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University of Maryland-University College 3

I am currently working on an MS in Accounting and Financial Management at UMUC.

Some observations: the quality of the classes I have no complaint with. I've taken accounting classes at other brick and mortar schools (undergrad in Finance from UNC-Chapel Hill) and the classes I am currently taking at UMUC are as challenging / more challenging academically and from a workload standpoint as those I took previously. The school is obviously concerned with the quality of the education that it provides, and that shows.

Folks considering pursuing Accounting degrees at UMUC who do not have undergraduate education in Accounting - word of warning. Neither of UMUC's graduate accounting degrees, in and of themelves, will qualify you to sit for the CPA exam in Maryland or any other state which has implemented AICPA standards. You WILL need to pursue additional undergraduate work outside the scope of your MS curriculum in order to qualify to sit for the exam. You have been warned.

Administrative functions are where most schools drop the ball, and UMUC is no different. Advisors at UMUC are mostly useless beyond answering simple questions. You will typically have to search for the answers yourself. The graduate catalog will become far more useful to you than your advisor, so acquaint yourself with it early on.

Financial aid is a horror here. Most schools have FA problems, but UMUC is one of the worst that I have seen. They are slow to process anything, and you will seldom, if ever, get any notification of required documentation, problems with or changes to your aid package.

Contacting the FA office via either live chat or telephone puts you in contact with what amounts to a functionary who is only there to answer general questions & dispense vague platitudes. He or she will have no ability to make changes to your file or fix problems beyond submitting a problem ticket, which will be addressed in a "when we get around to it fashion". You will NOT be able to speak to an actual FA advisor / analyst or anyone else who actually has any power to rectify your problem unless you actually visit the office in Largo. There is absolutely no sense of urgency with these folks, and you will have to micromanage every step of the process to ensure that your aid is processed and disbursed on schedule, so apply for financial aid (FAFSA) as early as you possibly can in order to build a time cushion. You have been warned.

The school, as with all U Maryland campuses, disburses FA refunds through the State Comptroller's office. The refunds go there, and are paid to the student by the State of Maryland, not by the school. This adds an additional 10 to 14 business days between the time that your aid is disbursed and the date you actually receive your refund, which will usually be several days after classes have already started.

The State Comptroller's office will allow you to register as a vendor and set up direct deposit, so that your funds are ACH'ed into your account instead of sent via paper check. The school does not tell you this. Check the comptroller's website for form 10-X. It will take a few weeks to process, so once again, earlier is better.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Cannot comment on their academics, though I haven't heard anyone fail from their online schools. In fact I was told the online program is easy, so I went to an open house. The admissions people were nice and a campus recruiter who I talked with must have entered my info. She said she needed the info so I could check out the online example. About 5 months later I started to receive letters stating I owed $50 for applying. After talking with the billing department, they didn't care to help me and told me I was responsible for the fee. I have read many complaints online about UMUC doing this to others; I would call 'scam.' Considering if you apply online, step #4 required a credit card. I did not complete any application, nor did I want an easy online school if I am paying money for an education. Sad to see so many who have been caught up in this scam. Recommend writing the Maryland Attorney General and explain the situation will resolve this. Also, ensure you leave a critique online to warn others of this unscrupulous scheme.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

The University of Maryland, College Park (often referred to as The University of Maryland, UM, UMD, UMCP, or Maryland) is a public research university located in the city of College Park in Prince George's County, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. Founded in 1856, the University of Maryland is the flagship institution of the University System of Maryland.

Top Universities

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University of Maryland-University College 5

Great school. Easy to use WEBTYCHO. Professional working PHDs - many who teach in other graduate programs at local universities.

Sounds like a bunch of freshman cyrbabies that don't seem to understand the difficulties regarding the government bureaucracy when it comes to financial aid and advising. Grow up and plan delays accordingly.

And for those of you who need an advisor to tell you what you need to take when the course schedules are all clearly shown on the UMUC website??? How old are you anyway? Go to a community college if you still need your hand held.

Also, if you're thinking that you're gonna be able to slide your way through a BS/MS online at UMUC....sorry!!! Goodbye 89%er.

Be prepared to work your @$$ off for that grad degree!!!!!!!!

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University of Maryland-University College 4

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University of Maryland-University College 1

This is one of the worst colleges that I have ever encountered. Their withdrawal policy will make you vomit. I enrolled online but never took a class. I called to find out how much was the tuition. I was told it was $499 per credit hour. I told them that was too high so I never logged in. The next thing I know is that I get a bill for $3082.00 because they say I never withdrew and I am still responsible for paying for the classes. What kind of place is this? Now they want to send me to state collections, charge me 17% interest plus court cost and attorney fees. Are they that hard up for money? Colleges like this make you want to give up on higher education. I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of attending this place, DON'T!!! You will lose out on your education and a whole lot of money that you could probably get a much better education somewhere else for less money. You will also get a better quality staff somewhere else. They're not worth the time, hassle, or money.

Sometimes we make commitments and things happen or situations arise that are beyond our control. When we do what we feel is necessary to correct those issues that arise, other parties are not so empathetic, no matter how bad your situation is. This is especially true when it comes to the almighty dollar. Keep living LucasF. Life will teach you and then hopefully you will understand.

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University of Maryland-University College 3

I have attended online classes at UMUC now for 5 semesters and got a certificate in marketing management, working on one for Desktop Publishing. The classes are good, some very challenging. Lots of pointless busy work in many cases. In some classes you spend a lot for the books, but then you mainly work with the material from the modules provided. Some classes require insane amounts of assignment work in the weekly conferences, in addition to the official assignments. I also didn't like the group projects at all, a huge waste of time.

My first experience was good, however, more recently I am disappointed with their obvious greed for money. It's all just about money, otherwise they couldn't care less about you. They reserve the right to use accepted loan money to pay for your classes and you can wait until the disbursement of the already confirmed Pell Grants until half way through the semester. However, if you don't accept loans, they have no problem waiting. After all, they don't really have anything to lose. They never tell you this in advance and when you call you get different answers every time.

The administrative support is a nightmare in every department, no one has answers, you have to hold over and over, repeat your student id and other info, and information varies greatly depending on which day you call.

Their poor administrative organization in addition to ruthless capitalism are a huge turn-off!!!

I don't have any other school to compare UMUC with, but I don't think I will stay there after this semester.

