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George Noory 1

Original Review 05/16/2008 Somebody finally got to this dick head last night, but he is too stoopid to know it. If you've listened to this dust mop enough times, then you will know that not one night goes by that he doesn't say, "You know...I don't believe in coincidences."

Well, last night Noory was in way over his head. His guest was physicist and writer Leonard Mlodinow who just happens to be co-authoring a book with Stephen Hawkings. Mlodindow's main subject was "random events". So, I held my breath and waited and waited and waited...until Noory just couldn't hold it in any longer. It kind of reminded me of the scene from Roger Rabbit, when Judge Doom taps the sing-songie "Shave and a shoeshine...." on the wall...knowing that no Toon can resist ending the line (Two Bits!)

Well, George did it..."confessing" to one of the world's leading physicists that he doesn't believe in coincidences. And I think that Mlodinow was ready for him. His response?

"Well, George, at your age, you SHOULD have some sort of a definite mindset."

Noory's response?

"Let's take some calls."

Like birds and airplanes...

Up Date: None necessary. Nothing has changed.

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George Noory 5

He listens to and brings out the best in his guests, even the nut jobs. Allows callers to fully

express their views while maintaining control, even of the nut jobs. And takes on the strangest

of subjects while making you think.

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George Noory 1

I just heard George Noory "firing" long term staffers as part of an April Fool's joke. I suppose that's fine if you work for an "edgy" boss who pushes the bounds of propriety. Maybe Howard Stern could "get away with it" but from a New Agey, chat about the weirdness type program it just felt mean spirited and hateful. It made my stomach hurt listening to him "fire" and then laugh at one of his reporters. The show is really bad -- when Art Bell hosted, it used to be "intellectual" believe it or not, but I had no idea it was this hateful and mean-spirited.

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George Noory 1

George Noory is the reason I no longer listen to Coast to Coast (formerly the Art Bell Show).

The quality of the show has taken a nose dive since he took over from Art Bell. He lacks any talent as an interviewer and contributes very little else to the show. He also totally lacks any ability for anything impromptu and unexpected on his show so understandably the show is carefully screened for callers that only promote the hosts positions and those that don't challenge or are not critical of the host. The previous host never screened his callers and therefore show was spontaneous and lively. The show now almost totally lacks this critical quality that once made it a great talk show. It is almost painful to listen to the show in it's current state.

The host also lacks the intellect to ask insightful questions to the many science oriented guests on the show. Sometimes his questions or comments border on the inane and have become known as "Noorisms" to the many former listeners and now harsh critics of the show.

The program content and the selection of guests has also deteriorated during the host's tenure.

In my opinion, George Noory has the talent level to perhaps host a local talk show adequately. Coast to Coast is in dire need of a replacement host that can do the show justice. If that happens, I will tune in again as I did almost every night with Art Bell hosting. The show has unique content and a niche time slot and perhaps that is the only reason the show still has enough of a following to tolerate Mr. Noory at the helm. My sincere hope is that he is replaced.

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George Noory 1

I find Coast to Coast a right wing fringe show now. The guest that Noory has on are anti everything end on the world types, as he appears to be. How many times does he have Alex Jones on.
The show is very depressing and so dumbed down. I just joined again a a subscriber, (my mistake)

At least i can get some of Art's old shows, but my guess I won't be doing that for long.

It sickens me how Noory always slips his right wing political views in, when the subject has nothing to do with politics.

He really is sickening and I can't listen to him.

Art Bell was the best, he created something great and now it's being flushed down the toilet.

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George Noory 1

The program with Noory's guidance is going downhill faster than someone who slipped and fell off the north face of Everest. Possibly much faster.

What's even more astonishing to me than Noory's incompetence is the fact that Premier sits idly by and lets the show atrophy and die a slow and agonizing death. Here's a suggestion for Premier: listen to the show for a month and not the ratings. It's so bad even Premier should see it then.

I have no personal axe to grind (other than I've listened for a very long time and the show just bites now and deserves better than Noory) - but Noory is just not very smart and really not good at all for C2C. He's a terrible listener and worse interviewer. He cuts his guests off - frequently right at the most significant moment, fails to ask not only pointed questions, but even halfway intelligent ones. His sense of timing is simply atrocious and he is incredibly disingenuous. Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think at least a rudimentary command of the English language should be a required skill set for a talk show radiow host. But I digress.

