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Lou Dobbs is the anchor and managing editor of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight".

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HelenKirby (0)
You're great Lou!
I'm so glad you are on weekends now, we
don't get to see you on the West coast
otherwise. (Like we used to - thought you were great then too.)
joef4920 (0)
joe f. [email protected]
i listened to your comment about how the government was not properly training and equiping our boys in s.w.a. i should also mention that their numbers are way too low. reason? the powers that be in this country donn't want to win this war; they want to continue this insanity (just like vietnam)as long as possible. remember that who their buddies and business partners really are: the military industrial complex, big energy, and big banking; in other words, big crime going legit.
chidcguy (0)
This dude is a total joke. He just represents his facts and tries to inject into the brains of Americans. Let me ask some Q's

1) He cries about outsourcing of jobs to India/China? Do you think he doesnt invest in these companies while he is acting that he is concerned about middle class?

2) Why does he get Kim Berry from Programmers Guild once in every 3 months when congress or senate start working on some bills? Why doesnt he talk with orgs like competeamerica and immigrationvoice (www.competeamerica.org & www.immigrationvoice.org )on his show. He is a biased reporter.

3) Now more interestingly He says he is FOR Legal Immigration. In fact he called on Kim Berry last week on to his show amid fears of H1B increase. Employment based immigration is BROKE big time and he never shed any light to it.


// snip starts

I've never once called for a restriction on legal immigration -- in fact, I've called for an increase, if it can be demonstrated that as a matter of public policy the nation requires more than the one million people we bring into this country legally each year.