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University of Maryland-University College 4

Overall, my experience at UMUC was very good. I spent my undergraduate program in a classroom environment at a different collecge. My graduate program was online at UMUC. I have also taken classes at different universities and colleges depending on where I was living at the time. So I have had the experience with both type of learning methods and from different institutions.
I can say that I have expereince good and bad professor at both settings, so for those of you who complain about the instructor, it is not unique at UMUC. Basically, it is what you make of it. If you are looking for easy curriculms where you do not need to spend time study and researching than go to some of those other online institutions that really do not have a main campus (i.e. Phoenix University).

I finished in 2008, but did not walk until 2009. I started in 2003 and took 1 to 2 classes each semester and also in the summer. I was working fulltime and had a family. I also coached my son's basketball and baseball teams, so I was very busy. UMUC fit into my schedule, but I had to make the time. I remember sometimes pulling almost all-nighters to finish assignments or just to make sure I was caught up.

I did experience problems like some of you have mentioned (i.e. financial aid & class scheduling). But again, this is no different than any other institutions and this includes your more reputable schools that you pay alot to attend.

You know what, I am gald to hear that only about 19% graduates from this school. This means that it is has a challenging curriculm and it is not a dipolma generator. It is serious of its reputation and resistant to give way to just graduate for the sake saying it has a high graduation rate. If that is what you are looking for, you know what school I recommend for you - Phoenix University.

I did my research before I chose where to go. And, UMUC was the best choice. This also included in-state institutions. I had to pay out-of-state tuition which was very demanding of my finances. But, this also meant that I had to make the best of it. I took full advantage of the resources that was available and are still available to me as an alumi. The online library resource was fantasic. I was able to do most of my research using this, but at times had to request either electronic copies or even books. It took some time to receive them, but if I had managed my time effectively, then this was not a huge issue.

The Distance Learning or Online education is not for everyone. You need to understand what will work for you. If you need the special one-on-one attention from the instructor than Online is not for you. And, at some brick and mortar institutions, you do not even get this. Try some of your larger institutions where there may be over 500 student in a classroom. You think that online may feel cold and distance, you have to experience this to know what I am talking about.

For classmates, I have had good and bad. But I can tell you that what I remember the most was that if I needed some help in an area, I was always able to find someone that would help me. This was either online through chat, email, and I have actually called some. The dialogs that were part of the class were also very informative and demanding. You quickly found out which instructors were involved in this format.

So I have learned alot from UMUC. I use alot of the tools and techniques that I learned from there today in my job. Again, it is what you make of it; just like anywhere else

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University of Maryland-University College 5

Some wrongly think UMUC is a for-profit school because it has distance learning programs. Nothing could be further from the truth. UMUC is a public school, regionally accredited, and a part of the university system of Maryland. It was originally apart of the University of Maryland (college park).

The school is unique in that it is designed to meet the needs of professionals working in the DC area and the needs of the military. It actually deploys professors to war zones so that soldiers can study even when deployed! That is dedication to teaching! This explains UMUC dedication to distance learning.

Some of UMUCs professors teach or do research at other colleges as well, including U of Maryland and Johns Hopkins. UMUC has both on campus and distance learning options. If you are a working professional in Maryland or in the military and looking to get a master's then this is a good choice for you. The school has a very open acceptance policy, but it manages to only graduate 11%. So it will let you in, but if you aren't prepared to read extensively or write a ton it will fail you. By comparison, other schools are very exclusive in letting people in but then graduate most everyone (i.e. MIT). Compare catalogs to other schools and you will see that UMUC and other's schools catalogs are very similar. Dig deeper and you may discover the classes are actually being taught by some of the same professors at the other local university you are comparing it to.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

While I was an undergraduate at Troy, my wife was an undergraduate at UMUC. We would sit at the kitchen table and do our homework together. I love Troy and enjoyed my 4 years there but it was obvious to both of us that UMUC had a better program. They required more research and writing. They also required all of their exams for online classes be proctored. Only a few of my Troy classes were online but less than half of them required a proctor for the mid-term or final. We don't require financial assistance so I did not have to deal with some of the issues that others have complained about. When it was time to select a graduate school, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up at UMUC. Thus far, they have not let me down. Great school!

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University of Maryland-University College 3

Take each of these comments with a grain of salt. The majority of complaints have more to do with people having specific and unique issues with the administration. If you're concerned with the quality of the education itself, focus on posts that address that point. Complaints about difficulty with refunds and a perceived lack of flexibility don't necessarily reflect the academic standards.

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University of Maryland-University College 3

I am a high school senior and my parents want me to consider going to umuc to study psychology there, well my main concern about this is that i have no idea what the tuition is for a freshman their so if anyone coudll tell me i would be greatful...

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DistanceLearne r49

University of Maryland-University College 1

If Obama appointee, Vivek Kundra, lied about graduating from UMUC, then you should think about attending this college. Do you want this hot mess of a college on your resume?

If you are paying for this yourself, don't bother going here.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

Looks like people either love UMUC or hate it and I think that must say something about UMUC’s students more than UMUC. Like anything else you get out what you put into it. If you are dedicated and serious about pursuing your degree you will learn a lot and it will pay off. I graduated with my MS in Management and I actually bothered to learn what they were teaching me. I put that knowledge to use a got a management position within a month of graduation. I was able to use the information I learned both in the interview and at my new position and it has paid off dramatically.

I see lots of people complaining about financial aid and advising. Luckily I didn’t need aid because my employer paid for my tuition but I can tell you that most schools have bad aid departments and that has more to do with inconsistent government regulations on financial aid than anything else. At my undergraduate school the aid office was terrible and we usually didn’t get our aid until mid-way through the semester. So those complaining about not getting aid until the start of the semester try living on your credit card until late November for your fall aid to arrive. And that was at a traditional CSU school.

Advising, well if you, as an adult, honestly need an advisor to tell you what to take then you are probably just lazy. All the requirements are laid out online and it is real easy to figure out. If you are a graduate student it’s even easier because most programs are just 36 credits. It’s not rocket science people. I never had to consult with my advisor to find out what I needed to take. However I have heard the horror stories and I actually new an advisor personally. Here’s the deal. UMUC has over 90,000 students and only a couple of hundred advisors to support them. Each advisor has a few thousand students assigned to them so the job is stressful at best. Add the fact that the majority of what and advisor hears all day is the complaining whining students who owe money or complain about grades or what and it is know wonder they have a high turnover. I won’t say the advisor’s name because she still works at UMUC in a different role. But she used to say that 90% of the students were good students that occasionally needed help with something and you’d hear from them once in a while. 10% of the students were a nightmare and you heard from them constantly. I have a feeling after reading these reviews that many of the 1 star reviewers fall into that 10% category. Anyway my point is it’s not that the advisors don’t care they are just overwhelmed and beaten down by the bad 10%. UMUC is a state school and subject to the state’s hiring freezes so from what I have been told they are not allowed to hire the amount of advisors they need to service the huge student populations.

