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NJtoTX  (0)   on 10/31/2005 1:30PM, said:

As good as the phone is for features - nice flip-open keyboard, visuals, calendar, etc - none of it can make up for the low volume and the fact that you can't hear if there's any background noise whatsoever. Although I like the phone, the continual frustration of trying to hear means it's time to replace it.

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little_john005  (0)   on 07/21/2005 3:30PM, said:

I like this phone mainly because of the keyboard (Nokia 6820 Cingular) and becaus it also has a good battery life. The color is awsome, the keyboard can flip back to a regular 10 digit cell phone keyboard. It is also good becaus it picks up cingular signls well. I wuld like this to be my 2nd phone.

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moataz  (0)   on 01/26/2005 4:08PM, said:


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