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Overall Rating: 3.36 based on 33 ratings
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Krypto (0)
Fun, mindless Acey-Ducey -- but they should stop pressing the contestants for their reasoning.
Mario500 (0)
Send em low, raise 'em high. When you're raking in the dough, give out a sigh....on Card Sharks! That's my very own example of hundreds of opening poems (said by announcer Gene Wood) that introduced millions of NBC viewers each weekday to a show where your fate is determined by a single card. Hosted by Jim Perry (and later on Bob Eubanks), 2 contestants compete for large sums of money by knowing their cards right. These are not ordinary cards (store bought or casino), but larger than your average sized Harrahs casino playing cards. Speaking of casinos, the gameplay of Card Games would fit perfectly due to the high stakes and the likely chance of losing it all. Both contestants have his/her own row of these oversized cards and must reach the end by making the choices of going higher or lower (Twos are the lowest, Aces are the highest). To change a card, a contestant must freeze to earn a new card through a survey question. The player who freezes must answer with what he/she believes is the closest to the majority of the 100 person survey. The opponent must guess if the correct survey majority is higher or lower. The winner of the survey question wins either lets say a 3 or a card with the same number before deciding to go high or low. After around 2-3 rounds, the winning contestant must face the Big Money board, where he/she will bid a portion of the amount money given/won before deciding whether to go higher or lower. Yep, contestants can change cards at this point too, excluding the survey questions. The former Game Show Network has returned the Perry version of the show alongside the Bob Eubanks one, both air on weekends unfortunately.
cromulance (1)
One of the most mindless game shows ever, but it's still very engaging. Some of the contestants can be really obnoxious though.
alty6905 (1)
This show is stupid. No skill involved, just dumb luck.
JorganVonStingle (1)
A piece of crap game show for people who don't know anything. High or low? It's just luck! SO STUPID!
emilycamille2008 (0)
GREAT!!!! i love this show!!!! 5 STARS!!!!
shaligirls87 (0)
it's so much fun to watch!
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