Wilfrid Laurier (1896-1911)


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irishgit  (90)   on 10/04/2005 1:15PM, said:

Not a bad PM. Famous for saying that the Twentieth Century will belong to Canada. Yep, nailed that one, Wilf.

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jnoel12  (0)   on 01/13/2005 8:40PM, said:

First French speaking PM I believe, did a great job, really motivated the country, and if he had more to do with it, Canada might have owned the 20th century a lot more than it did. (but I think it's safe to say, it still wouldn't have belonged to Canada) Also I would like to add, though he was the PM, it wasn't his fault that Canada lost the Alaskan panhandle, honestly, it was Britain's fault because they made the deciding vote to give it to the States.

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AngelInDisguise99  (23)   on 02/17/2004 5:16PM, said:

Ah, Laurier,I'm learning aobut him now in Social Studies. He's a very undecided man. He jugled and walked a tightrope during his 15 year reign. He used his sunny ways approach to please (or try to please) both the English and the French in Canada. By trying to appease the wants and needs of both peoples. Then trying to trll the other people why this was a good decision. A very strange guy all in all. His main big feat was purchasing 2 navel boats for our Navy! WoW! Big acomplishment! We also lost part of Alaska thanks to him!

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