Yuuguu offers cross network instant messaging, instant screen sharing,
real time collaboration, web conferencing and remote support.
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Main Features:
1. Fast, secure screen sharing
Yuuguu uses an instant messenger style interface so you can instantly start a screen sharing session in just one click. And there are no downloads or installs required for your participants - they can view your screen through a standard web browser.

2. Easy to use web conferencing
Simple to set up, easy to join, fast and secure. Use your meeting room instantly or use the details to schedule a session for later. Nothing to download or install for your web conference participants.

3. Unified instant messaging
Combine all your instant messaging contacts into one easy to use interface. Add contacts from Yuuguu, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and Skype. Instant message one to one or in groups, even when people are on different networks. And enhance your instant messaging experience with screen sharing and real time collaboration capabilities.

* Unlimited use with other Yuuguu users
* Time limited use with people not on Yuuguu
* 5 participants in a session

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