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Mitsubishi EclipseGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.78 based on 9 ratings
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ACLJ (3)
Hey, look, a Lancer can be a great car (sort of), but the Mitsubishi Eclipse is a very reasonably priced sports car for roughly $22000. Is it cramped inside? Well, yeah, but bear in mind that it's not the choice for a family car. For a 20-year old college male, the turbo-charged Eclipse is a must-have for a youth well spent.
99eclipsegsx (0)
I'd have to say the 2g Eclipse GST or GSX should be in your top 2 or 3 choices for a used 4 cylinder sports car. The GSX being the more rare and hard to find due to it's AWD. You're taking a chance when it comes to crankwalk but as far as performance, with bone stock 210hp, it is a quick car even with the stock turbo. Modifications to this car can be fun and easy. The body style, in my opinion is still very good looking and not outdated. You can make this car really stand out with some lowering springs and a nice set of rims. Don't go rice though, it's a disgrace in the DSM world. Keep it clean and sleeper.
WildKard51 (1)
First of all, the 95-99 generation of eclipses looked good. but second of all, its 4G63 engine, especially in the turbo models is a great platform for modifications. Couple that with the all wheel drive GSX model and you can have yourself a racecar with a few grand in race parts. The 4G63 is a very sturdy engine and it is able to withstand high amounts of boost. The Eclipse is the perfect entry level sleeper car for the money, especially when you buy used because the next eclipse body style sucked as far as performance is concerned. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 though, was because there is no comparison to the Nissan Skyline. Otherwise, a well tuned turbo AWD Eclipse is a 5 star car in my book.
92LexES (0)
as u all can see u have not seem to show much knowledge of the 4g63 motors and the eclipse.. well the 2gens with the 4g64's tend to break down easier because of signs of crankwalk it could come as soon as 30,000 miles(doesnt that suck)..and the bad side to the 4g63 on the 1gen's is that well if non proper maintenace and care is put into the timing belt and the car oil changes then well your gonna get some serious motor damage.there are no signs of crankwalks on the first gen's.. the timing belt will snap and cause head damage if not change within respected mileage..Mitsubishi is not the best company out there because well they been lying to us all this time most of there cars has defects for some dumb reason. Mitsubishi has been hiding a lot of defects from us so theres has been some recalls for them... Did u here the president or owner of Mitsubishi was arrested because of the hidden defects from the consumers. I give it a 3 stars because well i give respect to the 4g63 motors on the fist gen. They last longer if maintenace is taken care of. I do own a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 1991, so i kno eclipse. My car has not broken down on me yet(KNOCK ON WOOD) so I am glad of it.
eclipsegtx1 (0)
if it wanst for the first gen. eclipse we woulnt be talking about japanese cars the eclipse was the first car to start the turbo revolution. yes supras and skylines are great but wheres the top dog, the grand daddy, or just the #1 sports car from japan wheres the gto(3000gt in u.s.)
CornCob (0)
I have a first gen with 84000 on it and it gets me around with no problems. Still has some get up after 10 years. DSM is a good company and the second best jap company.
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