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Tidy Cats Crystals Cat LitterGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.22 based on 9 ratings

Tidy Cats Crystals Cat Litter is made from unscented crystals that lock in moisture. (Add picture)

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Barbarabells (0)
I used tidy cats crystal litter for years but lately it doesn't seem to clump nearly as well,  what happened??  I also strongly wish they would sell it in a bag and not all those big plastic containers0
sxechic (0)
I love Tidy Cat. Most crystal cat litter makes the urine seep to the bottom of the box and when it comes to cleaning it's a digusting mess. With Tidy Cats it soaks into the crystals. It also last longer and doesn't smell as bad as the regular or other brands of crystal litter.0
KittieMom (0)
I absolutely love Tidy Cat Crystals! It really elimates urine smell and I have multiple cats. Great stuff! You can get an 8 lb jar for $14.99 online at Petsmart or Target. If you buy the smaller 5 oz container, the prices I've seen online are outrageous. Walmart has the best prices for the smaller 5 oz jar. I believe they sell it in the store for $7 or $8. When browsing today, I saw the smaller jar selling for $11.99. This price is too much! It's best to buy the LARGER jar.2
texasyankee (20)
This is what I use, after trying several brands, I find it to cover the smell much better.4
redcherry (0)
worked well enough , but over priced 2
lovethecold (0)
What a disappointing expensive product. It did not block the smell any more than the $1.99 10lb bag did and I paid $13.99 for 14lb of this crystal stuff. (This is not the clumping stuff, just crystals instead of clay). Pass on this!2
nkramer (0)
It could be better at clumping. Pieces fall apart and put the smell back into the litter pan. As far as odor it works ok for the first couple days. Works better then most generic brands.1
kamylienne (74)
My secondary use for cat litter is to put in the tray underneath the rabbit cage that catches the wastes of our rabbits. I've used a cheap brand called Simplicity Plus, a non-clumping silica-gel based litter that worked great for soaking up liquids. But, the store ran out once, so we tried Tidy Cats Crystals. Hopefully, it works better for cats than rabbits--it didn't eliminate odors nearly as well as the cheaper brand. 1
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