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Dan Berliner

DeVry University 1

DeVry intentionally misrepresents their Engineering Technology programs as Engineering degrees. Engineering Technology is a technician field, they assist engineers and assemble their designs. They do not solve problems or do any actual engineering. DeVry lies about this, they represent themselves as an engineering school to get more students. They claim that they are ABET accredited like other schools which is a half-truth because they are accredited for different things. ABET does technology and engineering. The curriculum is miles behind a real engineering degree, they do very little theory and almost no math. If you want to do Engineering Technology DeVry might be a good option but if you want to be an engineer stay away from DeVry. The only reason I know of to do Engineering Technology is if you hate math and can't do a real engineering program.

In summary: Engineers, stay as far away from DeVry as you can and go to a real engineering school.

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DeVry University 2

Okay, so I'm about 3 classes away from my Associates in Networking, have gotten an A in all classes except one B. Devry is a good choice for someone that already has working knowledge in the classes they are taking. The instruction provided is subpar, I agree that the posts can be rather excessive but it does make you delve into the topic and think. The main complaint is the instruction, I'm going for CIS, but there is very little in the way of instruction, you can get the exact same knowledge from buying th book alone and reading verses buying thr book and paying way too high of class fees. I should have gone to ITT like I originally considered, I think they were actually a little more in cost but they had more onsite and hands on. In my opinion Devry is a ripoff, sure you can get a degree while only attending class one day a week then online posting, but you better be working in ythe field of study or at least previously had.

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Pedro Dias

DeVry University 4

I graduated on February 4, 2011, from Full Sail University with my Master’s degree in Entertainment Business. I did the online course due in part that I reside in Cleveland, Ohio and it was phenomenal! Excellent course material, excellent course instructors and assistant course instructors, and I left with a wealth of knowledge.

The coursework is very strenuous due to it being an accelerated program. There is absolutely no room for procrastination. If you procrastinate just a tad, you will fall behind, and your grades will reflect this. From the get-go when the first course commences, it is non-stop learning at a fast pace and YOU MUST have self-discipline!

My only negative comment would be that I wish there was the option to engage in this Master’s degree program on a non-accelerated rate, a normal program duration. I wish that the program was more than (12) months. There is such a wealth of information, and for a new course starting each month, it is difficult to retain all of the information thrown at you. Also, the information learned was so valuable and interesting I wish that each course was longer to dive into it more and to digest it all.

Hope this helps!

Robert M. Blatnick, Manager
MyTh and Company
Cleveland, OH

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DeVry University 1

My husband enrolled at DeVry and was very excited to complete his college education. He was proactive about contacting admissions counselors and finacial aid reps and taking care of everything they passed his way. However, he has now withdrawn from all classes at a huge cost to us because he no longer wants to even be associated with the school. We should have known from the beginning that things were fishy when we were told that some of the admissions information was incorrect because his first AC had been fired for unethically filing paperwork in order to meet his "quota" of enrolled students. When my husband did begin classes, his admissions counselor, Kyle Harris worked with him to sign up for 2 classes. My husband was nervous about 2 classes because he travels a lot of work and we have a 2 month old baby at home, but he was told he could withdraw from one of the classes if it seemed like too much at once. After just a few days of trying to attend both classes, my husband was overwhelmed and decided to drop one of the classes. He began scrouring the website and making phone calls to find out how to drop the class. It took several calls and e-mails before he was finally able to reach his admission counselor, which pushed him into his seconf week of classes. His Admisisons Counselor said he needed to talk to student services to contact his academic advisor, however an acadmic advisor is not assigned until week 2 so he was transfered back to admissions who transferred him to student finance because he "didn't know how to withdraw him from a course." Student finance then told my husband that he would have to pay the full amount of the class since he was dropping it after the first week! They didn't care that he hadn't logged into the class since the 1st week and proceeded to transfer him back to student services who transfered him to someone else who put him on hold for 15 mintues and then hung up. He has literally spent HOURS trying explaining and reexplaining the situation and trying to contact people. He has been lied to and given incorrect information. Each time he calls, he speaks to someone different and is never able to speak to a supervisor. One woman in student services was helpful and apolgetic and admitted that my husband had been given incorrect informatino on more than one occassion. She suggested we contact the supervisor of his admission counselore, but we then found out his AC was HEAD of admissions. There was no compassion or regard for the fact that my husband is a new student, trying to learn their systems and policies and trying to do the right thing. We are now paying close to $1000 just to withdraw him from the 2 classes after a week and a half because we NEVER want to have to deal with thim again. So beware...these are not people trying to help you better yourself, they are people trying to make money, even if they have to lie, quote policies they can't show you, and hang up on you.