I have also seen people complaining about the faculty. Truth, I have had a few faculty members I didn’t like or totally agree with but that’s life, you grin and bear it. I challenge anyone to go to any school out there and like 100% of the faculty they have. No matter where you go you are going to run into faculty you don’t jell with and that can actually be worse at traditional schools where the faculty are tenured and no longer give a crap about teaching. All the faculty I had at UMUC had Phds or the equivalent and some where even CEOs of major corporations in the area. All the ones that had careers while teaching where at the VP or hirer level and brought a lot of real life stuff to the class.

Finally, like the other poster here I am NOT a Phoenix. You 1 star reviewers go to Phoenix and see what type of education you get. UMUC is a state regulated school and is government by a board of regents not a board of directors who are only interested in the bottom line. And here’s a real life scenario, my boss who hired me, with a UMUC MS, has told me candidly that and applicant with no degree at all is better than a UofPH applicant. Those resumes go straight in the bin.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

I had one brief encounter with this school leading to months of harassment there after. I started several applications to various schools and as I would go through, I would discover which ones I could finish or not finish based on requirements. The University of Maryland was one I was missing some things for so I could not finish, so I did not complete the application. Any other school, no big deal, they keep my file in the system until it expires, but these guys want money! I started getting mail, then emails and now phone calls for the $60 application fee even for not finishing it! Any other school doesn't change for starting an app, but these idiots do. I live in Canada so good luck! I am thinking of starting a harassment file with the police and charge them if this continues.

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Hedrick Ha

University of Maryland-University College 1

1 stars

Terrible faculty in Information Technology.

I imagine that UMUC could be okay for an online program. Any online program is, of course, going to have problems. However, I took several courses there in actual classrooms and all of the professors that I saw in the IT program were pathetic. One just talked each night about what was going on in her (very important) government job, and the rest of the time was spent in undirected group discussions. Another was not up to speed on the subject (database design), but he could read from a
Powerpoint presentation. Another was technical and I liked him, but he did not teach well or speak English well. The final straw was the first night of a course where I left it in the middle, and I immediately withdrew from the program. The professor seemed nice enough, but he said that he could give more F's than A's. He had a "doctorate" from night school. He was basically a version of the pointed haired boss from Dilbert.

Keep away!

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Rating 1 star only because there is no ZERO!

Do not, by any means, plan to attend UMUC if you will be dependent on FA. I started Summer 2010. FA was finally disbursed on THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS, then had to wait another 10 business days for the State of Maryland to send the refund check so that I could order my books. It was disbursed at that time only after I emailed them over and over and over... You may automatically receive funds to buy books in advance ONLY if you order from MBS, their vendor, kickback payor and inflated price people. See:

Other schools freely publish the exact dates that FA will be disbursed for each term. UMUC says aid will be disbursed 10 days before classes. It is now 9 days before Fall term, FA is still not disbursed, and when I "chatted" with an "advisor" I was told that gee it should have already been done and that she will, "send it to 'level 2'" (whatever the hell that is!), and that it will be another 48-72 business hours before it is disbursed! When I asked for the name of a person I was told she didn't have one.

I too had to deal with Diedre Rice who took weeks to answer any questions that I put to her.

WARNING! Get your degree from somewhere else. The degree you get from UMUC will be average, at best, and it is definitely not worth the hassle. I will be transferring for the Spring semester.

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University of Maryland-University College 4

UMUC has its strengths and weaknesses just like any institution of higher learning or business. Although I mainly address UMUC’s shortcomings here, I do gladly give 4 stars.

Instructors – If you read nothing more than this paragraph, I get it (a lot of these posts including mine are l o n g). But PLEASE READ THIS: UMUC shares a "pool" of adjunct professors with many other universities, both online and brick-and-mortar. I would encourage my fellow students to use ratemyprofessor(dot)com to see for yourself. College students use ratemyprofessor to review teachers. Many instructors make a full time job out of teaching at several schools part time. This site will often show a given instructor listed 3, 4 or 5 times, each w/ a different school. This is an excellent way to avoid teachers who can't teach! Given the fact that 70% of college/university instructors nationwide are adjunct, this does affect the quality of instruction negatively at times, but this is not a UMUC-specific issue. It's just the world of academia... My source comes from a very good (adjunct) UMUC professor, L. Jarvik, who also teaches at Hopkins. Yes, some instructors are wonderful teachers and enthusiastic about their jobs, and some instructors are barely there. I, as well as my co-worker have had absentee instructors... They never bother to plug into class after the first few weeks. Excuses can range from, oh, I was so busy writing my book, to I got dengue fever and couldn't open my eyes for more than 5 minutes at a time. I’ve even had an instructor say they weren’t online much because they didn’t have access to the internet… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Yea – they obviously should not have taken the job that semester. Other teachers have been just plain idiotic in their approach to teaching ADULTS. They haven't yet learned that you can't be an arrogant fool to someone who goes to work full time (and works their @$$ off) and has 3 children to take care of, AND is desperately trying to better their lives by finishing their degree. But this is life... You, fellow students, need to voice your opinions beyond the measly survey given 2/3 of the way through the class, and beyond this very helpful website. Contact the deans and complain to them. UMUC does take their reputation seriously, but you need to tell them when something smells.

Advising -- I do have to agree with the posters here who complain about the advisors. UMUC's advising model leaves a lot to be desired. They have attempted, over the 5 years that I've been attending, to have dedicated advisors for students, but it just has not worked. They have also tried to create an advising "pool" whereby any advisor should be able to assist any student. This really does not work either and can be quite frustrating to students who need to lean heavily on advisors; however, I am not one of those people. I have managed to avoid most of the frustration with advising by self-advising -- reviewing my own program requirements and registering for classes accordingly -- and then verifying with UMCU periodically... usually this only requires a yes or no answer from UMUC advising. This is not the place for you if you need hand holding as you matriculate. Nothing wrong with needing your hand held; I’m just saying, you might be dissatisfied here because students are expected (quiet though it’s kept) to do their own research of UMUC’s policies. The catalogs and website are very helpful in this regard, but I have always found it more helpful to research my question online first, and then verify the answer with an administrator.

