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Overall Rating:2.88 based on 26 ratings
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Djahuti (53)
Quakers have a long history of standing up for Christian Values such as Freedom (they were early opponents of slavery,back when they caught Hell for it),Womens Rights (Christ did not discriminate by gender-read about what he said regarding the woman who washed his feet) and PEACE.They do not believe in spiritual middle-men,and therefore everyone at their Friends Meeting may speak if he or she is moved to do so.No one is put up on a pulpit or raised above anyone else.They read from the Bible,and have a discussion or they may also just be silent together,which can be very powerful when done with spiritual intent.

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AsuzaSt (7)
Do they believe in Christ as Savior? I don't think so. They feel Christ was just a prophet. They shouldn't be on the Christian Denomination list.

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DrEntropy (38)
A sect founded by George Fox in 17th Century England (and brought to the US by convert William Penn) that had the revolutionary idea of actually following the principles laid down in the Bible: Equality of all before God, Pacifism, Honesty, Charity, etc.... As a result, they were pioneers in women's rights and anti-slavery movements; needless to say, they were generally hated, despised and persecuted by all other Christian denominations, as well as secular authority, right up until American independence established freedom of religion. Also, Quaker merchants were the first to use 'set prices', believing that bargaining encouraged dishonesty; the practice was so successful that it made them quite rich, and, inevitably, not-so-religious. Still active in good causes worldwide, the Quakers also run some of the best schools in the country.

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hopquick (0)
There is much freedom in the denomination that allows for some very interesting theologies in smaller pockets of the larger denomination. That being said, they are a wonderful example of God's love.

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earthbound (37)
From what I have read, they appear to have been the Christian group that has stuck most consistently to the core Christian principles, playing a big role in slavery abolition and eschewing the pomp, wealth and flashy robes of organized religion for more personal communion with their saviour. I have always wanted to look into them more.

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