It is actually difficult to listen to the show any more. I miss Art, and I think someone had it right when they said that there's not much else out there late night for comparison (which might explain 'ratings'), and probably most of the current audience didn't listen to Art Bell before. Cos if they had, they simply wouldn't listen to Noory. I try from time to time (really hoping that Noory's been canned already), but it's always a waste of time. By any objective standard, he really does a bad job.

Coincidentally (though Noory doesn't believe in them!), as the Noory tenure drags on the quality of guests continues to deteriorate under him - an amazing fact given the free publicity the guests get to hawk their books and websites. Many of the now regular guests are similar idiots - Linda Moulton Howe talks of the "3 types of aliens" and describes them like they come over to her house regularly for sunday brunch.

Art created and made the show the tremendous success it has become over the years. Remember, he did it for a long, long time. It would be hard to follow him, sure, but not impossible. But it starts by having a host that has a fairly decent IQ (IQ>ego), has some semblance of interviewing skills and tact, and who actually does some prep work to be ready to have some meaningful conversation and interaction with his guests.

Ian is much better than Noory but not great (at least he's prepared), though he'd be hard to take on a nightly basis. George Knapp is much better and takes his guests to task if their postulations get too nutty, but we only get Knapp once in blue moon. Barbara Simpson did a great job, but she's been PNG'd apparently. Mike Seagal was a nice guy but not a great host, and they got rid of him (maybe there is some hope still for a Noory departure?). Occasionaly Art guests a show from his Manila hideaway and it's like a fresh rainstorm in the desert. Art could do a 4-hour show interviewing a box of saltine crackers and it would be more interesting and entertaining than a Noory show. I kid you not.

He wasn't a rocket scientist either, but the best thing about Art, and he had a lot of positive attributes, was his balance. He was fair and objective, even when the guests didn't deserve it, and he would take the other side of an issue with his guests just to see how they'd respond. Art was irreverent and a lot more fun. With Art we got the devil's advocate. With Noory we just get hell dragged out four hours at a time five nights a week.

It's hard to understand how such mediocrity is acceptable as quality radio. Of course, this is also a country where a like-minded village idiot like Palin actually believes she's qualified for the big job (though she does have some followers, and they're both Noory fans). Have we really become this dumb as a country? Really? Wait...don't answer that.

Please Premier - get a quality host for the program. The program, and the audience and guests, deserve better.

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George Noory 1

George is an idoit. He does no show prep, asks the same silly questions, doesnt listen to the answers, and bores me to death with his opinions and silly stories. I now just get the mp3's of the weekend shows with Ian or George Knapp and listen to them instead of this twit.

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George Noory 1

Even Art Bell at his most cynical was a genius in comparison to Mr Noory. The kindest thing we all can do is simply not to listen and let the show die!
It was of it's time,(long past now) and dumbed down to the point where there is no resurrection.
R.I.P. George...

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George Noory 1

He can't tell the difference between a rod and a missle.He is self indulgent,lazy, a terrible listener.I hope the people who tell him what a great job he is doing get hit by a train,realy you suck!.I mean whats going on here? do you recieve a free can of turtle car wax for calling up and lieing.He patronises people who have had a serious ufo experiences,but if you see the devil in a piece of toast while eating breakfast on a wiji boad your valid.
Please get rid of this guy,if anything he is a good power saver becuase I turn my radio off after about five minutes when he is on.

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George Noory 3

Yes, Mrs. Thursday....

I have noticed this: absolutely, absolutely stuff too........WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM????

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George Noory 5

Thank you for a few great laughs fellow sufferers of 'Georgeitis' I have to agree with everything his detractors say about him.

Just one thing more, my better half sometimes puts Coast on as background noise and despite myself I have noticed an annoying tic he's picked up. Absolutely, Absolutely,Absolutely! He says it everytime a guest finishes a long sentence. I mean he says it everytime whether it's apt or not. I swear, it's quite funny. Check it out and everytime he says it, have a beer you'll be blitzed but at least you won't give a damn how much he sucks.

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George Noory 1

Noory has turned out to be the worst possible host for Coast to Coast AM. He is lazy, unprepared, asks he same questions to all his guests (does he have them on 3x5 cards?), and is overtly political, leaning hard to the right.