A splash of cold water at UMUC's graduation rate lamented by some posters... the DOE rate is pitiful, yes, I agree, but this does not tell the whole story about UMUC. This is a rate calculated at 6 years; perhaps a fine gauge for a traditional school, but not quite applicable here. (Yes, I have researched the Wm. Bowen study, too.) I am an adult learner. If one isn’t careful, that almost sounds like "I am a slow learner", but quite the opposite is true. I work full time-plus, and it’s just not possible for me to take more than 2 classes per semester. I suspect this is true for many who attend UMUC. This coupled with the fact that I have NO financial aid, and can't afford to pay for more than 2 classes at a time, means that I am out of scope for the DOE statistics, not a negative indicator of those statistics. While, I certainly will not finish my degree in 6 years at the rate I'm going, (maybe seven, but that's at break-neck speed for me. Six would be possible if I won the lottery and no longer needed to work.) I will graduate. Indeed, I am on the 17 year+ degree plan over all of the colleges I've attended. But, I will graduate.

Administration – Yes, I have been burned by the refund policy as well. It hurt, and it did leave a bad taste in my mouth (why I can’t give 5 stars). But this is simply an administrative rule. I just chalked it up to another lesson… trust, but verify. Students are also not able to register late for a class without an act of Congress. The last day to register is the day class begins. Sucks, but just another administrative rule that one must adapt to. But I couldn’t let that affect my educational goals.

On to UMUC's strengths -- I am NOT a Phoenix! This is a reputable school and it shows in the number of successful graduates -- actual people that I have gotten to know (mostly randomly), not UMUC success stories from its website.

The flexibility of classes is what did it for me. I would not have been able to get this far in my education were it not for the online class format at UMUC. I have managed to take a few in-class courses, but only on occasion.

I have gained a valuable education thus far. Oh, I wish I could have done it sooner, in my twenties, but again that wasn't possible for me. The classes are rigorous. This is not a place where you can pencil in “C” for every question and hope for the best, or where no teacher will fail you because they think of you more as a customer than a student. If you don’t work, you will do poorly.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I am finishing up my first year with UMUC online working toward a M.S. in Health Care Administration. I interviewed something like 6 to 8 schools and I feel I made the right choice in UMUC. Their online system, WebTycho, is very easy to use and their research databases are extensive. The only gripe I have about the school overall is that the library doesn't always have an electronic copy of the journals I am trying to find. They do have "Document Express" where you can request a scanned copy of a journal that isn't available, but it takes time, which I don't always have. I can say that anytime I have requested a document from Document Express in a short period of time, I did get it by my designated date.

Overall, I have had excellent support from every department that I have contacted at UMUC. Their Tech Support people are available by phone, email, or real-time chat. I prefer the real-time chat and have gotten very helpful techs any time I have contacted them. I also have used the Effective Writing Center (EWC) and found them to be awesome. They have gotten back to me in the promised 48 hours - sometimes before 24 hours after I submitted my paper - and their feedback is very helpful.

My Advisor calls me every couple of months and has been available and timely in responses any time I have contacted her. Same goes for financial aid. The professors I have had have been excellent. I have not a single complaint about any of them.

As for the classes, they have been very challenging and I have learned a tremendous amount in the year that I've been taking classes at UMUC.

Online learning is tough! You have to be able to log in every day, keep track of the threaded posts in the Conferences, group projects can be challenging but enrich our experience in dealing with diverse groups at a distance, and you absolutely MUST be motivated to stay current with assignments. I wouldn't trade my education at UMUC for any other university. They have fulfilled all of my needs and met every one of my expectations.

I have read several reviews that said they couldn't get any attention from any department at UMUC. I have found the complete opposite to be true. Sometimes you just get into a rut and it spirals and next thing you know....everything just turns out lousy. I wish all of you could have a positive experience like I have at UMUC.

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University of Maryland-University College 4

My experience with UMUC has been mostly good. Their online classes can be uneven; some instructors give a lot; others mumble one or two word responses and let the class dialogue get dominated by students hoping to score extra points for participation by making inane remarks like "Wow, that was a good post! Keep up the good work!"

UMUC needs to work more on their computer system. I had the computer deregister me from finals three times before I could get human intervention. The electronic test grading makes mistakes, so you have to read over your test results carefully and challenge if necessary.

UMUC also offers courses which many online schools don't, like Medical Anthropology and Emerging Infections, which is a definite plus in my book.

However, like anything else, the more you know what you want, the better you will be able to use what's offered.

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standFORsometh in

University of Maryland-University College 1

First, I thank you for perusing my post today.

UMUC's system is so flawed that it obstructs being able to navigate what I need to navigate successfully to continue all the way to a degree. Responsible adults plan their futures carefully, and their investments of time, energy, and money. Part time college attendance while working full time is a long process, and I am out of state (as are the vast majority of the student body at UMUC reportedly). Accurate, available, dependable, predictable customer service from each of the different administrative offices at UMUC IS IMPERATIVE for success in this way, and my experience has shown me it is not possible at this time at UMUC to receive such, and that there is currently no system in place where they are working to repair the flaws.

If you think this is a special case with complexities that likely shoved me into a category that made it difficult for UMUC to help me, think again. No frills here, all very cut and dried. If you think this couldn't be you, ask the other 89% of the student body at UMUC apparently who leave before getting their degree at UMUC if it could be you-that 89% who leave is a large percentage who in fact it WAS. Could you be in the 89%- or will you be in the 11% who report below (mostly graduate students) top-rate support from UMUC? And if you think you can discount this complaint because I am 'not tech savvy' or 'not able to handle online learning environment', that could not be farther from the truth in my case.

The UMUC Overall Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates for Students statistics listed with the US DOE now shows those who stay and graduate at UMUC to be at only 11%.

From IES National Center for Education Statistics, US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, at: f+Maryland+University+College&s=all&id=1632 04

And I would propose it is likely if the DOE also counted PART TIME STUDENTS in that figure that the figure itself would be exponentially lower. But I ask myself, how could it be lower? This 11% figure represents those who stay at UMUC and receive their degrees.

It makes no sense to say that UMUC systems do not affect retention rates. And it certainly makes no sense to say that only an 11% graduation rate is anywhere near successful. Search any other university by name using the same DOE website above--compare their graduation rate. All that I searched report as much, much higher.