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DeVry University 1

I was a student at Devry in North Brunswick nj campus, and it was the worse school in the United States. They have no respect for me in the 2nd floor where Devry employer's name Lisa Lyle and Matt Furlong are treating me as a very disrespected way and blaming me like I did everything wrong, which I never did something I didn't do as a student. They lie to me about things I didn't do, so that they could set me up to try to rid of me from that school, which means they try to kick me out of that school. Those two Devry employee's are biggest jokes ever and very evil, hatetriatic people I ever seen in any colleges. Also, in admission reps are bunch of jokes, because all they care about is making money by bring any students into the school. You could be the dummest person in this country and get in to that school. Just open the front door and you are accepted to that Devry idiot school. What a joke calling them self University! so that, they think they could bring more people in that place calls it "Devry University". Those admission reps are bunch a sales people, because they only care about first time student comes into the door and they want to sign many people in there, so that they could keep their job. They don't even talk to the other students they use to register them before, most of admission reps ignores them.
What are ignorant they are! also it looks very disrespectful. I had no student rights there in Devry in North Brunswick campus, because I got treated very bad like somekind of animal off the street. It was very unfair what happen to me, and I had no justice in that school. God will get them eventually who did lying stuff about me and try to pick on somebody in discriminatory way. Devry University will be bankrupt one day been punish by God. I hate Devry and what a sad commentory calling themself University. There is no such a university in United States has a sales people in registering people as a student. This is scam artist school, I've ever been into. "What a abnormal higher education school this is!".
The president of that school name Greveson is a joke too, because he ignores me and lies about in the caring for the students in the Devry website. I hope he burn in hell when he die! That school is most racist school, I ever know. They hurt me very badly in this joke university. University My Ass! Those employees over there just power overs students for what ever the reason is to make you look like a stupid idiotic person. In addition to this they charge ridiculous money for tuition and the outdated class book prices is very unacceptable. Some employees in Devry are evil discriminatory people I ever seen in any school. Some students in Devry is punks too, because they act like a thugs from the punk street and bothers other good students in there. I wish somebody can suit that Devry, so that they be vanish forever and ever. "I am telling you God will get them one day!".

Read more: more: =33824276#ixzz1TBCsg36y

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DeVry University 1

I would just like to give current and potential students a heads up, DeVry is run by a lot of incompetent individual especially in Pennsylvania.

1. They have taken away credit that i transferred in from my AS that were given to me when i first registered.
2. They did not keep up with my degree program credits. They have in their database giving me credit for one class and now are telling me i have to take it over again.
3. I was told i only had 4 classes left and was supposed to graduate this June, now that i made a big deal about that one class they want me to take over suddenly i have 4 more classes i have to take.

I am in the process of reporting these things to the State Board of Ed and the Federal board of Ed and local TV and News stations if I cannot get any help from the latter. If anyone has a similar story please contact me ([email protected]).

All I have to say is be careful and do a grade audit every other semester and if you’re thinking about going think hard because this school is full of it!

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DeVry University 5

I am a DeVry student and i have found it great so far. I have heard people saying bad things about DeVry that it a profit school. I want to back up this, in this world there is no one who does anything without profit, because we all need money for living. Even Cal State charges you for your BS or MS its not free.
People say that it has more kind of professional environment rather than academic. I want to back up this, that when we apply for a job and we go for man interview do we go in our t shirt and jeans. No never because we think that it would look unprofessional and the supervisor would think that what kind of person he is. He does not know how to come in an interview how would he work in my company. In DeVry everyone wants to learn and if it is expensive you would pay it off.
Another thing Devry makes you study every day, because they have a system made in such a way that if you do not study you would be way behind from other students.
According to me it depends on the students. If you want to learn something you can learn it from anywhere no matter it is Devry or cal state. If i cannot pass courses in Devry and saying that it is a bad school, it does not make any sense.
What i want to say is think and then take a step, Devry requires a lot of studying and i agree it has professional environment to make you ready for your future and to meet your employee with confident not like i have come from traditional university so i am having academic environment spare me. My best wishes are with everyone.

