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Overall Rating:3.69 based on 112 ratings
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ItemImageDirected by Marcus Nispel. Written by Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel. Starring Jessica Biel as Erin, Jonathan Tucker as Morgan, Erica Leerhsen as Pepper, Mike Vogel as Andy, Eric Balfour as Kemper, and Andrew Bryniarski as Leatherface. A remake of the 1974 original. A group of teenagers on a road trip through rural Texas are terrorized by Leatherface.

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Binniethebloodybooh (16)
What you would expect from a modern remake of the classic film. I will admit it was better than I expected.

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uncnc08 (48)
It was not good,plain and simple.I mean I wasn't expecting alot to begin with I'll admit,my boyfriend at the time wanted to see it,but I just remember it being a little too gory for me,I looked away most of the film actually.The first one I saw as a kid and it scared me.this just grossed me out.

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Jeremy00081 (5)
Wow...the remake is rated higher than the original??? What's up with that? I thought this movie was OK, but nothing that special. Good for a couple kill scenes.

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Oenone (0)
I thought this movie was terrible. Not scary at all

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jimfaust2 (0)
I liked this. It showed a lot of guts-bad pun intended-by showing excessive gore. I say the more gore the better it is! Jessica Beil never looked lovlier. Or hotter! I just got one question-Who in the blue blazes is that fat lady on the couch? I have the book and it doesn't mention her once!I call her the tea lady. She said Erin(Jessica Beil's Character) was a little tense. I'd say she was on the verge of having a mental breakdown! And Leatherface was o.k, but he's no Gunner Hanson! Sorry Andrew, but you just don't cut it for me. At least it wasn't half as bad as The Return of The Texas Chainsaw massacre! Who the hell was Rothman?

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edt4 (116)
One question...Why? The original was a masterpiece. What obscenely overpaid Hollywood executive decided it would be worthwhile to re-make the 1974 classic, and re-make it poorly to boot? Enquiring minds wanna know...

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lilprecioussis87 (0)
that was just a great movie

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mrs_mysterio619 (0)
it is exactly the same as the first one its stupid. they are both made out to be so scary but they arent scary at all. they are boring.

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rihannajessi (0)
this movie was sooooooooooooooooooo scary and disgusting it made me sick but i enjoyed it soooooooooooo much love ya. -jessi

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vamachine (0)
How can this rate higher than the 1974 original? Have fans of this remake even SEEN the 1974 version? That version is a drive-in classic, a real product of its time----graphic without being in-your-face, gritty, darkly funny, beautifully shot and edited. The viewer actually feels "dirty" after watching it. The remake is none of the above--just exploitation. Heck, I'll take the Renee Zellweger "remake" from 1994 over this thing.

  (4 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
drumtool (0)
there are only a very few but this is better than the original(the gore had me jumping like i was watching the original again, just more so!)

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
lindamichelle (0)
Pretty damn scary!!

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
kkii (0)
first of al IT NEVER HAPPENED TOBE HOOPER SAID IT HIMSELF second of all the original is way better this depends on jump tactics and boring predictibal "Scream" type suspence while the first was a step into a bizzare nature and showing how cannibals act so see the original and listen to the commentary they say them selfs it never happened

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
musicprof (1)
One line for you...... NEVER SCREW WITH CLASSICS!!

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
iamfromhelltoo (1)
not better than the original but i was surprised that it was good very diffrent but i liked it alot of scenes were changed but still a scary movie

  (0 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
dragonx187 (0)
This movie will never live up to it's original. The only thing that is worth watching are the Original Photos and police investigation on the bonus disk.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
kattwoman (25)
wickedly done.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Badunsgirl (0)
Ok I could of not picked a better night to watch this movie it was a thundering and lighting and it was at night no movie has scared me quite like this one see I can't see a poster or the movie box of this without screaming this movies is EXTREMLEY frightning I stayed awake two whole nights after seeing this and This movie is very distrubing, the images from this flim will haunt the mind for all eternity, at least I'll never forget them! I thought it was a great movie though! I mean there was never I moment that I wasn't scared I love the very beginning when the police investagation was going on it's intresting to see what they find during the investagation. I saw this one before the original one and the original was just as great as this one! and it also shows how tragic the whole thing was and this has got to be the most distrubing horror movie ever! but it defines horror it's a good movie it will 100% guarauntee make your skin crawl why even while I'm typing this review my skin is crawling and getting goosebumps and chills and before you watch it perpare yourself for a eternal scarefest and also perpare for the distrubing images your about to see, and see just how frighting this tragic story is you've been warned ahead of time...

