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Overall Rating:Average Rating (2.83) based on 6 ratings

Ames Corporation-owned department store franchise killed by Wal-Mart in the early 90s. Known for its flower-red logo and bright colors. (Add picture)

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pppatski (0)
We used to go to the one at 11th west of Cicero avenue in Oak lawn, IL. What a dive. It was always a mess. I don't think anyone was surprised when it closed. Does anyone remember the Treasury stores?0
mrfred8 (0)
man, those places were dumps.0
OKCRay (0)
Zayre ruled! I remember the one on 41st and Ashland in Chicago... we went there all the time! Wow... those [email protected]$$ pink ZAYRE letters that spanned the entire length of the building, the coin-operated kiddie rides as you left the store... the stuff childhood was made of... that was ZAYRE in a nutshell. I also remember the other gone/primarily forgotten discount stores in Chicagoland... among those being Community, Korvettes, Turn Style and Topps, but none of them compared to ZAYRE!!!0
Shopper6 (0)
Back in the 1970s, before there was Wal-Mart, there were lots of discount department stores besides Zayre. Zayre became Ames, which then became extinct around 2001. I grew up in the Chicago area, and I remember shopping at a place called Turnstyle, which then became Venture (all the Ventures closed in the Chicago area in the mid- to late-1990s). I also remember a store called Community in Park Ridge, and a chain of stores called Korvette's (which had the funkiest '70s murals on the store's walls. There was a mustachioed man in a pimp hat pictured in the mural and it used to give me nightmares as a kid). My mom bought a McCloud style suede and lambs wool collar coat at Korvette's once when I was a kid. Goldblatt's also was a happening place in the '70s; I got a bendable Rocky the squirrel toy (from Rocky and Bullwinkle fame) there when I was in second grade. There also was kind of a creepy discount department store called The Treasury near Golf Mill shopping center. Weirdly enough, I still have an old hinged velvet jewelry box from there that says The Treasury inside. My mother took me to Kmart in Wheeling practically on a daily basis, where I could be placated with a coke slurpee and a bag of stale popcorn. As you can see, I spent much of my childhood being dragged from store to store by my shopping-addicted mother and grandmother, honing the shopping skills I have today. 1
Indio70 (0)
As a kid I can remember they had the HEEEEY! Fonzie shirts and the DY-NO-MITE J.J. T-shirts, but I wasn't much of a consumer when I was six years old...1
CastleBee (81)
I wasn't a bit surprised when this place went out. It was like a sub-KMart. Not missed.2
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