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ConsumerDefend er

DeVry University 1

The only degree you can get at Devry is a BS degree for Bull Shit. They are top notch sales executives and very good at taking you money. The staff is clearly young. I hate to be negative but I just wasted my life savings and my financial aid which is devastating and I want to help someone else from making that same mistake. As for me I discovered how awful Devry was right away but I was determined to get my degree so after my first week I knew one thing, I should have trusted my gut. They make you take fake courses to get more money. The technology is very poor, it is less advanced than my community college was 12 years ago. The local community colleges were more challenging and better for adults hectic life. THIS SCHOOL IS NOT ADULT FRIENDLY. Yes is is 100% online but you have to log on three times a week and post twice on three different days to each of the two or three discussions, so the math is ridiculous, you have to make up to 15 discussion posts??? That is inane. No where in college is this much fake work acceptable. Basically if you spin your wheels and do all the fake work you can get an easy degree. Yes, you do get what you put in but in the end you will not get back as much money as you put in. Save your money and go to a real school, you will learn more and be more prepared for the workforce. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AND GO TO DEVRY. I can not emphasize that enough, please don't make this mistake, there are other options like UMUC, and other real colleges that have some 100% online majors. DEVRY IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN REAL SCHOOLS THAT ARE TAUGHT BY PHD professors that also teach at top notch schools. I am glad that I found out all of this right away and took action but I know some people are not as lucky. I've heard someone say that Real schools won't accept Devry's credits which mean you will loose out in the end or have to finish at Devry.

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DeVry University 1

I am currently a student at Devry's North Brunswick campus. Initially I was somewhat skeptical when I applied to the Keller School of Management. The admissions adviser, upon meeting and sitting down with her for my initial interview, was a bit pushy and would not let me finish my sentences, as she finished them for me telling what I would want to do (I HATED THAT!) To make a long story short, I did apply, only through the advice of a friend. Some other friends warned me though. One guy said that they will accept anyone off the street.

The entire admissions process raised some flags for me. First the person I did the interview with was supposed to walk me through the rest process but she was going on vacation the next day, so she asked if another adviser would help while she was away. I hope she doesn't ask him for any more favors because this guy wasn’t helpful at all! I had to track him down half the time and when I finally set up for an appointment with him at a specific time and date, I found out the he left early! Where is the professionalism??? Anyway some other guy helped me out with the rest of what I had to do and I was good to go. Well, maybe not so good.

As I went through my first two classes I noticed that they make a huge emphasis and making the curriculum a bit easy for you to pass. I have NEVER been in any class, other than a statistics class in college, where all of the exams in the class are open book or notes. All the tests are on-line? I questioned that. There were times where my professor would look at the lecture and ask "What is this? I don’t even know what they are talking about." Really?

Fast forward to my current classes. One of my professors said it best: "I can't see how you would learn anything in such a short amount of time (8 weeks). Just try to skim through the chapters and highlight the main points." You don't say? In my other class, which is all on-line, the professor details what you need to focus on for the exam and by the end of that week all I would have to do is look up the info in the book, have it by me when I take my exam and voila! I have passed all of them to date, lol.

Since Day one I have questioned the tactics, curriculum, and the overall experience at Devry. Here is one more thing that raised a flag: when I told my adviser that I wanted to change my concentration she kept asking me why and persuaded me into staying in the program I'm in now. I believe her position is commission based and had I changed my concentration she wouldn't have gotten paid for signing me up. That’s probably why the other guy really paid me no mind or was lackluster in helping me, because I wasn't a sale for him.

After reading COUNTLESS complaints on this site and other sites, and upon viewing the doc film from the PBS show FRONTLINE "College, Inc" I have decided not to continue pursuing ANY degree at this so called school. What school pumps so much money into advertising what they can offer, unless its a collegiate game? What school has stock that is traded in the stock market? What school calls themselves giving out MBAs when it isn’t even recognized by the AACSB? I'm appalled that schools like this, these "for-profit" schools, are still in existence. However with the recent regulations that will hopefully come into play this year, I'm sure that these money-grubbing, no-valued schools will get what's coming to them. I'm getting out while the coast is still clear for me!

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DeVry University 5

I have to put my two cents in. DeVry has it ups and downs like any other school, but DeVry is the first school that place me in the working world. When I go online to review career posts I notice that fortune 500 companies are looking for a degree along with experience. DeVry makes the effort to not only give you the credentials but to also provide you with career services for the experience. I went to a traditional college and dropped out because of the social environment, but at DeVry working while going to school is consider cool. I understand that the tuition is high but I rather have a high tuition with a career at the end of the tunnel then an low tuition with just the bill at the end of the tunnel. Students need to face it with this economy employers are not looking for the brand name but for the experience along with creds. People need to stop crying and start trying to get their foot in the door while they are "just students". Its experience, experience, experience that makes the great job candidate and not school name, school name, school name.

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DeVry University 2

My personal thoughts and suggestions on the matter education and Devry.

I attended Devry in the early 80's and thought is was a good School. But not Today,

Having lived life and having attended a real university on campus for many years I came to realize the disadvantages in making a for profit school your alma mater over a traditional college. Devry in this case. The following is what I wish someone would have council me with back in 1981.