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
lilnikki23 (0)
This movie is the best movie ever!!! It has gore, its scary, and it has everything you could want in a horror movie.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
BadlyDeclared (0)
I loved this movie. Even though it is a hollywood farse that is weighted by INSPIRED by a true story. Inspired being the very key point. This movie kicked ass! The cinematogrophy, directing and acting, along with great special effects made this a spectacular thrill ride! Read my full review: http://bradley.kicks-ass.org/blog/archives/000948.php

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Jamie McBain (54)
Not as good as the original, but still pretty decent.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
ThomasHewittLover13 (0)
i loved it! it was the scariest movie ive seen in a long time.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Drummergrrl101 (0)
The movie was suspensful but it was like you knew what was going to happen. I never saw the first original movie but i could still figure out what was going to happen. It wasn't really that scary. Great graphic and special effects but all in all it was an okay movie. i did see it once and that's probably however many times i'm gonna see it. i do feel sorry for the five teens that did get killed but i was happy for the one that got away.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
agent_bluebubbles (0)
Ok like seriously i dont think anybody will ever know how much this movie made me pee my pants. It is by far the scariest movie I have ever seen and probably will be THE scariest movie I ever watch my whole entire life. The acting was amazing. It might have been slightly more effective if Jessica Biel was wearing a different top but it was still fine. This movie didn't have the same critera as most modern horror movies these days do. There was no nudity, no comedy, and barely any glimpse of hope. Some of the main characters do die and you actually feel sad. Biel ends up all by herself with the little farm boy that she kidnapped. It could have potiental for a second one it would be really ridiculously scary but the story would be ruined. This isn't just the best horror movie I have ever seen its the best movie period. I just love it in movies when they have a song for the killing parts because it just makes it gracefull in a way and scarier somehow. Oh another thing chainsaws are actually really scary and im sure theres some twisted person out there some where that hurts animals or people with it. I just think that they should have added way way way more special features for people who are completly interested in the movie and the real story. They should have decifered which of the black and white footage at the beginning and end of the movie was real. Im pretty sure that the part with the only known footage of Thomas Hewitt (Leatherface) was real. In a way i hope not but in another way it would be hella scary. I love scary movies and nobody will ever know how amazing this movie was to me. Another thing don't ya just love that sound that the movie makes on occasion (the old fashion camera clicking I think or something like that) just haunts me all the time. One of the scariest parts is when one of the guys is running through the sheets that would scare the crap out of me. Also when Biel is in the butcher shop with the cows is scary. It must suck when you are hiding or running for your life with dead cows or sheets. Another thing WHY is absolutly everbody in the Travis County so insane and twisted up its just soooo crazzy. I wish somebody would give me the complete down low of the REAL Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the REAL Thomas Hewitt. Thanks for your time everyone and Thanks for making a movie this hella scary it changed my life (I'll never look at chainsaws ever again)

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
redninefan (0)
Awful remake...don't waste your time on this crap.

  (0 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Miso7 (0)
People look at this movie and think its corny and or horrible but what people dont realize is the impact of it. This was a true story people not just another scarry movie. If I could I wouldent even rate this movie because how do you rate real people being killed by a chainsaw? Its history not science fiction.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
LuverGrrl15 (0)
By: Laur This movie was scary for the first time when I saw it all by myself. I didn't know what to aspect in all because I didnt even know what the movie was about. The movie confuses me between real and not real. Like the black and white part where the police officer is showing all the scrachtes on the walls and geos down into the house and the door opens and they both the sheriff and camera person die and it shoes a little piece of the leatherface man. Now I thought it was real until I went on the internet to find out the real story on it, and I found out that this movie was basically based on Ed Geins two killings and his house of dead women. I am still confused and think that the movie could be real, but then it's all made up sept for some parts. Like that Ed Gein wore the skin of his victims as mask, and find a woman hanging from the ceiling. I rate this film a 5-great becuase the movie sure did trick me cause I still think it's true and its all just about Ed Gein. If a movie can trick me like that is diserves a big number.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
mjwhite299 (0)
it was so cool i am a big fan of horror movies but this one takes it all i love how their is mostley killings and not all talk i think this should be the best horror movie ever it has suspense thrilling non stop action and it is my favroit horror movie thanks

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
josephgugino (0)
kamylienne. I see lots of people disagree with you. At parts i agree, and at others i highly disagree. They're right, Ed Gein was a serial killer in Wisconsin, and he killed 2 women with a .22 calibur rifle. There could have been more, but that's all that was proven. Thomas Hewitt, or better known as Leather Face, as said was a mass murderer killing over 33. I've done lotsa research since i saw the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and never found any conclusive evidence that Thomas Hewitt was a real person. Now being a scary movie buff, ALL the scary movies I've seen in the last 5 years were the kind of movie where i say "You stupid kid, why are you doing that?" This movie is nothing like that, it's the first thing i noticed about all this. They picked up a FEMALE Hitch-Hiker. If it was a male, i wouldn't have looked twice at him. But just because it's a female,(Spoiler ahead) i would've stopped. What would you do if someone kills themself in your car? You would stop at a gas station and call the police. It's a rickity town in the 60's. Not rare. So the lady tells you to meet the sheriff. OK. The little crazy kid says the sheriff is at his house, and you can't drive. OK. You reach the house to find a handicapped man. What's to worry about there? The handicapped guy says, you can't go in, makes sense, he's insecure, he has no legs. Well, Kemper makes a wise choice going in and searching. Your girlfriend has been there for a while. OK. I could go on and tell the whole story, but so far, i would do just the same. But to be honest, the fakest part of it all, how much does a chainsaw weight, of that calibur? has to be 18-20 pounds. Consider running with that in 1 hand. He catches up to that fit character, Andy. He looks like a muscular guy, wouldn't you expect him to be able to outrun a gimp with a 20 pound chainsaw in his hand? Well Anyway, i overall rate this a 4 and a half. The movie is totally worth 6-9 bucks in the theatre, and i would buy it to send chills down my spine before i go to bed.

