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Pando 3

The Pando Extra for Skype adds enhanced file transfer functionality to your Skype client. With Pando Extra, you can:

* Transfer files and folders to Skype contacts – Just drag and drop files and folders to send to Skype contacts and/or email addresses at the same time
* Subscribe to high quality media feeds – Get daily doses of HD-quality video from your favorite content providers and video sharing sites. View the videos online or off and then share them with friends.
* Generate URLs for sites/ you want to share over the Web
* Anytime transfers - Send to and receive from offline contacts or contacts away from their computers
* Multi-file, multi-recipient - Send multiple files to multiple recipients, simultaneously
* Transfer speeds – File delivery is super fast thanks to accelerated, BitTorrent "swarm delivery"
* Automatic resume support - Auto-resume intermittently connected transfers

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