Listen to me son . . who you need to be is a well rounded person, cultured, and simply get more out of learning and life itself, you need to attend a real college and stay on campus. You will make friends for life, forge an identity with the college, Know that you have an Authentic degree, graduating from a traditional college will enable you to feel at home and accepted among those with equal higher education. Studying in liberal arts will not only be very interesting but, will greatly increase your mental strength to think, making up for what you lacked to attain in public school. You will have a richer environment with members of the opposite sex, fertile ground for things like marriages to start. Typically, you have the freedom to choose/explore from a very large selection of courses to meet your fancy. In a traditional college everyone is more or less on the same page or chapter in life making it easy to connect to one another.

Now, if you want what I think to be the very best advice I can give you, seek out a place at a college that has at its core a strong sense of Christian morality, ethics, and such. A low rape index. In short a school where the students are civil and if you can find a loving/friendly environment your at the greatest advantage here. I personally like a school which has a moderate enrollment 1500/2000. This way people know one another. Not too small in membership cause then your facilities suffer and number of things to do usually lack. If you can find this school within a four hour driving distance from your home this is all the better. Since you might want to take a trip home on the weekend. A college close or in a sizable town with things to do, will also provide a place to retreat from for awhile. It also helps with finding part time employment.

None of these things were available to me at Devry.

But later on I experienced them and found them to be a much better academic experience. Hope this help someone.

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DeVry University 1

As other people have mentioned DeVry is first and foremost a business. As a publicly traded company they are bound to do what is in the best interest of their shareholders. Which include officers of the company. So that means that they will skimp if not downright be gut resources to students.

Instructors are by and large poorly compensated and therefore they attract poorly qualified instructors. There is a tremendous churn in the teaching ranks at Devry as many quit because of the poor pay and poor conditions.

To say something is bad one must compare it to something else.

In Devry's case we have to compare it to two other institutions. First other public and private educational institutions that are non-profit. First Tuitions at Devry is very expensive. Sixteen thousand for a full year. In State tuition at most universities run much less. Even private colleges charge less, far less than Devry. Devry will compare their tuition to other institutions but that includes everything. Tuition , room board etc. So Devry will attempt to make it sound like their costs are comparable. But in reality they are far higher.

Another comparison are community colleges. Here Devry's costs are even more out of line. Devry will cost anywhere from four to five times what a community college will cost. This is a true apples to apples comparison. Since most community colleges offer no room and board fees.

Devry's credits are rarely if ever transferable while those at your local community colleges are.

Most employers if they do hire Devry grads hire them for far lower positions than someone with a degree from either a community college or especially a university.

In short Devry is not worth it. Not for its cost or time and effort. Not when there are cheaper and better alternatives available to you

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DeVry University 1

Do I think Devry is a joke? Yes, I do. And I also think all of the idiots that attended Devry and are on these forums complaining about the staff and teachers really shouldn't be complaining about Devry. You are no better than Devry for attending. And also, you sound like a bunch of little scorned girls.

Devry is a business. They have no admissions standards. A three year old monkey named "lu lu" could probably get admitted if she could afford to pay for their over priced degrees. And I am pretty certain that if she participated she would pass with a 3.5 GPA. Devry's bottom line is making it rain "dollar dollar bills ya'll."

I also want to say how funny these people on this forum are that have decided to defend devry. Listen, I won't judge you. I got it. You paid 60 thousand dollars for a degree that isnt regionally accredited, you still live with your mom, and you work at the quick stop. There is no shame in that brother, at least you are working. I won't judge you for making 7 dollars and having a business degree from devry. One day you are going to make it to the big leagues! Do I sense an assistant management position at walmart(of the produce section). You will manage that produce like no other devry student has done so. And please, I don't need some response on this post where some guy tells me how he makes 100 thousand dollars a year with his degree in IT, the Devry commercials do a good enough job of feeding that crap to the general public. Just accept the fact that you got a bs degree.

Also, I don't think everyone on here who is posting good things about devry is admission reps. I think alot of them are scorned students who want to believe that their devry degree means something, and alot of them are stock holders. And there are actually companies that exist now for the sole purpose of clearing names online. Apartments use them alot. They hire these companies to find bad reviews online, and then the companies go into the forums and flood them with good comments. Just FYI......

And my last point is how I think we put too much emphasis on college education. I spent 6 years in the military as an Electronics Technician. Out of those 6 years I spent four years pursing a degree in accounting from our local state university. I graduated and couldn't find a job anywhere as a accountant because I didn't have the experience. Eventually I was able to get a job in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster making 34 thousand dollars a year because I had a business degree and it was entry level. It was hard to pay the bills, so I began looking for jobs in electronics. Make a long story short, I now have a job with the government making 60 thousand a year as an Electronics Technician. And all they wanted was experience. I guess my point being that you shouldn't rely on that piece of paper so much. Everyone has a degree now adays, experience trumps degree anyday of the week. And when you finally do break into whatever industry you decide to work in, become the best in it, specialize in it as much as possible. That is your best chance of being successful.

