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Overall Rating:3.72 based on 32 ratings
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Da Minx (1)
I didn't like this film. I found it rather boring. As someone mentioned earlier I too had it on my flight, it made me doze off aswell. Yes there was nice scenery, but this doesn't make it a good film.

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T Felicity (0)
I was ready to hate it. I was wrong. It's a good movie, well done, well acted with a couple of interesting plot twists. Not at all what I expected, thankfully.

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mommyofsix (0)
This is a very romantic, different movie. Loved it!

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alpepper (22)
Actually, I would give it 3.5 Stars. I lived in Italy for a year (though nowhere nearly as attractive Tuscany) and it brought back memories. I'd have to say seeing Diane Lane in heat was as pleasing to the eye as the Tuscan scenery. Some implausibilities in the plot, but a passable movie. Definitely an estrogen-laden movie. At times, it played like something you would see on House and Garden TV (yawn!!!). While clicking through the bonus features of the DVD, my wife traipsed across a movie secret -- the dude artist clad only in bikini briefs was actually naked for that scene; the scanties were computer generated.

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Roadtriprosy (0)
Made me want to move to Italy and buy a villa! What a great house she bought. Bob Villa could do wonders w/ it!

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Aurielle (19)
I stalled in renting this movie, but now that I finally broke down and watched it, I'm glad I did. The acting was strong and believable, I could relate to the characters and the scenery was gorgeous. Diane Lane was wonderful as Frances -- when she cried, I cried with her. And the footage was extraordinary; it made me want to hop on the next plane to Tuscany and buy a rundown villa in the middle of nowhere. If you like romantic comedies that are actually true-to-life, I suggest this one!

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philc (5)
Diane Lane was mainly the only thing that was good about this movie, except of course for scenery. Don't waste your money.

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kolby1973 (32)
I had absolutely no trouble falling asleep on the airplane when they aired this extremely bland movie...it was a nice sleeping aid...boring, boring, BORING !

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jwbooth (0)
Watched it strictly for the scenery. Love Tuscany and wouldn't mind living there. But the incredible fluff! I'm writing a novel! Oh, I'm writing a novel too! my lesbian lover left me, so can my baby and I live with you? We'll write a novel! Let's have sex! Now I own you! Let's write a novel! Almost took my mind of the view.

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Molfan (65)
nice movie. Diane Lane plays a recently divorced woman who goes to Italy on a vacation and ends up buying a very old run down house. she has to hire a few guys to help with the repairs, along the way gets new friends and starts a new life. a sweet movie with some good scenes not to mention beautiful scenery in Italy.

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