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Added on 12/01/2003
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George MacDonald Fraser 5

There were enough Flashman novels, thankfully, that I can re-read one from time to time and still enjoy the witty fun. For the uninitiated, the style was literary "mockumentary", before such a word existed. Fraser really did his historical research well, but he would have Flashman, as the narrator, make small mistakes sometimes, then correct him with footnotes. Sounds really contrived, but it is done so well that it makes the novels even more entertaining.
Recently finished The Candlemass Road, which is also historical fiction, but quite different from the Flashman stories. My goal is to read everything published by this skillful, versatile author.

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George MacDonald Fraser 5

A very fine and very under-rated writer, whether it be the Flashman series, the MacAuslan short stories, Pyrates, or his non-fiction works such as Hollywood's history of the World.

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