How is this possible to have this rate and not be addressing the flaws in your own system which may be affecting who stays to graduation?

And I find it amazing that the 11% must not realize how RARE their experience is, based on DOE figures. Those who have graduated, and report wonderful experiences here, they ARE the 11%. I suppose I, and other unfortunate souls who get wrong information if any response at all from UMUC, fall in the 89% group who find lack of administrative support just about requires a responsible, mindful adult to leave.

And finally, for anyone who might discount such reports based on 'most universities don't care about whether students show up, etc...', let me respond by saying I have a myriad of experience with various public universities and I am aware that yes, in general, there is no babysitting service for students who don't pull their own weight, and there shouldn't be.

So yes, those universities I am familiar with don't babysit and again I don't think they should. But I did notice that all those universities which don't babysit either do somehow, someway manage to have an above 70% of retention/graduation rate reported by the DOE. Amazing. Certainly a much more reasonable figure. Yet UMUC cannot boast above an 11%? And their response system to students support needs is not being addressed as a significant factor in that failure of an 11% figure?

I certainly wish anyone who continues on with UMUC the very best of luck, and I truly hope you're in the 11% who gets good response for some reason and prospers at UMUC and beyond.

To me, the existence of the 11% posting here seems to give a face to the fact that *some* GET good response, and I then tend to want to ask myself why I was designated apparently as one of the 89% who were left out to dry.

Again, notice those posting wonderful experiences at UMUC here and elsewhere on the web are mostly graduate students who are in that 11% perfect-experience group. Are you a graduate student? If so, perhaps you *will* be in the 11%.

Me? Terrible, terrible, worst experience in a public institution ever. Undergrad, incoming recent degree, honor society student, top-rate recent public institution recommendations and study habits/routine built right in when I arrived at UMUC, and an online student in the past as an honor student, and a decades long IT professional myself. Yes, terrible terrible time getting an accurate-if any-response from UMUC.

I wish the facility, the 11% who are in the preferred group who have had great experiences, and the 89% who with me had poor experiences, all the very best.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Humm, where to start...this school is a complete joke. I went to UMUC beacuse it was supposedly "flexible". Funniest thing ever its a disaster of a school. So far I am trying to register for my second semester and I'm on my third advisor, the first two quit or got fired I've never switched my major or anything...what a joke (one good thing, the one I have now is fairly competent THANK GOD). My first advisor told me they needed my transcript from my CC which was sent to them in MARCH (note its AUGUST!), it still has not been evaluated. My second advisor said "I'll look into the problem we need to get you registered for Fall classes" (which is what I'm still trying to do now). A week later, I get a new advisor who has no idea about all that has happened, now for the past week every day I am getting emails or phone calls saying "you need to register for classes". YES, I'M AWARE OF THAT AND I'M TRYING BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT CLASSES I NEED TO TAKE UNTIL MY TRAANSCRIPT HAS BEEN EVALUATED!! My new advisor has put a "rush" on it (a week and a half ago) and it is still not done. I wish I could call and just complain to someone who can actually do something useful to make this easier. I went to Frostburg for a semester (my second advisor said we need that transcript too...after it was already sent to him twice) and I had NO issues like this nor did I at my Community College. I only have about 36 credits left or else I would be switching schools in a heartbeat! Worst experience I've ever had! Also, some of the teachers are great others should be teaching fingerpainting...I took a very loaded summer semester and out of 5 classes..I had 2 amazing teachers, one decent teacher, and two that...well I hope you like fingerpainting! Another thing I was extremly dissapointed in is the way finals are done, the closest place I can take my finals is an hour and a half away and its a royal pain to try to get into another location. I only take online classes, and I work full time, to me online classes mean everything is ONLINE. Its insane, all the things I was promised when considering UMUC have failed completly. Maybe they should stop wasting money on BS TV and Radio ads and open a complaint office, seems like they would be pretty busy or maybe they could even uh...CARE ABOUT THEIR STUDENTS AND HELP THEM! (Instead of wasting my time and pissing me off everyday by calling and telling me I haven't registered for classes, the best part is when I've actually spoken to a person on the phone never once have they offered to do anything when I tell them why I haven't registered yet, they say "okay, have a nice day" useful.) Don't waste your money at this joke of a only goes twoards ads trying to get more students to come...when they can't even manage the students they have now!

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University of Maryland-University College 1

I have never take the time to write a complaint; however, I got enough of UMUC, and that is why I decided to write one. I think one start is too much. I don't even know where to start. They representatives are rude and don't know what they are doing. For example, one time I called the financial aid office to find out what the "unsubsidized loan" was? (that's what I was offered). She said it was the same thing as subsidized????? What???? I didn't know then the difference. Now, I understand the difference between subsidezed and unsubsidezed. Why would you give someone the wrong answer especially when it comes to important matters. If you don't know be honest and said you are not sure or ask someone else.
When I sent my transcripts and information they requested, it took 6 months for them to put it in the system. They couldn't tell me why it was taking so long to process the information. They usually transfer you from one person to the other, so they don't have to handle the problem. I was frustated and went to campus and my transcripts were sitting somewhere. "Advisor" said he didn't know anything about transcripts. I told him I took my day off to fix the problem and was not going to leave until they tell me what to do. He finally got up from his chair and brought the took months for them to do it, and it only happenned because I went to their offices. It took two more months to finally entered the info into the system.....I have so many complaints that I could write a book. I just want to let know students UMUC is not a professional institution. I got my AA from Montgomery College and never had any problem. I also went to UMCP, and they are great. Because of my family and job, I needed a school that provided more flexible schedule...that's the reason I transfered to UMUC....Oh my, I regreted this decision!!!

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University of Maryland-University College 5

This is an excellent school. An On line education is very demanding. The university simply provides the material, the rest is up to the student. I have been attending UMUC since 1995. I have 20 years of active duty service. I have earned a BS Business Administration, Master of Science (Human Resources) and a MS Information Technology (Information Assurance). I graduated with my BS in 2005 and since I have completed two MS degrees. The instructors all have PhDs and numerous years in their teaching field. I received a F in one class because I found out that Calculas and online teaching do not mix. I had no problem transferring credits and no problem transferring 32 credits towards my PhD. This is an excellent school, to include the advisors, financial counselors, and instructors. Do not judge an university because you did not receive the grade you wanted. Ask yourself did you really put forth the effort into receiving a higher grade. I worked in many class groups with students from all parts of the world and have never had one bad experience. I would think that 15 years and 3 degree would make my words sincere. Did I forget to mention that I earned 36 semester hours while deployed in the sandy beaches of south East Asia. Just one last work of thought. Who is best to rate a school, one with only 2 course of experience or someone that has completed several degrees with the same school. You decide, but UMUC is an excellent university and the graduation is actually on a school campus and not in a rented hotel conference room.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Frequent changes in course path. Did NOT comply with SOCNAV agreement.