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
RikkWolf (0)
Alright, alright, alright! I think if I hear one more person say that Tomas Hewitt or “Leatherface” was real, or that this excellent movie was based on some maniac in Texas I am gonna go on a chainsaw wielding massacre myself. Here’s the low down, kids – Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and a dozen other of our favorite horror movies are almost purely Ed Gein. Don’t believe me? You don’t have to – read the excellent book “Deviant”, which chronicles Ed Gein’s ghastly deeds, and not to be a jerk Aurielle, but it was never, ever proven that Ed Gein ate any of his victims in any way shape or form, he did however, wear their skin, just like our huge buddy Leatherface (but you are right about him only actually killing two people. The dozens of others were already dead). The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is purely imagination mixed with headlines taken from Ed Gein stories. But don’t take my word for it – I dare you to find a SINGLE newspaper clipping or report of some crazed mass murderer from Texas chopping up anyone in the last 60 years. However, it’s VERY easy to find loads of information on Ed Gein, and even more info on how his disgusting acts turned into pop fiction horror movies. That fact alone is enough for me. I’m not saying it’s impossible that some nut hacked up some kids with a chainsaw in Texas, but if it happened, this movie sure as hell ain’t based on it. And the whole “Based on a True Story” thing? It’s a marketing tool, guys. If the kids think this stuff really happened, maybe it’ll fill more seats in the theaters, and oh look, it usually does. But anyway, in closing, I loved this movie and although I didn’t find it the least bit scary, I did find it disturbing, moving, and even sad (the engagement ring thing... ouch...) which is better in my opinion. The ending seemed very abrupt and left me with some unresolved tensions, but all in all, it was terrific. But the really scary thing was how ungodly beautiful Jessica Biel looked in those blue jeans and that cowboy hat. Who’s with me?

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kolby1973 (33)
This remake is only one star above the original version. It is still boring, and not very scary. But the acting was much better, and so was the script. I could have waited for DVD however.

  (0 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
MarcoAntonio (0)
If you truley are a fan of scary movies; The texas chainsaw massacre is a must see film. I have to agree with kamylienne with the disapointing fact, that the movie is not a true story. The movie however, is based on fictional cases in texas (re: Ed Gein.) I have to say Kamylienne's comment about the film being "gross" is a bit far fetched. If your going to see a movie entitled "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," wouldn't you expect it to be a little bit gross. I actually appreciated the way the filmakers didn't use too much graphic details in the murders. Like a great artist once said "less is more!" Overall the film was scary, well directed, poorly written, and the film tarilers did it no good!

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kamylienne (84)
Not really scary as much as it is gross. I haven't seen the original yet, so if/when I do, I'll do a comparison. Five teens on their way to a concert when they pick up a hitchhiker which eventually leads them to some creepy and desolate houses owned by a "highly disturbed" family. The story is supposedly "inspired by a true story", but only VERY loosely is based on the story of serial murderer Ed Gein (Addition: Thomas Hewitt is the character's name in the movie. ALL research I've come up with states, very distinctly, that Thomas Hewitt is a fictional character, and Ed Gein is the supposed inspiration. Check out http://www.crimelibrary.com/gein/geinmain.htm, http://www.scriptologist.com/Magazine/News/news.html.) Moderately gorey scenes, it's another one of those movies where you wonder "You stupid kid, why are you doing that?" every five minutes. It wasn't a horrible movie, it wasn't a breakthrough of any sort, but it was alright.

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Aurielle (19)
This was the first movie I've ever seen that made my knees shake. I think the most terrifying thing about it was the fact that it was based on a true story -- I mean, this actually happened and the perp was never caught. I disagree with Kamylienne, however, who said that the story was loosely based on the story of the serial killer Ed Gein. First of all, Thomas Hewitt (the real Leatherface) was not really a serial killer but more like a mass murderer. He didn't choose his victims in a way that made sense -- he simply murdered whomever came along next. Secondly, Ed Gein was a killer in Wisconsin (my home state) who was only proven to have killed two women. Technically, Gein was not a serial killer, but he was a cannibal. There are a few striking similarities between the two men (one being their rather gruesome ability to sew human skin) but this movie was definitely not based on Gein. All in all, this is a very clever film and I definitely recommend it if you want to come out of the theater trembling in terror.

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