Further, his interviewing skills are not at all developed. He gives the impression that he doesn't even listen to what his guest is saying, because he lets them ramble on and on -- until it's time for a commercial. His interview style usually consists of one word interjections and grunts. Or comments often totally unrelated to the content of the interview. It's kind of astounding to listen to this, but it's true.

Noory's main weakness is that he doesn't know how to LEAD an interview, nor does he seem to prepare adequately enough in advance (such as reading the guest's book, etc) to ask questions of his guest that an interested party might think to ask. In addition, he seems reluctant to engage the guest in a conversation, which would then lead to a more interesting interview.

The show, it seems, is George finding a way to go from one commercial break to the next, without embarrassing himself too much.

Noory makes the statement that he's "not political" and that he just seeks the "truth," but the people he seems to have on as guests the most often represent an extreme right-wing point of view, encroaching on the "nut" end of the spectrum. These are the guests he seems most comfortable with and he generally lets them ramble on and on.

Finally, the original host of the program, Art Bell, is well known for not having any of his caller lines screened, that is, no producer answers the calls -- Bell did it himself and handled all callers with ease. Noory, on the other hand, has screeners who carefully let through only callers that are either sycophants for Noory or are seem close to brain-dead given the quality of their questions.

In summary, Noory has turned a once-great radio program into an abysmal mess. I rarely can listen to the program when he hosts -- it's a form of self-torture that I don't care to indulge in too often.

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George Noory 5

Have all you Noory haters checked what else is on at that hour? One of the things a good radio talk show host does is allow his guests to talk, to shine, to feature themselves. What you experience as detached is Noory allowing the guests to make their points. Watch CNBC sometime if you want to see hosts where constant interrupting is a contact sport and nobody ever makes a point. In general, except to call the breaks, Noory does not do that. How nice to have a person managing a radio show who keeps to the schedule but still manages to be polite! Also, this is not the Tonight Show or Late Night where the guests are as studiously vapid as the audience. Many of Noory's guests actually have something to say. Yes, some of them are wing nuts but so is much of the audience. I like Noory. He's easy to listen to, decently informed and gets things going. Although Art Bell is terrific in a different way, I think you'll see that Noory will have staying power.

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George Noory 1

I have waited, literally, for years for C2C to improve under Noory's leadership, and have finally accepted the fact that it just isn't going to happen. I am usually a ridiculously optimistic person, and try to see and affirm the best in everybody, but George Noory is so obviously detached from his guests. His failure to engage with some very bright and interesting people is embarassing to me, and I have never even met the guy. My wish is that George and everyone else involved in the production of what used to be the finest show on radio would just admit that a mistake was made, and that his time has come and gone. Nine out of every ten comments on the net are negative, most of them stridently so. It is clear that we are pretty angry about what has happened to C2C, and we want it back. If I wanted to listen to fundamentalists, millenialists, and biblical literalists, I would listen to "christian" radio. And if I have to listen to his conviction that 'there are no coincidences', I will puke. A dim bulb like Noory has no idea what he is saying, but he sure likes the sound of it.

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George Noory 1

I have listened to C2C for years and always enjoyed Art Bell but since Snorry George took over my skin crawls just hearing his voice. During the first twenty minutes of the show he mentions the website which has become his own personal shrine at least 10 to 15 times. Everything he mentions is either "amazing" or "incredible" to the point that he could describe paint drying as an emotionally draining experience.

George, seriously, get over yourself and let a competent and interesting host take over.

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George Noory 1

Noory is an idiot. I stopped listening to coast2coast just after a few shows with Noory. I, my family and friends have complained to clearwire and premiere. We have even emailed all the stations which carry him. Due to the fact that he is on so many stations, we now listen live, online, and to stations in other states NOT carrying the idiot.

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George Noory 1

Stooge Snorey has the intellect of my parakeet. My 4 yr old nephew asks more intelligent questions than this guy can even conceive of. What a disaster. Coast to Coast was a great show (for the most part) with Art Bell at the mic. Why they ever turned it over to this cretin is beyond understanding. What a shame.

The excruciating pain is compounded by the fact that he says he's staying on the air for another 5 yrs, at least. I guess I can only pray that his retarded guests are right and the world ends in 2012.