Misleading on credit hour pricing after Active Duty Military status is changed. Online prices went up nearly 100% immediately after discharge. ($500.00 per credit hour, one fulltime semester costs $6000.00 plus books)

Difficult to transfer in legitimate classes from other institutions. Example: I have taken one course online with UMUC 4 times. I received 3 F's and one A on the final term. This was after taking the same course in person at a local community college with absolutely no difficulties. UMUC insisted that the course was different and did not put proper emphasis on certain subject matter. My report card and check book debate this.

Showed extreme difficulty in teaching material in an online environment. Discussions over email would last up to three weeks for myself and classmates.

Advisors change frequently.


It is highly encouraged to seek a more meaningful education from a different institution. UMUC seems to be more interested in generating revenue than creating a reputation for being of superior quality in online training. Over-priced and a lack of value.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I just finished my B.A. degree in English (journalism minor) at UMUC. I went part-time, from 01/2006 to 05/2010. I didn't have any issues with Financial aid. On the contrary, I was awarded student loans and scholarships in a timely manner and without any issues. I checked MyUMUC before each semester and my awards would be there. The professors were great. Distance learning via the Intenet is a challenge regardless of the school, so it is important that you are a self-starter and can work independently and are somewhat tech savvy. If you are none of these, you should consider a face-to-face environment. UMUC is accedited and, having done my first two years at my local state College (, I found the instruction to be challenging and useful. I would definitely recommend this University.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Do not attend this sham of a school! I went through two semesters here and it was the worst experience of my life. I am transferring to UMCP this fall and would do anything to never have to think about UMUC again. The professors are absolutely horrible, one even put in their class announcement that "Teaching is a bothersome afterthought to research and often gets in the way of receiving grants and funding". WHAT?! If teaching is so bothersome, why the hell are you doing it?? I've also had many professors and advisors tell me that they hire practitioners who that's a good thing. I want to be taught by someone who enjoys teaching and knows what they're talking about. Not someone who just decided to teach for some extra cash. Their financial aid office is literally the worst I have even dealt with. You constantly get conflicting answers and responses and their office seems to function unlike any other school in that they have ridiculous policies. All this school cares about is money, they don't give a damn about the quality of their professors or the overall educational experience of their students. DON'T BE LURED IN BY THE CONVENIENCE OF ONLINE COURSES THERE, go get a quality education elsewhere in a place where their employees and faculty give a damn!!

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University of Maryland-University College 1


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University of Maryland-University College 4

I received my undergrad degree in Behavioral & Social Sciences from UMUC in 2001. It was a good experience, and I received all the help from UMUC staff that I needed. I began my courses toward an MS in Healthcare Administration in Fall 2009. The first semester, I had to drop a COMM 600 courses I was taking because I knew that I would not be able to complete the Research Paper (the last assignment) in time. I re-took the class this semester, along with another course and did great. So far, I have 3 A's. The MS program is very challenging and I have learned quite a bit. I believe the professors are dedicated to teaching a great course and giving students all they can. I am very pleased with UMUC and wanted to just counter some of the negative reviews posted here. I have nothing bad to say about UMUC, and the tuition for graduate students is not bad. I'm an older student and getting this degree will help me feel more confident and marketable in the future as I transition into a new but not totally different area of healthcare. I am looking forward to completing this program in the quickest time so that I can look forward to being hired as a Healthcare Administrator in a stable, well-paying concern. Kudos to UMUC.

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Roselda La

University of Maryland-University College 1

1 star or failed

I have not even enrolled in this school and the service is already appalling. I made known my interest in enrolling in their Graduate Program and was told that I have to pay the registration first before they can process my enrollment. I did that. Afterwards, they told me to send a copy of the evaluation of my transcript since my
undergraduate study was completed abroad. I did that. Then, they told me to get a TOEFL exam. I did that too and passed it. I e- mailed the person who was probably in-charge of my enrollment, by the name of Deidre Rice on what will be next step. No response. After 2 un-responded e-mails, I called. She said that they did not receive the TOEFL result. I asked if I can just send my copy because the original was already sent to them. She insisted that it is their policy to accept only the original. I had it.

I told her that they way they handled my interest in their school, I do not feel getting my graduate degree with their school anymore and asked to send back my transcript evaluation because they have no use for it anymore. They said that it is already their property and I asked what are they going to use it for. She said they will keep it in their file.

Now, I have to pay for another evaluation of my transcript and pay for a copy of the result of my TOEFL exam which both will cost me money plus the registration that I will be paying at another school. I have wasted time and money with this school and to think I have not even started setting foot in their classrooms. I am frustrated..

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University of Maryland-University College 1

This school is a joke. I have been 2 semesters, and getting a professor to answer an email, or respond to a posting is like pulling teeth. Not to mention, I took online classes to avoid scheduling conflicts with my husband's job & my child's schooling. However, I'm required to go in and take a final exam. They only give me a window of 2 days to select from, and both happen to be weekend dates. Go figure. I've been on the phone all morning trying to figure out where they sent my test, because it isn't where I selected. I called one number, and they referred me to someone else. Then those people had never even heard of UMUC sending tests there.

Don't even get me started on these group projects professors assign. I did all of the work for the entire group. No one showed up to chat, or submitted a thing. I noted this on the peer evaluation, but apparently the other students claimed to have done something so the professor said she was confused. Perhaps the professor wouldn't be confused if she logged on every once in a while. Another professor I had went to Las Vegas, didn't grade anything for 4 weeks, and then picked a paper I wrote apart. I had another professor review the paper and they couldn't understand why that professor said the things he did.

I am done with this school. I'll give my money to someone else.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Worst school ever - the school motto should be Pay your fee and get a B. Especially their "cadillac" program the Executive MBA. The program they promised is not the program they deliver. It is no wonder this school only has a 7% graduation rate - the whole experience has been awful Grading is arbitrary and capricous and changes from semester to semester. The classes are really dumb. If all you want are the initials then this is probably fine. If you want to learn - go elsewhere.