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DeVry University 4

Ok I go to Devry Manhattan so I must be having a different experience. Firstly most of my teachers teach not only at DeVry but other schools around the area, FIT, CUNY, NYU, New School, etc. Second the new Campus on 34th st is amazing, magnetic locking glass doors with key card entry, all Brand new Dell computers on all 9 floors, 52 inch plasmas in the lounges, downloadable books in the tuition, projectors in every classroom, the food is crappy on campus though.

DeVry does market to a certain demographic but that's just good business. The school functions so that you can go to work while going to school. Or in my case since i have the G.I. Bill have an internship while you go to school. DeVry builds on the knowledge of the field that your already in or planning on going into.

I personally am going for project management with a focus in marketing. I want to be a talent agent, yes the classes are kinda easy but then again I'm kinda smart. I know college isn't the magic pill, there are too many college graduates I see who don't have jobs cause they have no experience, from DeVry and from brick and motar schools. The point is if u attend Devry then it doesn't take up allot of time so get a intership or find a lower level job in the field you wanna work in.

Companies don't want just degrees there's tens of thousands of those every year they want experience and the degree, Devry gives you the time to either work in your field or put in more hours than any other intern. Average intern can do what maybe 16 to 20 hours in between class and homework, I can put in 40 hours easy and do my homework online at work and have classes once maybe twice a week. The process is easy, it's a bit expensive if your not G.I. Bill. Employers will love that i have experience and if employers think DeVry is that bad I'll go get some post Bachelor certifications from NYU.

In one summer I can go to NYU for a couple grand, get 3 post bachelor certifications, which is the same training fortune 500 companies send there executives to and make my resume look fancier. If you really doubt why experience is so much more valuable then just schooling alone let me ask you. Would you rather your surgeon had actually done the surgery before, or just learned how to do it in school, in between partying and drinking. No offense to brick and mortar graduates but when you get out you go into entry level cause you've never proven yourself outside the classroom in real life, I'll have almost three years of experience when I get out. Don't be just another college bum, to go school and get a job/ internship at the same time.

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Aim Jitvimol

DeVry University 3

I'm currently attending at Devry for HIT or Health Information Technology which I'm 9 classes away from finishing the program. I'm not quite sure if I should pursue it or change the school and major since I've heard a lot of negativity of Devry. Anyone who's any experienced with HIT professionals or attended or attending devry for that Degree, please share your thoughts...

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DeVry University 1

I attended DeVry at two seperate locations for almost a full year, and took both blended (online w/ classroom instruction) and pure online classes for a BS in Computer Engineering. I already have two degrees from two other schools, and have taken many classes both online and in residence at other colleges.

Overall, Devry proved itself to be unprofessional and under par in almost every respect. They enforce standards only as they pertain to their own policies, not to ensure quality education. The teachers I worked with were either under-qualified to teach, or they ignored students as they sped through material in an eight week course.
That being said, the classes are not especially hard or easy. The difficulty is in keeping up with absurd mandatory requirements, such as regurgitating math problem solutions multiple times on online discussion boards; or having 4 seperate methods of submitting homework for a single class.

The cirriculum is outdated in almost every course. When I looked for textbooks or course software, I was always forced to buy an outdated version for the class. In the computer and electronics fields this is unacceptable.

Devry has strict attendance policies, which means that even if you are completing all of the coursework and have an A; if you miss two classes for legitimate reasons, they will automatically drop you, no questions asked, and regardless of any communication or coordination with the professor. This happened to me twice.

The finance department is horrible in every way. I was getting GI Bill and Financial aid. First, the one and only local finance advisor would not return my calls or emails. Second, the online finance advisors could not even venture a guess as to when money would be applied to my account, and I was constantly getting automatic emails telling me to pay my bill. They were always slow in certifying my enrollment (as required by GI Bill), so I was always late in getting money credited to my account, causing many problems. I also dropped one class before the deadline and they refused to refund any money. I called the online finance office almost weekly to make sure they had all the paperwork and signatures they needed. I was told I was good, only to find out the next week that I was missing paperwork. This happened on 3 seperate occasions, and was only due to their incompetence.

Devry will bombard you with emails, including survey links, and if you let them follow up with you concerning your answers, they will call and argue with you about every criticism you have. This is because their organization as a whole is arrogant and has little regard for the student.