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George Noory 4

I liked listening to George Noory and Coast to Coast AM better han what they have going now....that Levin guy. I really miss Coast to Coast.

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George Noory 4

You know, a lot of people like to bash him. I will admit, that he sometimes is a bit unthoughtful, uninterested, etc. But I have to look at is him having to do this night to night for years. I mean, seriously, the guy has to do this every night non-stop 5 days a week (usually).


- He's calm and cool
- Voice is easy to listen to
- Usually has interesting guests


- He often cuts off his guests or callers in the most inappropriate times to talk about something that happened in his own life.
- He does like to talk about himself quite a bit
- He reuses some guests too frequently. Honestly, I don't care to hear anything else about The Twilight Zone, really.


He's a good host. Though, he may not be the most intelligent host as far as going in depth with physics or other thought provoking subjects, etc... there are only a handful of people who are. Other than that, he's a good guy and is well intentioned, easy on the ears and educated enough on the important things to get by. But what makes Noory, Noory... is his ability to be patient, calm and cool. He's Ghandi's long lost brother from another dimension. Despite all the trash talking about George Noory, he does his job better than most of the naysayers could ever host C2C. And remember folks, we're all only human.

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George Noory 1

I listened regularly to Art Bell from about 1995 to 2000. I couldn't listen for a couple of years, and when I finally returned to hear Art Bell, there was this guy George Noory. One night and I knew I couldn't stand it. I have never entertained such a boring idiot in my life. I have never had a conversation with anyone in my own living room who was this unable to follow a line of thought. I am very angry that such a good show has gone to hell. If the show had dipped a little after Art Bell, that would have been one thing...but this is beyond the pale. I only check back every couple of months with the hope he's been replaced. So far I've been disappointed.

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George Noory 1

GEORGE SNOORY = SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx xxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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George Noory 4

I have listened to his show at night and early when I have to get up early and it gives me something to listen to. I haven't listened that much lately. I think he means well. He has some interesting guests on it. Sometimes they are good or they could get boring. It is obviously to make the radio show and get listeners. I like listening to it because I am a little psychic.
Because I am though it can get a little silly as they don't seem to really understand what is happening and don't seem to have any answers. They go off about the shadow people they call them. When he has the call ins it can get silly. It is maybe good for those people to have a vent. For the people that do have something to say it can be very interesting. I like hearing about UFOs although I have never seen one. I wonder about it. I found out one was even in Terryville. The conspiracy theories are interesting. I wish he would have better guests really.
He did a nice news show he does in the beginning sometimes about the Tibetan monk protest and shooting. He did go off one time when someone said something about the Arabs and said he was one. I also heard him on a talk one time with an obvious hoax. One does need to take it with a grain of salt.

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George Noory 1

Noory is a terrible replacement for Art Bell. Noory:

1. Asks questions the guest has already answered, as though he wasn't listening or didn't understand the topic.

2. Asks some of the dumbest questions I've ever heard--something like what an 8 year old might ask an adult.

3. Is obsessed with certain topics, i.e., ultimate evil, total evil, the dark force, 2012, his own OBE experience, etc., etc.

4. Fraudulently claims ideas as his own on certain topics, e.g., "I've always thought that... ." We know him too well to believe he's as bright as some of his guests. He just fakes his brilliance.

5. Is superficial. No matter how many times he has on the same guests, he still asks the same old stupid questions he asked the last time the guest was on the show. I collect interviews of certain guests and I see this when listening to the past interviews on occasions.

6. Is a "feeler". He thinks that if he feels something is true, then it must be true. The subject of abiotic oil is one such topic. What's so bad about this is that Noory has no more expertise on this issue than he has about quantum mechanics, but that doesn't stop him from pontificating about the topic like an 8 year old. He's is irresponsible in doing so--all he does is contaminate the minds of people that are as dumb as he.

Noory is a feeler, he operates on emotional levels. Thinking is at the bottom of his priorities.

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George Noory 1

Ever notice how Georgie always waits right up until the verrrrry last second to let listeners know the schedule for the weekend??? It's almost as though he's jealous of any potential threats to his fragile little kingdom. Too scared to let anybody else in.

