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1. CanadaSucks , on 3/28/2004 7:11:00 PM, said:

What? C'mon, they rule. As long as people are honest, who cares?
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2. PBeavr , on 3/27/2004 9:35:00 PM, said:

Very similiar to chickenheads but a chickenhead typically does perform sex acts. Sluts many times are more showy than actual matress-backs. Even when a slut is truly promiscuous their damage radius is quite small. Even the "superstar" sluts have a limited sphere of influence. Usually it consists of young women who are too naive to know better and young men who are too horny to care.
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3. LadyShark4534 , on 7/31/2003 8:59:00 AM, said:

It's not exactly moral and the girls who are sluts aren't exactly the type who have a bright IQ, but someone needs to provide the entertainment for the men! Just tell Ms. Aguilera to gain some weight and she'll be easier for them to bonk!
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Sluts: Showing comments 1-3 of 3
About Sluts
Girls with no purpose except promiscuity. Famous Sluts: Christina Aguilara, Dr. Laura, Meg Ryan. 
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