After I was dropped from my last class, literally after the last day of the term, and given an F instead of the A I had already earned, I dropped out of Devry and am currently attending classes at ITT Tech. So far I am very pleased with my decision, and would advise anyone against going to Devry.

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DeVry University 2

The only good thing about Devry are the teachers and not even all of them are good. We share the school with Chamberlain which is a nursing college and they seem to be taking over the school. Eventually the networking lab and half of the computer lab will be theirs. The electronics lab is being taken out for more admissions offices and the college itself seems to be going towards a more business oriented college.

Cons- seems to care more about students that arent there yet
- taking away space that was once reserved for electronic majors and networking majors
- classrooms are becoming over crowded

Pros- a few very knowledgable teachers

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DeVry University 1

Accreditation is the key to every school. DeVry is NOT regionally accredited. They are accredited by some sort of, "for profit" agency but not through the 6 regional accreditation agencies. That said..... STAY AWAY AT ALL COST. Your $ is best put to use elsewhere.

As for the people giving Devry 5 stars, either they're paid to do so or they're done by the executives and directors of DeVry. Yes, I do believe DeVry is more of a "corporated" school than a "academic" school. If you want true quality education, at the very least, attend a regionally accredited school. If I'm an hiring manager, I rather hire a 2.5 GPA from the top 200 universities in America than a 4.0 student from DeVry.

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DeVry University 1

I used to work for Devry as an admissions advisor. I even took a few classes at Keller for my MBA. I have seen what this school is like from both sides, as a student and employee. It is not a good school and i would highly recommend you go elsewhere. I quit my job at DeVry due to moral and ethical issues i faced on a daily basis. In admissions all that mattered was that you get the student to go to the school. Yes they had a code of conduct, but there were so many ways to get around it. DeVry is not a school; it is a corporation that is looking to please its stockholders, not its students.

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DeVry University 5

I am a DeVry student... and I love it. I love how flexable they are. I love that my teahers take the time to leave me comments on my work, and some even give us their home numbers in case we have a question. I have all of their e-mails, and they have all got back to me that day, or the next, when I have sent them one. I adore how fast paced my classes are as well.
I disagree with the negative posts. When I called about the school they got back to me via phone in only a couple days. They had me in classes in less than two months. I only pay $535 per credit hour, only $10 more than my local State school.

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DeVry University 5

I have been going to DeVry since July of 2007. I took a year off and am still going to be graduating next year with all of my friends who did the Cal State thing. I love DeVry and my experience there. I am 21 years old and am already making 56K a year. I put on my resume that I have a "Bachelor's Degree in Progress Expected Graduation Date: 2011" and I have landed several interviews. I haven't had any bad experiences so far and I am 3 years into it. Love it, love it love it. I would recomend it to anyone who just wants to "get in, get out and start making money!!!" :)

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DeVry University 1

Sadly DeVry should have stayed a Technical school. In that regard they were respected, and their graduates were respected. HOWEVER, when they launched into Bachelor and Masters Programs they became a joke, to the point where they are regularly made fun of on the Simpson’s and Family Guy. There are several employers and hiring managers, as well as recruiters (trust me I know) who will not grant DeVry graduates even an interview. Save your money and time and go to a reputable school with a Degree that's useful and respected, and less costly!!!!
What the people of this opinion are trying to do is help people who are thinking of going to DeVry or are early on in their programs there. This is their future, and their money. Again I promise you.....what I've said is true!!

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DeVry University 5

I make 6 figures a year thanks to Devry and a 3.8 GPA in BS-EET that i worked my A** off for. During my time I saw students that wasted money attending dervy and they complained all the time when they get poor grades, i guess you can find this kind of students from any school. But I loved it and I will recommend it to anyone. My only complain is that they should start offering a Full BS-EE program so you can transfer to another school for MS degree without having to take bridge courses.

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DeVry University 5

I have a DeVry BSEET (Phx) and a UoP MBA (Online). I earn a six figure base salary and have had successful careers in three challenging industries over more than fifteen years.

I find it interesting that many who complain about their DeVry education have a problem with basic written English.

Study harder, interview well, perform well for your employer and quit complaining about your lack of academic or industry performance.

Before DeVry I attended several traditional State and private colleges and universities both as a full time student and as a part time student running my own $1,000,000.00 per year business. All were good schools but none had what I would consider effective academic advisers, effective student support services or adequate course availability.

For profit accredited schools have two products. The education they sell to their students and students that they market to industry. The education has to be viable and the graduates have to be capable or these companies would not be high performers on the stock market.

