Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel

Item added by dkinghorn77. Added on 12/28/2009
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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel 1

The shortest lived reel I've ever owned! In less than three months of avid fishing the nylon/plastic gears were missing three teeth. I didn't try to return the reel because quite frankly it was born a piece of junk and I never wanted it in my hand again. I picked up a Shimano Calcutta 201B and I've worked it VERY Hard and I'm so impressed with it I bought another Calcutta TE 201 to keep it company! It's really not fare comparing Diamonds to DIRT, but then again Abu Garcia did me Dirty!!! :)

The chunk of Change that got away! After two months of avid fishing the nylon gears (Junk) in this economy bait cast "Abu Garcia" reel simply striped! I couldn't be more disgusted! It's performance from start to short finish was Horrible! The drag system constantly locked up and needed babysitting before ever cast... I now own Two Shimano casting/bait cast reels, one Calcutta 201B and a Calcutta TE 201. The first Calcutta has been so impressive I've been having nightmares of being without it!!! So, I had to have another one! Fisherman if your using an Ambassadeur? The clock is ticking and I hope you have better luck finding parts than I did.

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