He's obviously run out of guests. It's always Linda Moldie Howe on Thursdays - and even more boring people the rest of the week.

I agree with Ruthie - he's got his boring old face plastered all over the website. There is no air on that site anymore.


And what a boring universe it is...

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Ruthie Rader

George Noory 1

I can only respond as a listener. Beyond tuning in, I know nothing about radio broadcasting. I've heard about Arbitron ratings and I know that with no listeners there are no advertisers and without sponsors there is no show.

So who is most important here? Who is the most valuable commodity?

The listeners, the sponsors or the show?

And what IS it like to sit in front of a mic night after night after night?

George Noory once said, "I'm like a vampire...I feed off of all of you."

Is that how he's managed to do that job for as long as he has?

Has his own satisfaction with his position in the general radio scheme of things been enough to keep him happy for all of these years?

Or is George Noory finally burning out?

I have been checking sites across the Internet and there appears to be a growing disatisfaction with George Noory's presence on "Coast to Coast AM."

Perhaps it is time to bring in some new blood. Paint the show with a fresh coat of young, vibrant personality.

But the show is only as good as the guests that it features. And I remember when Art Bell brought in some doozys that I used to listen to when I was still in Alaska.

I also remember when "Coast" was put into the line-up at WABC in New York City.

It is my outside opinion that the show is slowly dying. There is a kernal of truth in what listeners (and ex-listeners) on many websites are saying. They are tired of George Noory and want him gone. They also, I assume, want a new spark of crackerjack to fly them through the nighttime hours.

I visited the "Coast to Coast AM" website today. And right away, something struck me: It's almost as if the site is all about the "George Noory Show."

Which leads to another question: Is George the background host of the show or is everything vital about that broadcast production hanging on George's front-and-center presence there?

Who's show is it, anyway?

Maybe, the wheel has turned and now there is too much George Noory and too little captivating subject material.

Or guests.

Any way I look at it, it's obvious that the glitter is fading on a great idea. And I'm looking forward to hearing Art Bell later this week.

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George Noory 3

NOORY is the LARRY KING of radio...nuff said

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George Noory 1

Noory is about the worst interviewer I've ever listened to. I have no real beef or agenda against him other than the fact that he has ZERO talent for interviewing, has the vocabulary of a 3 year old and is a bumbling idiot. He leaves the most important questions unasked time and time again. He steers all his interviews into the ground. I've never been subjected to the constant conversation derailment and lack of basic understanding of the subject matter. He's a simple man with a simple mind. Not very well educated at all when it comes to most of the subjects featured on this show. It's painful to listen to. The fact remains that most often he is clueless about what the guest is talking about. It becomes obvious when he, lamely, attempts to use humor to inject himself into the conversation or asks an embarrassingly stupid childish question. I'm embarrassed for the guests who start to make an important point or elaborate on something only to have Noory trip them up with some very dumb comment that has no relevance. Sad. Some of my favorite authors and scientists appear on this program. I feel sorry for them having to endure speaking to this knucklehead with his silly questions. I can only listen to Ian and Knapp on the weekends and pray that when a favorite author or scientist is scheduled Ian gets the interview because GN is taking a break. The only way Noory will get canned is if the ratings suffer. I can only hope for some competition in the same marketplace.

Art was never really that bright either and even he would sometimes steer an interview into a rock, however, most of the time he let the guests complete their train of thought uninterrupted.

I'd rather have Ian Punnet every night. At least George Knapp is smart enough to hold a conversation.

They should change the line up to the following in order of intellect/ability:

1. Ian Punnett - Weekdays
2. George Knapp - Weekends

3. Rollye James - Stand in
4. Art Bell - Stand in.

5. George Noory - Sorry George - your incompetent, childish and too embarrassing to be hehind a mike. Your dull as a rock. And that's on a good night. Your'e a nice likable guy I'm sure. But IMO you should be working behind the scenes. Perhaps as head producer or something. The people have least the ones who work for a living and buy the products that keep this show on the air.

Most people who are fans of his are so because he's "such a nice guy,". Sorry George. Nice guys finish last. This is supposted to be "infotainment" not dumbed down boring painful to listen to garbage.

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George Noory 1

Be Specific - George Noory is a somewhat entertaining clown. George Noory is a total half wit. Just listen to this dullard for 10 minutes. Any person of average intelligence will conclude the same.

