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hoskinsch (0)
For years our whole family has used this dry cleaner and never had any major problems, but in the last 6 months our clothing has come back in worse shape than when we took it in. The last 2 times has been horrible!! My father took in 4 brand new top quatily long sleeved shirts and asked if they had anyone who could alter the sleeves and make them short. They used one of his shirts (short sleeved) and measured how long to make the sleeves. The tag on the shirt said "alter sleeves to 6"." When he went to wear one of the shirts, he discovered they were so short they didnt even cover his shoulders. After looking at the shirts I discovered all 4 of them were the same. The seamstress had measured the inseam origionally, but when she altered the sleeves she cut the outside seam to 6", thus leaving the inseam about 1". So Dads $80.00 shirts , needless to say, are good for nothing but rags now. When I looked at the rest of his drycleaning, I found that all but one of his shirts he had taken in the past 6 months has wrinkles pressed (heavy starch)into them. Also all of his jeans were pressed off center and had wrinkles, some as wide as 3 inches, pressed into them. What the heck? How can these mistakes be made? Furthermore how does a business like this stay in business? So, tomorrow I will attempt to have them make good on the clothes they ruined, somehow though I get the feeling that I wont get very far!

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stefanie1180 (0)
I would absolutely not recommend Vanover Cleaners to anyone. They are extremely rude and unprofessional plus they do terrible alterations. I took my coat there to be dry cleaned and took some suit jackets there to be altered (sleeves shortened). When I arrived to pickup my clothing, only one of the jackets was completed. When I got home, I noticed that the sleeves were completely crooked. I called Vanover the next morning to tell them that I was going to come and pick up my other 4 jackets. I explained that I wanted to take them somewhere else to be altered and explained the crooked sleeves on the jacket that they had "altered." I was told that I had to pay for the alterations anyway (they didn't make me pay for the first jacket that I picked up the day before - they told me I could pay for all 5 when I picked up the other 4). I arrived at the Vanover about an hour later to pick up my other 4 jackets. They told me that they had already started on my other 4 jackets, which consisted of ripping the seams out of the sleeves, I was told that I could not have my 4 jackets back until I paid full price for the jacket with the crooked sleeves and 3/4 of the price for the jackets that had not been altered, but had the seams ripped out of them! I explained that I was more than happy to pay the dry cleaning price for the coat, but that I should not have to pay for the alterations because now I was left with 5 jackets that I was not able to wear and I would have to pay someone else to fix. The woman at the store was extremely rude to me, refused to return my items until I paid her over $70 for one jacket with crooked sleeves and 4 jackets that now had the seams ripped out of them but had not been altered. In addition, I noticed that there was an ashtray full of cigarette butts on a table behind the front desk in the back area. This back area is where they have all of their customers clothing hanging. I found this, along with the rudeness of the staff, extremely unprofessional. Under no circumstances would I ever go to Vanover Cleaners again and I would never ever recommend them to anyone.

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