Accredited for profit degree granting institutions are not for everyone. Both the curriculum and work load are rigorous. They work well for non traditional students as well as for more traditional students. My classmates included young parents, new high school graduates, retirees, young and middle aged adults and even an MD wanting a management degree in order to understand how to better manage her practice. Students who have children or work full time and do not have the time to navigate the often circuitous path to finding a major and getting needed classes at large and more traditional schools can often find DeVry to be a good place to complete their undergraduate and graduate educations.

These schools have their place in the education industry. Their business performance proves their viability.

Like the diaspora of any university some will be successful and some won't. Schools are not defined by their drop outs or their marginal graduates. They are defined by all of their graduates.

As with any investment, do your research and make an informed decision before you pick a school and declare a major. For profit degree granting institutions may not be the optimal choice for everyone but both DeVry and UoP have certainly provided me with marketable skills and access to several Fortune 500 employers.

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DeVry University 5

It's a great school. I graduated from Devry in 1990 in Electronics and did not have any problems finding a job. I'm currenlty working for a well known European company for over 6 years.

Just think about it , Devry used to be a Technical school and now is a University. It's also the parent organization for Ross University, Apollo College, Western Career College, Chamberlain College of Nursing

I have decided to go back to Devry to obtain my Bachelor degree in Techincal management.

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DeVryStudent20 10

DeVry University 2

My comments are based solely on my status as an adult returning student. If you are 18 and your parents are going to pay for your college, you aren't interested in the normal college experience, and you want to get out fast, go to DeVry or a like school.

I was at DeVry the first time, years ago, but just don't recognize the place anymore. Quality has suffered horribly over the years in my opinion....

What can I say, just not a good deal anymore...... go to a cheap Jr. College and plan well, then go to a state school and finish. They are all very likely to have far higher standards than at present day DeVry for far far far less money. A DeVry degree just doesn't carry the clout that its price tag says it should and in these days of cutbacks it might not make sense.

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DeVry University 1

Devry University is being investigated for fraud. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. Watch the Video encouraged_fraud_and_engaged_in_deceptive_practices

I sued and they tried to settle obviously because I uncovered their fraud. This school is a fraud and they have been exposed. There is a class action being started send your information to [email protected] make sure you have evidence of what you were told like emails. Go to to print them.

Here is a copy of the settlement documents. I chose not to sign and won my judgement and I am helping other students sue. I also have help from employees at the school that already gave signed statements to my attorneys. My attorneys are investigating claims from other students. There are so many!!!


This Settlement Agreement and Release (the “Agreement”) is entered into between DeVry University, Inc. (“DeVry”), and Plaintiff

Incorporation of Recitals. The recitals set forth in the Background section above are incorporated in the body of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein.

2. Monetary Consideration. Upon the later of (a) receipt of this Agreement signed by all parties and (b) notice that Plaintiff has dismissed the Complaint with prejudice, DeVry shall forgive the outstanding balance on Plaintiff's account with DeVry and shall not seek payment of the outstanding balance on this account from Plaintiff; provided that if Plaintiff ever re-enrolls at DeVry or another institution owned or operated by DeVry Inc., the balance on his account resulting from Plaintiff's attendance at DeVry at any time prior to his execution of this Agreement shall become immediately due and payable.

3. As an element of, and in order to induce DeVry to enter into, this settlement, Plaintiff and his heirs, representatives and assigns, do hereby absolutely and unconditionally forever release, discharge and acquit DeVry and its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, partners, members, stockholders, employees, agents, attorneys, successors and assigns, of and from any and all claims, demands, obligations, liabilities, indebtedness, breaches of contract, breaches of duty or any relationship, acts, omissions, misfeasance, malfeasance, cause or causes of action, debts, sums of money, accounts, compensation, contracts, controversies, promises, damages, costs, losses and expenses, of every type, kind, nature, description or character, and irrespective of how, why, or by reason of what facts, whether heretofore or now existing, of whatever kind or name, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, liquidated or unliquidated, arising from any time leading up to and including the date which this Agreement is signed by him; provided however, that Plaintiff does not release and expressly preserves the right to enforce his rights under this Agreement and to compel performance and satisfaction by DeVry of its obligations hereunder.

4. No Admission of Liability. The execution of this Agreement shall not be deemed or construed as an admission of liability by DeVry, and DeVry expressly denies liability of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to the subject of the Agreement.

5. Confidentiality; Public Statements. The parties agree that both the existence of the Agreement and the terms contained in this Agreement are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third parties, except that the parties may disclose the foregoing (a) to the extent required by legal process, court order, or applicable law, rule or regulation, (b) to their respective attorneys, accountants, auditors or financial advisors, and boards of directors, and to governmental bodies to the extent necessary to comply with any applicable tax or financial reporting laws, rules or regulations, and (c) in the event of a breach to allow the non-breaching party to enforce his, her, or its rights under the Agreement in the courts in the Chicago metropolitan area. In the event of any inquiries by any third party concerning the status or resolution of the Complaint, no information shall be disclosed other than that such matters have been “resolved.”

