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Overall Rating: 4.15 based on 13 ratings

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Reviews for Battle Rifle  1-13 OF 13

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ILikePie (38)
My personal favourite. Its short bursts are lethal if you know how to use them well.1
MasterChief13 (0)
Great Weapon but limited Magazine,to haloking below me MAGNUM BLOWS in Halo 2 but i Awsome in HaloCE0
haloking (0)

  this weapon is VERY OVERATED. Its a  good weapon, but not the best. It is OK in multiplayer and as mentioned below, it sucks for close combat. Once again VERY OVERATED weapon.

Many guns can own the BR, The carbine is a better weapon, and the Magnum can own a BR.

numbah16tdhaha (137)
I want a full auto version.3
goolle (0)
Its OK for Medium ranges, but it SUCKS for close combat. Pretty good in Multiplayer.....2
KravenMorehed (0)
Excellent weapon when used skillfully. It can be used over both long and short distances and with a few shots to the head it will dispatch enemies with great ease. Used in combos with grenades and the plasma pistol, it can take out an overshielded foe in less than a second (this is no exageration, ask any experienced player.) Finally, BXRing with the battle rifle makes it one of the most effective close combat weapons as well.0
Weps (0)
A superb weapon. It's burst is better than the full-auto. it takes quite a bit to weild the BAttle rifle as does the shotgun. This weapon is one of the best.1
xianghua (0)
36 rounds in 3 round burst = 12 rounds. you have 12 shots to take out enemy, packs a lot of punch, and comes with a small scope of 2x... a mini sniper rifle with more speed and capacity0
079 lone wolf (0)
perfect back up weapon for the sniper rifle. good at medum range headshots.1
Un00b (0)
I like it but it's not as good as the covenant counterpart.0
Latinohawk (0)
I really don't think that this weapon is good at all. It is possibly the worst weapon in the entire game.0
pepe le peu (0)
I just love the Battle Rifle because it is versitile for me and I can kill anything w/ it0
helmut (16)
Excellent gun. Takes four shots in the head, which is fine, but it is better paired with a charged plasma pistol. One shot with the charge takes away the shield, then switch to the battle rifle and shoot once in the head to kill. If they are far enough away, you can time it so both shots hit at the same time to confuse people.1
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