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The Meeting Planner makes it easy to setup Skype meetings across different time zones.
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Avoid the hassle of adding and subtracting time, or worrying about changing daylight savings dates for countries and cities around the world. The Meeting Planner will do all this for you. The Meeting Planner integrates with Skype and imports all your Skype contacts every time you start the program. Any changes or additions to your contacts will automatically be reflected in Meeting Planner. Just select the people you would like to include in your meeting, and the date. The Meeting Planner will generate a time table for that day, and highlight the day, night, and in-between parts of the selected 24-hour period. You can find the best possible time to have your meeting by glancing the time table and selecting the row which contains day time hours for all participants. You can also send meeting notifications via Skype to all participants and review logs of past notifications.

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