Be Yourself - Hey, George! Get the fuck off the air, you bumbling dolt! Oh, and fuck you!

Be Witty - I'm too worn out with trying to like George Noory to be witty. Fuck that. And fuck George Noory. Assclown.

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George Noory 1

When George Noory took over the C2C show permanently, I thought may be the CIA was conducting an experiment on how to kill people, either by boring them to death or causing their brains to short circuit from Noory's self engrossed verbal diarrhea.

Noory is a trained monkey, nothing more. He has good voice for radio and that is it. He should do commercials and read a script.

Art Bell stated long ago that GN was the right man for this job. AB wasn't dumb. He left the airwaves on top and made sure that his successor wasn't going to outshine him. Now AB can come back from time to time and let people know that there is intellegent life out there beyond GN. However, I can't help but think that even AB must believe that GN is a moron and was a mistake as a replacement.

Yes, GN gets ratings, but when you have to compete against nothing, how can you not get good ratings?

We can only hope that GN decides to do something wild like run off with his childhood heros; the likes of Shirley Jones, Marty Engle and Dr. Morgus; and never be heard from again.

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George Noory 1

He's NOT a radio talk show host. More like an informercial man in the vein of Billy Mays. He has no talent for interviewing, as he is devoid of knowledge on most subjects, except on products he is selling. He represents the worst of talk radio. Incompetent is a actually a compliment for this dolt.

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George Noory 1

johnlucas008, you're absolutely correct. Noory would be pretty good behind the scenes as a booker. I mean, even now he has no trouble breaking the rhythm of an interview to tell the guest to have some random person call in and get scheduled on the show. When, that is, he's not hosting "I Love Me" special shows when all the usual dim bulbs to "spontaneously" call in to praise what a wonderful job he's doing. Friggin' douche...

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George Noory 1

He's a stuttering, bumbling, forgettful, self indulgent, arrogant fool.

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George Noory 1

He's the worst (especially following after an incredible interviewer like Art Bell).

Almost as soon as he took to the airwaves - it became incredibly apparent he had a screener and a time delay operating so as not to allow any dissenting opinions on the show (if you thought idiot Noory was God - you got on; if you had a brain and didn't think he ruled the Universe - you never saw the light of day).

He's just awful as an interviewer. One of the things that really incensed me - was his treatment of Sean David Morton on the rare occasions he'd "allow" Morton on the show (constantly talking down to him and defaulting to the pompous boor that he really is at heart).

I have a feeling the only reason Noory has remained on the air this long - is that it's tough to track late night ratings (and he probably had a great agent and lawyer when he signed his contract).

Haven't listened to the "King of Boredom in the Land of Snoory" in ages (thank goodness for Ian on Saturdays and Art on other occasions) - and I've never missed him.

Somebody, please tell George - it's time to leave the building...

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George Noory 1

I've heard this guy precisely once.

His show's intellectual stimulation value made me feel like I was listening to the RIA Grizz Reviewer's Debate Hour.

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George Noory 1

Snoory is the worst possible person to take the place of Art Bell. He is not only stupid and superfulous, he has no idea on how to conduct an interview. His callers are screened out the ass to insure they come across as loving Snoory, and that they also possess and IQ below 50, like George. The show is a farce and meaningless, as Snoory is one incompetent ass. Why is this fool not on foos stamps. My dog is mare adequate than he is, an my dog can at least pronounce English words, unlike this fool!!

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George Noory 1

Back when Art Bell hosted the show, I thought, spoke and wrote like this. Quite rational--maybe some intelligence. At the very least an education, you know?

Nowe that eye lisen to gorg norpy and the showe have been dumbded down i think I can count to potatoe! Was it a orb? Was it a shadowe person? Did yew rite abowt it in yer book? Maybe take calls now?

Noory = an ego with nothing behind it. A legend in his own mind. All hat and no cattle, if you ask me. How in the HELL did George Noory happen to C2C? What inbred, mouth-breather thought this would be a good idea? Probably somebody's halfway retarded son-in-law.

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George Noory 1

Glad I found this forum. I thought I was all alone in noticing how shallow and superficial Noory's intellect is.

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rickytickytapp y

George Noory 4

I do not understand the hate for George Noory.

