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Night of the Living Dead
  Current Rating: (4.25)  
  # of Ratings: 12      
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1. BIGBABY , on 2/21/2004 9:21:00 PM, said:

The best of the "Zombie" films Ive ever seen, perhaps even the best overall horror movie. Good horror movies don't exactly have to be necessarilly scary. Here, regular people play zombies with little makeup that ruins other types of movies like this one. Unlike "28 Days Later", the zombies don't look so flamboyant and exeggerated with style. Instead, they look like regular people, which is must better. Even though the movie primarily takes place in a single house, it superbly shows how the group tries to survive, and how some of them fail. Finally, Ive always thought that black and white picture just creates a more scary enviorment.
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2. Enkidu , on 2/21/2004 9:07:00 PM, said:

Magnificent horror epic shot in grainy black-and-white, and assumed by both right and left to be a political statement for their respective causes (do the zombies represent hippies and the counterculture? or the mindless conformity of the Establishment?) It holds up quite well, especially considering the excremental quality of most current "horror" films.
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3. irishgit , on 2/21/2004 9:03:00 PM, said:

I generally dislike horror movies, but this one has always struck a chord with me. Cheesy, creepy and with an underlying subtlety, it attracts me where far more competent movies leave me cold.
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4. CastleBee , on 8/21/2003 8:31:00 AM, said:

Not scary, not really funny so I guess I'm not really getting the cult appeal. Has a kind of mid-60's cheesiness though which would make it a natural for MST3K.
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Night of the Living Dead: Showing comments 1-4 of 4
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