snip ends //

Does this mean that he figured out that one day some immigration rule will be passed and he is moving in that direction? What a piece of shit head is he?
As an American and a patriot, Lou Dobbs is the best guy on the news. He speaks his mind and speaks out against the 12 million illegals here. 3
Aristotle77 (19)
I really hate his debates.from T.V.PROFESSIONALISM TO POLITICS? OH dear!...all that gliters is not gold,LOU.0
CzechMate (10)
Reading some of the reviews below makes me question the authorseither they do not listen to Lou Dobbs views/intentions/implications carefully enough or they are plain stupid! Lou Dobbs is against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NOT IMMIGRATION, he is not blaming other countries but OUR GOVERNMENTS LACK OF OVERSIGHT and ability to control important aspects of its own nation. I am an immigrant, a legal one, and I find it rather disturbing that the illegal immigration is so out of control and our government is rather promoting than prohibiting itI mean WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL do you people that give him 1 star do not understand? 6
NoDobbsFan (0)
Ever notice that the poll results on the show are always like 94% to 6%? Ever notice the e-mails are always some snide remark in one direction? Even when I agree with an issue, I am turned off by the cynicism and snideness. The issues are always so one-sided and the opposing view is never represented, often not even mentioned. This cynical, biased, uncontemplative show certainly seems to have established it's core audience in the cynical, biased and uncontemplative group.1
jetstream (0)
Although I do not agree with every he says he is about the only voice taking a stand on issues that affect the majority of working Americans. For those giving him a hard time because he was never poor get a life. Do you mean to tell me just because someone is wealthy they should not try to help people that are not? Bill Gates donates billions each year to charity to help people less fortunate. Should he stop because he is wealthy? As far as ratings of course he is concerned about ratings he is a broadcaster! Every person that makes a living on television is concerned about ratings. What a stupid point. The fact is Lou exposes the ugly truths in business and politics and people that benefit from the ongoing deception cannot stand that! Way to go Lou!!!0
unnst (0)
Lou Dobbs is one scared man. He thinks america is being degraded by immigrants. The fact that Lou dobbs' earns millions/year is mostly due to the hard work of the first generation of immigrants who built this nation. It's very clear that he is after ratings, otherwise he wouldn't say such biased things like, "The only flag I want to see waving in this country is the flag of the United States of America" (remarking on immigrant protesters who were waving the mexican flag). Oh really Lou? If so, then tell America to stop waving its flag all over the world. That one remark from him can set anger in those who came to this country in search of hope and opportunity. Lou Dobbs, please take your show to Cornerstone. Join Pat Roberston on his quest to destroy world religions. Your quest to drive forieners out the USA belongs in Cornerstone. I don't know why people ask you for a solution to immigration, as if you have the answers. You are just a mouth and nothing more. Yesterday, you stated that mexican immigrants are degrading the american education system. Let me tell you something, the american education system was f**ked up even before Mexicans came. Today, your grad schools are litterly packed with foreign students who do research for this country. If all immigrants/foreigners left, this country would be f***ked. That's a fact that many of you uneducated fools don't know. Schools that have a majority foreign student body, show better test scores for the rest of the nation. So shut up Lou. Quit hacking on immigrants. Everyday, quit giving us number after number (regarding how many mexicans are crossing, how much we pay in taxes for them, how many companies were criminalized for hiring them, how much money we lose because of them and so on) just stop it. Why do you care about how much the average citizen has in his pockets when you carry millions in your own. You're no average. You don't need to care about this issue. America doesn't need your fake attitude and your dumb mouth peice. You just want ratings, period. I can't say that enough. In the evenings, when you sit in your cozy $500 chair slandering the immigrant, the immigrant is hard at work, putting his sweat and blood to earn the pennies that support his children. Lou, were you ever poor? If not, then you need to shut up. All of you that rated his show with 4 starts are in a club of your own. Your governement has kept you blinded. Open your eyes, go read some books, get the facts. You're definitely not getting the facts from Lou freeka-doo Dobbs. 3
joeyg (0)
HE KNOWS WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT WITH FACTS TO BACK IT UP.Very refrestng these days of slanted news.0
miketou (6)
I like this guy. I think he calls it as he sees it. That's kinda rare these days. I'll take him over Bill O'Riley or that pig/druggie Rush Limbaugh any day. Keep up the good work Lou!2
grunlowen (0)
Isn't it funny how everyone either gives him a 5 or a 1. There is no in between, either you are totally PC (or in the U.S. illegaly) and you give him a 1, or you think that this country has some serious issues that Mr. Dobbs is shining a light on. Put me in the latter group.0
sunstorm1001 (0)
Keep asking those tough questions about illegal immigration, about open borders, about no health care for 42+ million Americans, about our lack of energy policies (despite this lace of gas happening as far back as 1973--I thot we would be solar powered by this date), about sending family wage jobs offshore Lou--should be REQUIRED TV for everyone on Capitol Hill! It is these issues that have me saying if my representitive says 'incumbant' on the ballot this next time around, whether repugly or demostat, I will vote AGAINST them just for their accepting the status quo and not kicking b&^% on our behalf!0
epal (0)
Mr. Dobbs is so off. Quote the paper titled “Will China Eat Our Lunch or Take Us Out to Diner?” written by economists Laurence J. Kotlikoff of Boston University, Hans Fehr and Sabine Jorkisch, “ an aging population and overspending on entitlements were going to send budget deficits and tax rates skyrocketing, driving up interest rates and creating a capital shortages for decades. We are heading into one God-awful fiscal storm, the full dimensions of which are hard to fathom.” The authors find that a flood of Chinese savings over the next 40 years could turn the anticipated capital shortages into capital gluts instead - not just in the U.S., but in Europe and Japan as well. “It’s a potential good news in a very bleak fiscal picture.” According to their calculations, the potential impact of China is so large that global interest rate could drop by as much as a third by 2050, even with all the expected government borrowing. Those lower rates, in turn, could finance more business investment, boost productivity, and raise nation incomes across the developed world (source: Business Week). The blame of Chinese manipulating the yuan exchange rate is a scapegoat. Even Alan Greenspan, a proponent of a more flexible yuan, admits that an appreciation of yuan as large as 10% of that currency would have no noticeable corrective effect on the large U.S. current account deficit. In fact, a much bigger revaluation of the yuan could be poisonous, as it could not only cause higher inflation and interest rates in the U.S. but also dry up the now-important source of Chinese funds that are financing the U.S. substantial fiscal deficit (source: Forbes). 0
CNN Fan (0)
The show is so bad and biasd, I watch CNN for most of its news. But Lou Dobbs, such a obvious stupid biased show make me sick of his logic. I am very disappointed that CNN lower it's standard to gain the class of people the show try to attract for rating I guess.2
Rainier (0)
Lou Dobbs, one blame solves it all. The Lou Dobbs's solution to all the problems of United States is to balme people from other countries, isn't it? Anything bad happens in the United States, people in the other countries take blame. US brand cars losing their market, well, Lou Dobbs has a method, Blame China! Small Businese closed, well, no need to know its reason, let China take blames!... From the very beginning of his program to date, Lou Dobbs has one method and this method works extremely well for some people. The method is, actually, nothing new. Why? Because in the United States, no one wants to take any responsibilities. Just look at the ugly faces of the US officials, the finger pointing after Katrina. It is quite easy to stir up the hatred towards foreigners among his audiences, when the program only broadcasts negative news about the foreign countries. 0
ken wallace (0)
Lou: CNN is lucky that they have such a brillant person as you. keep bitting at their heels. YOU are definitly making a difference ie. (redical islamic terrorist) thank you so much for your work. KEN from Ontario, Canada1
novelist2006 (0)
Lou Dobbs Tonight is the most biased show on CNN. I used to keep my television on CNN at all times, but now I rarely switch it there. I have always thought that CNN news has always provided the pros and cons of all cases, instead its become more biased by the minute with this increasingly unpopular show in all of Latin America and Latins in America. It is dividing society and turning racism into an acceptable way of thinking once again. My brothers are living proof that amnesty works and would not hesitate to explain to anyone why. If what Lou Dobbs says its true than maybe we should stop paying our taxes and drop our insurance programs. Hell we might as well quit our jobs and let the government take care of us. This negative idealism towards all Hispanics and illegal immigrants (which by the way should specify that 80% off all illegal immigrants come to America legally to begin with) is dividing the people.1
Rebel1956 (0)
Lou Dobbs is not a racist, or a bigot! He is a nationalist who seems to care more about the"general welfare" of the American people than the artificial corporations that now control our government. I am socialist, and Lou is a nationalist; but on this point we agree: Our govenment is now the bought and paid for possession of corporate power. 1
columbus1063 (0)
Dobbs is one of the few TV journalists to challenge the prevailing corporate culture. His objections to unfair trade practices, outsourcing & illegal immigaration are not anti-American or anti-immigrant, but rather pro-American PEOPLE. Dobbs is a populist in the best sense of the word. Lou makes his opinions clear in his reporting, but he also invites opponents and challenges them, making for some of the liveliest, most meaningful & relevant debate in TV news.0
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