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American Marketing Solutions
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American Marketing Solutions 5

I almost gave a 4-star rating, but only because Rick Upshaw has been in such high demand in recent years that he has not been as accessible to me as he used to be. However, that really wouldn't be a fair assessment since I don't currently have any active projects with Rick or American Marketing Solutions.

Rick Upshaw was my account manager at American Marketing Solutions when I started working with them many years ago. I found out months after we began working together that he was actually the owner. I was pleasantly surprised that Rick was not like most high-quality consultants. He was down to earth and very real with me, and one of the most humble people I've ever met!

Upon making the decision to move forward with his services, I found almost immediately that I had someone working with me for the betterment of my project, not just a "yes man" like most consultants, and not a glorified employee. As Rick what he's doing for you today, and he'll tell you, "I'm getting the results I promised you". I made the mistake of asking him how he's doing it a couple of times. That was pointless, but kind of funny to watch his reaction. He won't reveal his secret sauce, but he'll be the first to tell you that the most important ingredient in his secret sauce (and that of American Marketing Solutions) is the relationship he builds with his clients.

Having Rick Upshaw and American Marketing Solutions in my corner both personally and professionally has made all the difference in my life and in my business. I live the life I want to live now with my projects running pretty much on auto-pilot, thanks to Rick Upshaw and AMS. I only wish I'd found him sooner, so I could have been retired by now.

As I said above, my only "issue" at this point with either American Marketing Solutions at this point is that I really liked working with Rick. I'm grateful that he was honest enough to tell me that he didn't have time for my project at the time I was asking, but he assures me I am on a waiting list. If past experience is any indicator of what I can expect in the future, I know he'll call, and I know working with him and his company again will be worth the wait. That being the case, I have no choice but to give this company a resounding 5-star solute!

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American Marketing Solutions 5

When I read John's review above about Rick Upshaw and American Marketing Solutions, I had to chime in. I hope you all will bear with me, because my review is probably as much personal as it is professional.

While my experience with Mr. Upshaw and his company weren't quite as positive as John's throughout the process, the results Mr. Upshaw and American Marketing Solutions produced certainly were! In fact, they far exceeded my expectations in every way! As much as I hate to admit it, if it weren't for Mr. Upshaw and his tireless efforts and commitment to my success, it's quite likely that I would not have been able to retire when I did.

The reason I say that my experience during the process was not as positive as John's is because Mr. Upshaw and I had several "heated debates" about my project throughout the process. (I believe he called them "character builders"). I wanted him to do things that he was unwilling to do. I believed that since I was paying him good money, he had a responsibility to do whatever I wanted him to. It turns out that what I was asking him to do was technically unethical, although I truly didn't realize it at the time (or maybe I just didn't care... I'm not really sure anymore). Mr. Upshaw kept trying to help me understand at the time and kept insisting that the honorable way of performing the tasks would yield better results long term, but I wouldn't listen. I never admitted it to him, but had he not stood his ground, I am certain I would not be where I am today, not just because of the amount of money he made me, but because my business would have been exposed as being unethical in certain business practices I wanted to employ.

Rick Upshaw not only made me money, but he was my moral compass at a time when morals didn't mean much to me. He taught me that I could be highly profitable without compromising honor and ethics. He always told me that it was not his job to just tell me what I wanted to hear, but he promised to tell me always what I needed to hear. I didn't get that at the time. I do now. Mr. Upshaw probably does not look upon his experience with me as a positive one, but from my perspective, he was probably the best friend I ever had during a time when I needed one more than I cared to admit, and I'd like to thank him here for holding a mirror to my face and forcing me to look at who I really was. I thank him for that. So does my wife and my two children. Our lives were all drastically changed because of my experience with Rick Upshaw. Not only am I, too, a millionaire as a direct result of the marketing efforts of Rick Upshaw and American Marketing Solutions, but I am also a better man... a better husband, a better father and a better friend to people around me today.

Bottom line: Rick Upshaw and American Marketing Solutions are not the cheapest in town, but they are not the most expensive, either. If you just shoot straight with them, tell them what kind of marketing budget you have and what your goals are, they will work within your means and give you maximum bang for your buck. Don't do like I did and argue with them every step of the way. Give them the latitude they ask for and let them work their magic for you. If they tell you that you have a money-making project, then what they're telling you is right. If you don't have a profitable project, they'll tell you before you go so far down the rabbit hole that you can't get out. Follow their advice. I promise you it will be worth it in the end, even if you don't see it at the time!

I don't know where Rick Upshaw is today, or where American Marketing Solutions is headquartered (I know they are not at the address listed on this page anymore), but wherever he is, I hope he's reading this, and I hope he remembers who I am, because I will certainly remember him for every day for the rest of my life!

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American Marketing Solutions 5

Although the address you have on file for American Marketing Solutions is REALLY out-dated, I have to say that I could not be more pleased in my dealings with American Marketing Solutions! They are a small company, but highly focused on high-quality customer service, to my eternal delight!

My account manager at American Marketing Solutions is Mr. Rick Upshaw, (I believe he is actually the owner of the company). I have done business with Mr. Upshaw and his company for almost 8 years now. When I first met Mr. Upshaw, I didn't even have a company, but I wanted to start one. Over a meal at Taco Bell (which was all I could afford at the time), Mr. Upshaw helped me design a lead-generation program on a shoe-string budget. He was fair and up-front with me, detailing all of my options, including all of the pros and cons, and then left the final decisions up to me. I was very happy with his matter-of-fact approach. As he likes to say, "I can't be counted on to tell you what you want to hear. That's not my job. I'm here to make you money, so what you CAN count on is that I will always tell you what you NEED to hear in order to make your project successful!"

Although I really wasn't paying American Marketing Solutions a lot of money when I started, it appeared to me that Mr. Upshaw had everyone at American Marketing Solutions at work implementing the plan we set in motion. Within a week I started getting some leads. Within 60 days I had more prospects than I knew what to do with! Mr. Upshaw even helped me close a few deals for my business while helping me to hire qualified sales pros to handle the leads he was sending me! Awesome!

As my business began to grow, I went back to American Marketing Solutions to assist me in getting my business online. Back then, the internet was a very different animal than it is today, but American Marketing Solutions seems to be able to keep up with all of the changes. American Marketing Solutions got my business online within a couple of days, and helped me achieve top 10 rankings on several of the the major search engines within 60 days for my targeted keywords. It took several months for many of the other search engines, but Mr. Upshaw and the guys at American Marketing Solutions were very frank with me regarding what I should expect, and everything happened pretty much as they said it would.

Today, due largely to our marketing efforts spear-headed by Mr. Upshaw and his team at American Marketing Solutions, my company now does more than $10 million in gross revenue! I have gone from living in a small house in East Austin to a nice 4600 sq. ft. house in the Hill Country. From my point of view, I owe a large portion of my success entirely to American Marketing Solutions.

If you need help getting online, or in making money in any kind of small business endeavor, American Marketing Solutions can and will help you achieve your goals. I'm certain of it. I highly recommend the services of American Marketing Solutions, and will forever trust them with all of my online and offline marketing needs. Be sure and ask for Rick Upshaw as your account manager should you decide to follow this recommendation. Whatever he charges you will pale in comparison to what he makes you!

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