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Added on 12/01/2003
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Markattheshore is the website for Mark Arbeit, one of two realtors from Pru-Fox's Margate, NJ branch who teamed up with a doughy, high-fivin' mortgage broker to stick me with the broker's house over a leaking oil tank. I discovered the tank nine days after I moved in and asked for copy of standard NJ seller's disclosure form, which had been advertised in MLS description as available for inspection. Whoops, they said, there never really was one. OK. Knowing that realtors, for their own purposes, keep meticulous records of who goes through their listings, I asked for copy of such list, figuring that some prospective buyers saw tank, balked at buying, and told doughboy or his realtor about it. That request must have hit too close to home; they told me, "Just beat it, sucker. You own it now."

Well, I later came across some info on Mr. Arbeit in The Washington Post archives for June 20 and 25, 1987. Before he "reinvented" himself as "Realtor to the Stars," seems he was an assistant elementary school principal but got bounced from the job for some, er, improprieties, shall we say, with schoolboys.These two Pru-fox realtors and their dumpy mortgage broker pal still yuk it up every time my name is mentioned. I hear they point to me as proof that they're so slick they can unload a toxic waste dump.

You know what's really funny, though? You would think a big outfit like Pru-Fox would do something to vet their "sales professionals." Read about Mr. Arbeit and think again. Makes you wonder how many realtors with similar histories Pru-Fox has running around its many offices. Doesn't it?

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Prudential Real Estate 1

Very pushy. Was going to list my house for sale, but when I told them that I wanted to check with other agencies, they became indignant.

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Prudential Real Estate 5

Sold my house in 13 days. 100% satisfied!

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