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Steve Moskowitz, LLP
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About 7 years ago I owed the IRS aprox. $23,000. At the time I did not think I owed the money. I thought our tax preparer made an error. I contacted a tax attorney. He took a $250 consultation fee and about a week later when My Wife and I decided to hire him we paid a $5000 retainer. He assured us the problem would go away. His words "let me help you". Over the next 5 years we would get letters from the IRS that were getting more and more threatening, attachments and so on.

I had several meetings with different law clerks and several different lawyers at Moskowitz's firm over the five year period, plus I had to pay a couple more retainers to keep the case going. Finally I was able to get an appointment with the firm's head man. He once again assured us he would settle this problem with an "offer in compromise" and we would be fine. All this time interest and penalty's going up. His words again "I hope you win the lottery the day after your case is settled".

Several months later the IRS threatened to attach wages and bank accounts. I made an appointment to see some one at the law firm and was seen by a new attorney, Anthony Diosdi who had just joined the firm. He just moved to California from Florida. He told me there was nothing more they could do for me and that filing an offer in compromise would be useless because I had to much equity in my home. I asked him why does your firm say they can help people in these situations and then don't. He did not answer me.

In the meantime this firm filed for bankruptcy and opened up under a new name the following week. The primary attorney still had his name on the shingle but the partner was new. Anyway to make a long story just a little bit longer. I wound up refinancing my home, paying the IRS $61000 and the law firm a total of about $9000. Now he probably did nothing wrong except in a round about way tell me things he could do and new he really couldn't. I mean I could have settled with the IRS in the beginning for $23000. But being a lay person I was afraid of the IRS and trusted a lawyer.

My question, Is there anything I can do to sue this firm for the underhanded and unethical way he practices law? And where would I find an attorney to do this? This guy was suspended while I was an active client. You can look that up on the CA Bar's web page.

Effective Date Description Case Number Resulting Status
Disciplinary and Related Actions
1/10/2002 Discipline w/actual suspension 96-O-6325 Not Eligible To Practice Law

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