International mobile service in over 170 countries. Rates as low as 45c/min!
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OneSimCard 4

Having poured through dozens of reviews on various Global sim card providers I decided to go with OneSimCard and although we have not left on our holiday yet I am very satisfied with them so far. Being new at this made for a long learning curve to understand the technology but after a few email inquiries to OneSimCard all of my questions were answered and I have everything set up properly and am enjoying the new VoIP function which so far has tested out very well. Although I am satisfied with the rates for international calling it took a great deal of time to figure out just what the charges were going to be. There has to be some way to make this clearer for potential customers on their web site.
Niagara Falls, Canada

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OneSimCard 5

Once you get the hang of how to dial internationally, it works just as advertised. This is one of the top products I would recommend for any international traveler who does not want to get reamed by their normal "big name" cell phone provider. 6 stars!

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OneSimCard 1

This was the worst of the worst for me. There were 2 people on the trip who used this service and both of our phones were unusable during the trip for text or phone calls. The customer service was arrogant and condescending when I called them on my Iphone to get help. Never again.

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OneSimCard 1

I have had a very bad experience with, and I advise people to avoid them. I credited my accoint with $50, they took the money and didn’t add the credit, so I was stuck in Europe without phone access for a week. When I contacted them about the problem, they first didn’t respond, and since have delayed and delayed, saying they’re “investigating the problem”. I reported the problem to my credit card, and contested the charge, and now they claim I’m “not cooperating” so they’ve blocked my sim card. They’re unreliable, and either incompetent or simply dishonest. Don't use them!!

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OneSimCard 5

I recently traveled through Europe and the Middle East using the OneSimCard service and experienced no problems both making and receiving calls and text messages on my cell phone. My family and friends could even contact me for free through the OneSimCard website, so I was able to easily update them on my travels and funny anecdotes along the way. Plus I know I saved a lot of money, so I constantly recommend OneSimCard to everyone I know who travels overseas!

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