He's no Art Bell overall content-wise, but he handles the task very professionally and keeps his cool much better than Art ever did.

C2CAm is my favorite show in the media, period.

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George Noory 1

George Noory is an arrogant, egotistical and ineloquent replacement for Art Bell.

His goal in life seems to be to make himself famous and promote George Noory.In the name of philanthropy he supports a "child care" organization which according to the BBB uses almost 20 million a year in raising funds and "Administrative costs" including a 320 thousand dollar a year salary for the CEO (supported by 7 board members-wonder how much they rake in).

Noory doesn't really listen to his guests unless they are seriously proposing that the world will end in 2012-anyone in that school of thought he panders to and slobbers over like a school girl...truly interesting guests can often get a truncated hour (or until Noory gets bored) and are shunted off so he can do open lines with his "fans".

They made Richard Hoagland the science expert on the show and then noory treats him like an annoyance he is forced to tolerate.

While according to Wikipedia Noory is dedicated to the belief that there will be a world cataclysm in 2012 he is also a clever enough business man to talk about extending his contract through 2017-so on some level he must be at least a little unsure.

Ian Punnet who shows up on the weekend is superior to Noory but not nearly as good as George Knapp who gets as little airtime as possible because someone might notice he would be better as a permanent host than either of the other two.

While Art Bell used to annoy me once in awhile and I got a little tired of his "drama queen" routines it's a breath of fresh air when he does a guest shot from Manilla these days and I miss the good old days when I didn't have to roll my eyes as Noory asks another stupid question that the guest JUST ANSWERED!!!

What can you expect from the company that brings us Rush Limbaugh the voicre of propaganda for the right and formerly Dr. Laura the voice of propaganda for moralistic idiots?

Get a clue Noory-all your smoldering head shots just show an old jowly guy who is past his prime and has a face MADE for radio-your aren't going to be a sex symbol and while the show holds it's ratings in many markets we hear they're slipping in some majors due to the dedication of the programming to the "coming apocalypse" and your "regulars" who drop by to interject their questionable content.

So how many $22.00 a month donations to support kids does it take to pay that CEO his yearly almost 30 grand a month George?

Doesn't matter the little nippers will all go to Jesus in 2012 anyway so why worry about things like integrity?

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George Noory 1

To put it simply: George is the reason I stopped listening to Coast To Coast AM radio...
There was a limit to the amount of aggravated mental torture that I was exposed to
while listening to this "nice man"... I can see he tries... but either his staged stupidity
that may be just a comfortable disguise for his boyish coward or his "clever" air of
pretend "political innocence" (a la "...please don't be angry with me Big and Mean
Shadow Government -- for I pose no threat to you... for I, obviously, I have no brains
to see your true agenda... or guts to point it out, even if I see it") --
whatever it is -- his style of presentation may be appropriate for 5 year olds or
Sesame Street, but can hardly be seriously considered for intelligent adults...
I guess after "THEY" destroyed Art "THEY" ingeniously pushed forward this mediocrity
to spoil whatever was left of the show... Smart move...

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George Noory 1

For someone who was a big fan of Coast when Arthur was at the helm it is painful to tune in and listen to Noory. It's hard to believe that producers chose to go with this guy. He has no in depth knowledge of anything. Lost is the objectivity that came with Art when he had a guest who made some type of outrageous claim. Noory swallows everything thrown at him whole, always making sure he's PC and not offending anybody. At times, when he has an intelligent guest, I've sensed they've been embarrassed at his stupidity. A Numbers Lady? are you kidding me? out and out frauds to anyone with a brain, but treated as a respected scholar by Georgie. So sad.

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George Noory 3

I listen to Coast to Coast AM usually when I get up at 3:00 AM to get ready for work.

While I agree with a some of the negative comments here, it doesn't mean that George Noory is a terrible radio host, it's just that Art Bell was better. I consider him average and generic.

His biggest fault of course is that he never questions or challenges the assertions of his guests and I usually roll my eyes when the topic of the show is about UFOs, ghosts, etc. I'll only pay attention if the show's topic is about more serious matters.

When Art Bell was hosting, no matter how ridiculous and over the top the topic was, he knew how to keep the audience interested.

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George Noory 1

George Noory's brain is so small the alien implants are stoop-shouldered.

