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If you decide to ever call this store, beware. You may be put on hold for a long time, over 10 minutes and be switched from hold back to customer service not once but maybe more than twice. When you ask them for a department like Building Materials, you may be on hold a long while. So your best bet is not to even call them.
It's almost as if they would rather you did not call. They seem to be way too busy to bother with phone inquiries!

So if you really want to find something at The Home Depot, go to the store yourself and just look around the store. If you are unsure of a product that you may want to purchase then you may eventually find an associate wearing The Home Depot apron who will appear as though they are running the other way but if you catch one leaving the break room you might get lucky!

Otherwise, go on line.

But for me not once but several times, during different times of the year, it is nearly impossible to get an answer but this may not be the way The Home Depot does business, it may just be the location. Yea. maybe.

Personally I get pretty tired of calling just to be put on hold indefinitely.
Seems like poor business practice. There are lots of businesses out there retail, that answer calls and direct your call to the right department in under 3 minutes!

But This particular store , maybe it's just bad timing on my part but this has been the case with my calling to look for a product they sell to get the pricing and the availability.
I hate driving all the way to The Home Depot, just to find out they are out of stock of the item I am looking to buy or worse, they don't even know what I'm talking about.
Give me a break. But giving The Home Depot a 3 star good rating is stretching it a bit even for me.

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