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Apple PowerBook G4Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:4.19 based on 27 ratings
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PassTheLoot (10)
My Doctor has one and I want that g4 so bad he better not leave it in the room with me alone.

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suzaloo (0)
Highly recommend the G4, although I kinda wish I could have waited as the newest and fastest Powerbook 5 has just come out. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait as my old piece of crap Dell Inspiron died in June '05; The Mac is a wonderful addition to my life. My only complaint is the Microsoft Publisher program for the PC works much better on the the PC, and the Office for Mac doesn't include a Publisher program. Sure wish it did!

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Landru (0)
If you're thinking of saving a few bucks and buying an iBook, don't. Powerbook is worth the extra money. The case is more durable, the components better protected, and the keyboard even lights up in the dark. It's a slick computer. This is the best laptop I've ever used. Only shortcoming is battery life - on wireless under heavy use I'm lucky to get two hours. For all the Apple vs. PC folks, I do cross-platform consulting and have used both since the days of Visicalc (ancient spreadsheet). Each has advantages. When doing accounting, there's a lot more Windows software available, and Excel is more powerful and easier to use on a PC. For professional graphic design and photo rendering, can't beat a Mac. There's a place for both. Funny, though, I hear a lot more PC folks dissing Macs than the other way around. Ordered a new Mac desktop last month, and it arrived via FedEx with the word "Sucks" written on the box next to the Apple logo. You'd think folks would have better things to do...

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astaples (0)
I have a Powerbook G4 1GHz with 12 inch screen (the smallest they make). It is lightweight, feels very sturdy, has about 4 hours of battery life (you can get 5 with a brand new battery and light use of the machine). This is a very well-featured laptop. It is very mobile, easy to use, and best of all it runs with Apple's Mac OS X operating system! I think that you'll find that though the Mac OS X operating system is really what makes Apple computers so useful and attractive, the Powerbook is designed to compliment the operating system very well. I am switching to this computer from a Dell Inspiron8500 laptop, which used to be Dell's top of the line at about the same time that the Powerbook 1GHz was Apple's top of the line. They are very different machines, but I am much happier with Apple - their customer support is amazing! It is lightyears ahead of Dell's customer support. Macs are good for just about everything. I use mine for web authoring, word processing, taking notes in class, editing photos in high resolution on Photoshop, computer programing (c++, OpenGL), and lots of other things ... go try an apple at an Apple retail store and you'll be hooked. If you don't have a store like that, buy a used laptop on eBay that is less featured than what you want, try it, and sell it after a couple of weeks to a month. That way you can decide whether you like it and also get a baseline for performance so that you know how powerful you want your new computer to be.

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magellan (178)
My wife just got the G4 PowerBook, and it's pretty sweet. Very powerful, very fast, very stable - what you would expect from Mac OSX. Again, as is the case for most Macs, it is fantastic for digital media - music and photos. Here are the things that you need to look out for when switching to a Mac: - The Mac version of Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Excel, Word) is bug-ridden. - Some Flash / USB Drives are not able to transfer files from Mac to PC - Safari is a pretty low lousy browser, heavy and slow. I haven't been too impressed with Firefox for Mac either. The one that I like, Camino, is great, but isn't supported on occasional sites. - Not all HTML editors are available for Mac - if you do any Web editing, this can be a pain. - I've had problems getting the Powerbook to work with InFocus projectors - maybe it's just me, but I doubt it. - If you're going to do the equivalent of Zip on a large file for email, the recipient will have to download special (free) software to unzip it - it's called Stuffit!. I'm still very happy I switched to Mac, but there have been some inconveniences.

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alifbaa (0)
Lightening fast and amazingly stable -- never crashes. Very good Apple support. Classy titanium case.

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radio1090 (0)
Amazingly Powerful!

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Electro Funk (0)
BillyBob... you are insane.... name one laptop that outperforms a powerbook G4 (with facts) and i will buy it for you!

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billybob6969 (0)
APppless are orages they suck anyway!

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