Do not get sucked into their regular MBA program - the professors are out of touch and administration is unresponsive.

Do not waste your money - find a real MBA program not this one.

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University of Maryland-University College 4

I have just finished a certificate for "Web Programming" at UMUC. I am pleased with what I have learned and I have been able to apply my knowledge to work and play.

For the downside on online school. I think that one of the posters hit the nail on the head in that nothing is perfect. There were definitely a couple of Professors that didn’t seem to be there and that is very frustrating to a distance learning student. Because the classes are online it is very important for the Professor to be available often, and give thoughtful answers to questions. Most of them did this and provided a lot of assistance when asked. The ones who did not, I at least left poor online ratings where I could for the UMUC evaluation and online teacher rating services.

I recommend UMUC, because by the end of the program I could indeed write programs and understand things I did not have any idea about before. Just be prepared at times to be frustrated by the absent Professor and the inherent difficulty in distance learning.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I measure UMUC's worth by how much I am getting out of the classes. And I am getting a lot out of the online courses I have taken so far. I am a test engineer for a software company and the year and a half of classes taken at UMUC so far have helped me create tools and automate my work at my current employer. My skills have grown a lot in a short period of time because of UMUC. I don't really care that I am actually getting a certificate for the classes I took. I care mostly that the courses gave me the confidence that I can easily do the job that the certificate represents.

So I have to thank all of my UMUC professors for the skills and knowledge I have gained so far. And I hope it will continue in the classes to come.

I have seem a lot of negative posts about UMUC here and many of them are very fair complaints. But people have to realize that nothing is perfect. I obviously had a couple of bad professors who seemed to be there just to get a paycheck and seemed to not care about the students. But I assure you that these were only a couple. It would be easy for me to let a couple of bad experiences influence me in judging UMUC poorly as a whole. But to be fair I cannot do that since, in contrast to the two bad professors I had, I've met many great professors at UMUC who helped me tremendously.

Next year I have to decide which Masters program to follow. My employer offers a partnership with Brandeis University that has a prestigious MA program in Software Engineering. But I am torn between the MA at Brandeis and the MS at UMUC since the UMUC program seems to prepare students for more of a leadership role in a Software Organization. The MA at Brandeis is more technical.

While the MA in Software Engineering at Brandeis will look good on my resume, I feel that the MS at UMUC will make me better prepared for my career goal.

What I did not like about UMUC were the advisors who were people that knew more about the path to graduation than the content of the program. I mean, they knew what classes you had to take in order to graduate but they did not know about the subject enough to know which classes would be more worthwhile to take. So their knowledge was not helpful since I could find all the answers about my progress report online under my MyUMUC account. There was no good insight coming from these advisors as to whether I would be better off taking a subject over another since they were clueless about the content of the classes. However, professors were always willing to help in this regard and the school provided an online community in the WebTycho website where you could ask these questions and even get a prompt answer from the head of the department!

Remember I said in a paragraph above that I had a couple of bad professors? Well, being able to communicate with the head of the department for my major was great in providing feedback to get things changed. These people welcome criticism and don't take them lightly. Kudos to UMUC for that!

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University of Maryland-University College 4

I'm just completing my first semester with UMUC, my financial aid process was pretty simple and easy, plus I love the in-state status. I previously attended University of Phoenix and felt like I was being coddled and spoon-fed. They also didn't allow you to test out of certain classes. At UMUC I have faltered because I was working an insane schedule at my job. I have now prioritized and worked towards catching up. I don't like the fact that I haven't spoken with my assigned advisor, just whomever answered the phone. My courses have been challenging and definitely rewarding the more work I put into them. I have never had any of the issues I've seen in previous reviews, I love the fact that my books are all current; every one of them has been published within the last year or two at the most!

UMUC is definitely not for the faint of heart, and if you're not already tech savyy, you may want to do their On-Site courses, I am taking spring, summer, and fall courses in hopes to complete my degree in a couple of years!!

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Our experience was awful! Do not trust the financial aid office. They told my husband that his financial aid award was going through processing but that he was clear to start classes. A semester in, they tell us that his financial aid had never gone through. Now we get conflicting bills ranging from 800- 4000. They finally sent it to the State of Maryland collection. Oh by the way, they never called us and told us the aid didn't go through. It was after my fifteenth call of them telling me that everything was fine, that someone finally told me that it hadn't gone through. They would have let him attend the entire program probably before telling us and then just collected at the end. My opinion- don't go to this school!

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I have really enjoyed the last 5 years I have been working part time on my degree. The advisors have always been quick to respond. The instructors have been knowledgeable on the whole. The courses have been challenging. I have been and will continue to reccommend this school for individuals on the move.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I didn't have a single snag in dealing with UMUC, EXCEPT that my advisor was hard to find sometimes. I would often have to go and meet her in person, a luxury I have because I live 5 minutes from campus. When I had issues she solved them, and went above and beyond to do so.

Like others here, I started at a traditional school and partied my way out of it. After a break, I transferred to UMUC who accepted all but 1 of my credits. In a brutal year and a half I finished 59 credits with a 3.949 average. I took half of my classes in person and half online. The online classes were devistatingly time consuming because it's an endless gauntlet of paper writing and responding to discussions. While I was in the classes I hated it, but at the end of each semester I realized how much I learned (even if I learned it through my own research, they still set the standards). I now gladly have a good job in my field and a knowledge base informed by the nearly 300 pages worth of papers I was forced to write in the last year and a half.

I had some awful professors at UMUC who taught me nothing, and I had to rely on my own curiosity and discipline to get me through and to learn what I wanted from the course. I also had several amazing professors with whom I am still in contact, and who are eager to write recommendation letters for me and that still answer my questions and curiosities. My statistics professor made us do an absolutely absurd amount of work, but when I took research methods the very next semester I was the only person in the course with a clue about statistics. Even now, I work with several PhD's who've had graduate level statistics and I am able to participate in Statistics discussions. My face to face classes weren't a cakewalk, and I literally had to write 9 papers in 2 weeks for a 1 credit course. UMUC is what you make it. I put a lot into it and got a lot out of it.

It was great for me as a traveling musician to be able to correspond from the road, train, band trailer, and backstage.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I just graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. I graduated with a well-deserved, hard-earned GPA of 3.86. I was inducted into the adult honor society entitled Phi Kappa Phi. In the past, I have attened the traditional brick and mortar universities and I have attended University of Phoenix, Online. At University of Phoenix I felt like they were giving away their degrees and did not care for their students but I am not here to discuss them.

