's the one who had illegal immigrants employed illegally in her home, consequently she withdrew her application from the Senate confirmation hearings. Also, Zoe Baird, Clinton's first choice for HIS Attorney General, had a similar scandal hit the papers during her confirmation hearings. Janet Reno was Clinton's 3rd choice for AG, a choice which paid off for him in spades. This lady is, coincidentally, married to Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority whip.

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Fresnopip (0)
She was labor sec. but was hiring illegal immigrants to clean her house. HUH?

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