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irishgit (137)
In most jobs, the potential downside far outweighs the immediate upside. On a sidebar, however, among political staff during campaigns dating is pretty normal and accepted. There's a lot of emotion, adrenaline and close contact, and one thing tends to lead to another. Under those circumstances, there is seldom an issue.

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minkey (36)
I've seen it done and I've been there as well. You're spending 40 or more hours a week with people in many cases and if there's an attraction there might be a spark. I think it's best to keep it under wraps until you know that there is actually something there. A weekend fling should be kept quiet. A month or more, if it leaks out it won't be bad depending on how it's handled. Don't be mushy at work or make people feel awkward to be around the two of you and it should be okay. And prepare for the possible enevitable. People break up sometimes - gasp - and you've got to be mature and not let things get messy at work.

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doobiesNhof (21)
Don't eat where you crap!

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abichara (60)
It all depends. I don't think that you should narrow the field of people you date arbitrarily. I have many friends who met in the workplace and are currently happily married. Now of course, some relationships might go bad, thus creating a tense atmosphere at work. That situation only happens though if you let it. I don't mind dating women from work, and I've never had a bad experience doing so, but it's also understandable why some don't do it.

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Randyman (103)
I work at Boeing, and if you've been listening to the news and reading the papers, you know my boss Harry Stonecipher was forced to resign for doing this very thing. If I was single I wouldn't date a co-worker. It would just be to awkward if things didn't work out. Maybe even more awkward if it did.

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numbah16tdhaha (147)
Don't have any I could date. Only two women work for us and I don't fancy either of them.

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Flick01 (71)
In my opinion, it depends on the individuals who are involved. Some people are able to keep it separate from their office life and in those cases no problems usually arise. I have also seen cases where people who were next in line were passed over for career advancements so that someone's lover would get the job or promotion. That causes bitterness on many levels so dating a co-worker should be an out of office activity. One person may be the bed partner but if handled carelessly, the potential is there for many people to get screwed. (actually a stronger euphemism is more appropriate)

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TeachMeLove (0)
There have been plenty of happy endings here, as well as horror stories of exes who couldn't deal with running into each other every day. If you value your worklife, I say tread carefully. Think twice about having a short fling unless you are prepared to deal with gossip floating everywhere and uncomfortable situations.

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souljunkie (20)
I have never blamed anyone for doing this. I think it is logical that people meet this way. I would almost put it above bar hopping for possible mate finding, but it does have its downside, especially if your dating someone who is higher in the chain of command. As long as you date someone below you, I dont really see that it is a big gamble. I used to do this all the time, but I was a real bastard. I would always make sure that anyone I chose to hook up with knew that it was strictly supposed to be 'under the radar' and that if any word of it got out I would deny, deny, deny! Most of the gals that were willing had agendas of there own and would usually go along with it. If I noticed a hint of 'clinginess' I was outta there like a shot!

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Skizero (13)
i married my co-worker.

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jgls (12)
speaking from experience, this can lead to major trouble. to be avoided at all costs.

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kamylienne (77)
This could be a big potential career-killer. Thankfully, I've never been involved in this kind of mess, but I've heard the stories, and they usually don't end well. Even at its best, gossip is vicious, and at its worst, bitter breakups usually mean one or the other's gotta get a new job. Probably not a game you'd want to play.

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