But seriously, The Official George Noory Sucks Thread has become a landmark on the internet. His defenders there are rare and include a racist, bi-polar schizophrenic who got caught selling stolen merchandise on the internet, and an apparent shemale who brags about torturing animals and is in love with George. Both are mean drunks who slur their typing.

Because of George's enthusiastic, dark fascination with Doomsday, especially 2012, the authorities have been alerted to watch for the formation of a suicide cult among his followers, "The Light Workers." The group is named after Noory's book. The consumer reviews of the book at Amazon are a must-read.

Opinions of George have to be posted in places like this and countless forums across the internet because he screens callers during the program to include only listeners who, to their credit, prove that one doesn't need thumbs to operate a radio. (Art Bell, on the other hand, never screened his callers and the difference was a good 50 IQ points. Maybe 75.)

In the 50 years I've listened to radio, George Noory is the laziest broadcast personality I've ever heard. The thought of the man who ruined one of the very best programs in broadcast history now out and about selling his autograph speaks for itself.

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George Noory 5

I can't believe we're talking about the same show. He's a great host, far superior to Art Bell, who editorializes and tries to evangelize guests and callers to believe exactly what he does, and criticizes the ones who do not. Sort of out of place on that kind of a show. I listen most nights, especially if I'm driving. My only complaints are sometimes the guests are SO far out that even I can't entertain their beliefs as being remotely possible, and sometimes the topics are too redundant. But, by and large, George rocks!

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George Noory 1

George has very little knowledge about any of the subjects he deals with. He constantly compares what are supposed to be real life situations with some movie or other that he has seen. He actually believes that something blocked the sun during the dark ages, thus the description "dark". He makes more stupid mistakes than any one person should be allowed. What this comes down to is he has taken a great show and crashed it into the ground.

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George Noory 5

Great host! Good show! I like the first hour news and special guests. I also like that George has "floating formats" when there are important events and he often gets great guests on short notice.

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George Noory 3

I am a Shadow Person, so I get really enraged when George talks about my people. Sure, he has no idea what he's talking about. But what really gets me going is when he interrupts one of this guests who is talking about any subject EXCEPT shadow people, and then -- completely out of the blue -- interjects with something like this: "So, do you suppose Shadow People were involved? Arrrggh!

Of course, the guest is flummoxed. Depending on their "suck-up" factor, they will either humor him or mildly disagree. However, no one has every said, "what the hell does THAT have to do with anything, George?" Are his guests diplomats, or are they morons, too?

Casting a shadow in Venice.

- Sam

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George Noory 1

i try to like the c2c show..i really do..but...i can't take it anymore..after a couple of weeks ago when george had that complete idiot richard c. hoagland on...hoagland claimed, his theory, that after wwII , that von braun and goddard and those german rocket guys, came to that they could ultimatley build rockets to take them back to mars..where the superior german race came from..he actually said that....,and george did nothing at all to quetion such an idiotic claim....he thinks hoagland is god....and i guess this proves that morons of a feather stick together...

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George Noory 1

I've already gone through the phase of posting angry rants toward George Noory for all of the same reasons everyone else has posted here...SO, let me just tactfully say that it would be GREAT if George would just take another job more suited to him and leave the spot open for a host that would do the show justice (NOT Ian Punnett- he is not a good match for the show either even if he is better than Noory). 

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George Noory 1

Art Bell is in fact great. I am new to the late night radio scene (started one year ago), so I never heard Bell until a few back moments in time. BUT, if you've never heard Art Bell do a C2C show, George Noory's conducting of C2C is GREAT compared to the mindless radio and TV/Cable shows out there. However, Bell has too many personal soap operas and is apparently a drama queen and CAN'T OR IS UNWILLING TO DO THE SHOW, therefore, Premier hired Noory. Noory lets the authors he interviews have full reign, he does not, as some posts have said, cut off his guests. The guests always get to blab on and on. Noory steers them to coherence sometimes, pointing them to a cogent topic from their respective books - which he knows about since he is in fact prepared for the show and has obviously read the guest's works. Bell can't handle a job apparently. Noory is very dedicated and gets it. The Bellobots need to get over it. Noory has the show because Bell doesn't care about the listeners enough to keep his personal life together in order to do the show.

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