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Overall Rating: 3.09 based on 11 ratings
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frenchiefastwaves (6)
If you feel like blowing away a lot of dough for no good reason, Boca is the place for you! There is decent beach in town that has a tiny free parking but many huge lots for 18$ a day. CHiChi capital of Florida, It's easy to be in awe when surrounded by such stunning faux-mediteranean architecture. Great spot to be seen with your sugardaddy when shopping for luxury items, eating overpriced ordinary grub and looking precious while texting and holding your miniature chihuahua. You'd get a better bang for your buck just about anywhere else.

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computergal (1)
Boca is very pretty and clean, but boring as it's a ritzy destination. The houses are nice to admire, even if from a distance. West Palm Beach has more going on and there is more to do. Lake Worth Beach has a lot of young people, but I don't feel comfortable there. The bathrooms there smell like urine and are dirty. The people are kinda trashy looking, but generally harmless. But if you can't head down to South Beach I suggest trying the other beaches in Palm Beach county. Delray's looking nice these days with shops, eateries and galleries.

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JackaToa (0)
nice, lot of money, Pete Roses and Houston's two great restaurants to visit

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TriSec (2)
My second favorite place to visit (see my comments about Nova Scotia elsewhere). PALM beach, thank you, is the top destination if you want sheer, unadulterated high-end luxury. The Breakers Hotel is the epitome of refinement and luxury, and the Flagler Museum (America's Taj Mahal) is simply not to be missed. Shopping on Worth Avenue makes Park Avenue or Rodeo Drive look like an outlet mall. And if you're hungry, don't leave the island without trying the strawberry pie at Testa's. Simply to die for. The key lime pie is just as good. I'd recommend a couple of beaches off the beaten path, though. Try the south end of the island at Manalapan, or way up on Singer Island at Macarthur State Park. Very nice beaches, both of them, and usually very deserted. Lake Worth Beach is also a good one, but because of its proximity to food and shopping, it's the most popular. Then there is the classic Ocean Beach at the end of Worth Ave, too.

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Sundiszno (32)
Just got back from about a week in Boca Raton. I'm not rating Boca as a beach destination as such (I only saw the beach there from the terrace of a beachfront restaurant), but rather as a Florida destination that happens to have a beach. Boca Raton (I often wonder why it was names Rat's Mouth) is a beautiful city - nicely laid out, a very nice shopping mall, beautiful (and expensive) houses, plenty of restuarants, nice roads. Prices are a bit steep (but reflect the overall upscale atmosphere of the area - lots and lots of BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus - you get the picture), and I found a disproportionate number of people in the service sector to be brusque and often rude. Drivers there (and in Florida in general) tend to be erratic, change lanes withut signaling, and tailgate too often. Overall, it's a nice area to spend a couple of days in, but I think I'd get tired of the drivers, the monotonous flatness of the area, and the uppitiness of the people.

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