At UMUC, you have to have the discipline to get your studies done. They do not just give out grades but instead expect you to do your work and check into the classroom 3-4 times a week. I spent more time studying for classes this way then attending a regular face-to-face class. You must prioritize yourself and have motivation when signing up for online classes. In the end, it is up to the individual what they get and take away from a class. Online classes are not for the faint of heart. It is hard work and one must be up for the challenge.

I love being able to attend at any time of the day. I can work around my schedule and work ahead if I am planning to be out of town. Due to the recession, I am currently considering enrolling for an MS in Information Technology or getting a certificate to market myself more. Jobs are hard to come by everywhere but especially around the DC area.

I highly recommend UMUC to anyone who is looking for a challenge. My husband received his Master's from them while deployed to Iraq. It is a top-notch school.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Don't waste your money on this horrible school. My husband had taken several courses and is now looking into other colleges. First of all, some of the staff they hire are horrible. I don't know if they actually interview them. When my husband took the last final done by a proctor, she was late and appeared to be drunk. The worst thing is that his final never made it to the professor. During that time he contacted several people including the dean but never heard back from any of them. The professor graded him based on the works and tests done so far without final. For this semester he again had to take the final administrered by a proctor, and again professor never received it. He got "F" on the class. He's been unable to get a hold of the local Maryland counselor. She's supposed to be in the office at the certain time but apparently she can change her schedule the way she wants to without notifying anybody. I have attended a couple of colleges myself, but I never went through nightmares like my husband has.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I'm surprised so many people have negative things to say about this school. I've been attending (not in the physical sense) UMUC for a few months now and I think it's great, especially since I don't have the time to go to a traditional class. The courses are challenging and you honestly feel like you're learning something. Granted, the instructors are there to lead you every step of the way, but what professor do you know at any university/college that coddles you like you're in kindergarton. I've found that the professors can be very helpful and they do get back to you in a timely fashion. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy with my experience thus far!!!!

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University of Maryland-University College 1

This online program is the bottom of my list. Courses that are thrown together using "6 month old" articles and ancient textbooks. Be prepared to wing it through most of your courses because there is little in the way of instructional help from the "professor" who drops in to make comments once in a while (for some reason, usually in the late evenings which made me wonder if they weren't employed elsewhere). If you get a group assignment then the monkey-fest really starts when folks drop out mid-project or a disagreement between cohorts online turns into a furball - where's the instructor then? I'm trying to finish my MS program elsewhere, having some difficulty transferring the credits now. UMUC needs to work on this format/delivery in my opinion.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I went to Univ. of MD, College Park and got my B.S. from there in 2006. Typical college, typical experience.

I then decided to get my MBA at UMUC because I have to work during the day! And UMUC is Maryland's "night school" of sorts.

The cost is great! I get in-state tuition! I have done great in classes! and I will be graduating soon! HECK I may even opt for my doctorates there too!

UMUC is WAY more respectable than any other online program because it has and actual campus and it has the whole state system behind it!

A+ for UMUC.

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University of Maryland-University College 1

This online school is not as good as they say they are yet they charge Ivy-league prices, course materials are ok but if you ask questions of the "instructor" be prepared for a 2 week tail chase. Instead of answering direct, pointed questions they seem to try and patronize with generic canned responses. I finally gave up, too expensive to be wasting time playing "post and wait 3 days for a response". Grad school is expensive, but it should at least have competent instructors.

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University of Maryland-University College 4

I have taken classes at UMUC since the Spring 2008 semester (including the summer semester) and have found the class materials to be up to date. The professors I have had, with one exception, were efficient in their feedback and grading.

I have only taken online courses. The online classes are not for the faint of heart. In a face to face class you could "zone out" and still get points for just being in the room. In the online classes I have been apart of the professors were involved in the discussion. In fact, one professor demanded that no one person repeat information in the weekly conferences-- if you did, you didn't get points.

If you take an online course, be prepared to write essays- short and long. As in any course, you get out of it what you put in to it. The professors at UMUC aren't going to hold you hand and spoon feed you this information-- you the individual are just as responsible for your education.

However, the administration part is lacking-- especially in the advising area. Again though, you as the student should always be aware of your degree requirements and what courses you need to take. When I attended a face to face traditional University I NEVER assumed my advisor would just tell me what course to take and I don't expect it here at UMUC.

Ultimately, you the student, are responsible for your education-- know what is going on with you degree needs, financial needs, and don't wait until the last minute to try and get something done.

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CurrentUMUCStu dent

University of Maryland-University College 4

Update, I'm now two classes away from graduating with a M.S. in Human Resource Management. However, the real test will present itself upon graduation. I am eager to test this degree's marketing power. On the other hand, interview skills will help me sale myself. I currently work in the field of Agriculture. I am trying to change careers totally, so, that will be the real test of reciprocating the knowledge and concepts learned,along with mentioning my transferrable skills. We will see how it goes.

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University of Maryland-University College 2

Does UMUC have legacy admissions?

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University of Maryland-University College 1

Straight horrible. Beware if you transfer from a foreign division of UMUC back to the States. I completed 21 hours in Europe, and when I came back to the US, they didn't even offer my degree program. With that being said, I would have to go into another degree plan and they considered me a transfer student so they would only accept 6 credits!! WTF?

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University of Maryland-University College 4

I've attended UMUC in Asia and have had no problems finding support or getting counseling when I needed it. The professors are all graduates of highly accredited schools who created an environment where I felt I was actually learning. However, the University is not really aimed towards those hoping for high-level education as it's geared towards adults coming back to school and military persons. In essence, it's a "night school." I also felt that too much of the the school's focus was directed towards distance education, which is not a real classroom education, so a lot of students who prefer face-to-face classes will--at one point or another--be forced to take some of their required classes online.

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University of Maryland-University College 5

I have taken both online and "in-class" courses with UMUC over a period of many years (many because my military duties take up most my time). I have found that UMUC's online courses are demanding because you are the one that determine's your success. One must be very self-disciplined to complete online courses compared to just showing up and sitting through a class and getting credit. At UMUC, you are judged solely on your work and participation. I must say that I recall more information and analyze problems better having to do the research on subjects mostly on my own accord. I recommend UMUC to only those who can work independently without much supervision. If you are a tad "lazy" you may have a very difficult time utilizing the online format for learning. Best wishes!

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