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1956- Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) vs Aldai Stevenson (D)Get Rating Widget!

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Reviews for 1956- Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) vs Aldai Stevenson (D)  1-2 OF 2

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GenghisTheHun (168)
Adlai never had a chance. If any period of time was appropriate for a war hero to be President, 1956 was it. It was an awfully turbulent year.

In February, British Spies, Burgess and MacLean, surface in Moscow reminding us of subversion.

June, Labor unrest in Poznan, Poland, crushed by Soviet troops.

July, Gamal Nasser of Egypt nationalizes Suez Canal causing an international uproar.

October 23, Hungarian Revolution starts.

October 26, Soviet Army invades Hungary.

November 4, more Soviet troops pour into Hungary.

October 28, beginning of Suez Crisis. Isreal invades Egypt and pushed Egyptian troops back towards Suez Canal.

October 31, France and Britain start bombing Egypt to force reopening Suez Canal.

November 5, British paratroopers drop on Suez.

November 6, Briish marines hit the beach in Suez area.

November 4, 5, 6, fighting raging in Budapest.


How is that for a made to order sequence of events? Ike won in a landslide.

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abichara (60)
The 1956 election wasn't exactly a watershed moment in American political history. Eisenhower was very popular and he didn't have a problem getting re-elected. He had ended the Korean War 3 years earlier and the economy was booming. Ike did have a lot of health problems, but that was never used as an issue directly. The Cold War was the major issue of the election, with Stevenson advocating for more bilateral treaties and reduced military spending, but that given the nature of the threat, he failed to capture the public with that. Stevenson was a highly articulate candidate who gained some support from the parties liberal base, but no one really had much of a reason to kick Eisenhower out, given his significant foreign policy successes, along with the strong economy.

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