TiVo DVR Series2 (40 hr)

Added on 12/01/2003
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TiVo DVR Series2 (40 hr) 1

Be careful about this company. The DVR freezes up all the time and you pay nearly $400.00 for the new system, but if you want to exchange it, they send you a refurbished one. Then when it also freezes up all the time, they tell you sorry, your warrantee is out. NO satisfaction.

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TiVo DVR Series2 (40 hr) 4

Like the other reviewers alluded to, there was a level of pain in setting it up. While it wasn't that hard, it was expensive. I needed to rig up a wireless modem (TiVO requires a modem hookup to update the programming), an RF splitter from my cable hook-up, and beaucoup-bucks Monster Coax cables. The Monster cables were a must since my wife immediately complained of the quality of both the TiVo and live TV feed. The improved it to a satisfactory level. So far, I have been delighted with TiVo. If I can't be there to watch House, no problem TiVo takes care of that automatically. Unlike a VCR, this thing can easily programmed to record everything and anything you want. It's great for those post-sweeps weeks when all they air are stale reruns. TiVo has an interesting feature where it monitors your viewing habits and records shows you might be interested. For example, I taped a few World Series of Poker shows and then TiVo recorded some more without me asking. But why the F--k did it think I wanted to watch Will & Grace (unless it knows something about me that I never realized).

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TiVo DVR Series2 (40 hr) 4

A pain to set up

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