Diekevers Roofing Inc.

Diekevers Roofing is a family owned company founded by Bernard Diekevers. We have been providing west ...
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Diekevers Roofing Inc.
1058 Godfrey SW
Grand Rapids ,  MI   49503
United States
Phone: (616) 452-3263
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Diekevers Roofing Inc. 5

I was really glad I gave Diekevers a chance to bid on my re-roofing my house.

They give me a complete estimate on what had to be replaced and what coud be re-shingles.

They also relpaced the old roof vents with a "ridge vent" which give me 4 time the air flow. Which also made my roof look a whole lot nicer.

The also installed 8 ventlation soffets which the people who sided my house hadn't. The eliminated my ice build up proplem.

The price they quoted me is what I paid. No surprises came up. I know they had to do extra work on the front porch roof them they had planned, but no extra charges to me.

The work crew was extellent. Absolutely no mess, and really professional and cared about what they were doing.

I couldn't reccommed a better company. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Bill Steele 414 Benson Ave. NE, Grand Rapids MI 49503 616-302-0838

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