6. Non-Disparagement. Plaintiff agrees to refrain from any communications with third parties, written or oral, that could reasonably be considered to constitute disparagement of DeVry.

7. Non-Cooperation and Non-Solicitation. Plaintiff agrees that he will not assist any attorneys or their clients in the presentation or prosecution of any disputes, differences, grievances, claims, charges, or complaints by any third party against DeVry, unless compelled by lawful subpoena or court order. Plaintiff further agrees that he will not solicit or encourage any third party to present or prosecute any disputes, differences, grievances, claims, charges, or complaints against DeVry.

8. Understanding of the Parties. (a) This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supercedes all prior agreements, agreements in principle, and written or oral communications with respect to the resolution of the Complaint. (b) This Agreement may not be modified, amended or terminated, except by a written agreement which is signed by each of the parties hereto. (c) Each party represents and warrants (i) that he or it has had the opportunity to obtain independent advice from counsel of its choosing in negotiations for and the execution of the Agreement, (ii) that he or it has read the Agreement or have had the same read to them by his or its counsel, and (iii) that he or it is fully aware of its contents and legal effect.

9. Authority. Each person executing this Agreement represents and warrants that such person is lawfully authorized and empowered to execute the same as an individual or on behalf of the entity on whose behalf such person is signing, and that upon such execution this Agreement will be binding on such entity without any further approval, ratification, or other action.

10. Binding on Successors and Assigns. Neither this Agreement nor any interest hereunder may be assigned by any party without the prior written consent of all other parties to this Agreement. This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their respective successors, permitted assigns, heirs, and executors notwithstanding any reorganization, merger, or consolidation of any party hereto.

11. Severability. The parties agree that, if any term or provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, then the invalid or unenforceable term or provision shall be severed so as to make the Agreement enforceable to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law.

12. Further Assurances. The parties agree to execute any additional documents to do all other acts reasonably required to effect the intent and purposes of this Agreement. 13. Applicable Law. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, irrespective of its conflict of law rules.

14. Headings. The paragraph headings contained herein are for convenience only and are not intended to add or subtract from the text hereof.

15. No Third Party Beneficiaries. Nothing contained herein is intended to confer any rights on any person or entity other than the parties hereto. No third party beneficiary rights shall be conferred on any party by virtue of this Agreement or any term or provision hereof.

16. Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in more than one counterpart, each of which shall be deemed to be an original and all of which, taken together, shall constitute one agreement binding on all parties.

17. Court Jurisdiction. The parties agree that in the event of a breach of this Agreement, the party seeking enforcement shall be entitled to specific performance in a court in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois and the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of its costs and attorney fees in connection with such application. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois, to resolve any disputes arising from, or relating to, this Agreement.

18. Agreement as Evidence. Nothing in this Agreement shall prohibit a party from offering the Agreement as evidence in a legal, administrative, or quasi-judicial proceeding involving a claim released herein.

19. This Agreement shall be construed as a whole and not for or against any party.

20. Any notice desired or required to be given hereunder shall, unless otherwise specified, be sufficient if in writing and personally delivered or sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, as follows:

If to DeVry, to:

Laura Sitarski

DeVry Inc.

3005 Highland Parkway, 7th floor

Downers Grove, IL 60515-5799

or to such other address as the addressee may specify in a notice fully given to the sender as provided herein.




By: ____________________

Name: ____________________

Title: _____________________

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DeVry University 4

I have been attending DeVry since 2007 part-time on and off--but to be perfectly honest, I don't have any BAD to say about DeVry. I'm transferring to another school only because DeVry is TOO expensive. I'm just trying to get my first degree. I really don't want to pay 67K for it. I'm in my second year and by the time I finish, I will run out of financial aid before I graduate. I just recommend to anyone, to not spend so much money/getting some many loans for just a bachelor's degree--not worth it. DeVry has a great program but I just can't see myself having over 40K or more in student loan for just one degree..

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DeVry University 1

Don't waste your money. You can pay $50,000 for an Associates degree at Devry, or $5000 for a more respected Associates degree at your local community college. They are FOR PROFIT, which means, not FOR STUDENTS. This place is a complete joke. Your "admission advisor" is actually a sales person, and you signing up means they get to keep their job. It's sick and sad. Hopefully theyll lose their accreditation. DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL HERE!

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DeVry University 1

Don’t go to Devry. I am an actual graduate and will try my very best to keep everyone from going there. They are not a goog school at all. You won’t learn half as much as if you went to a state university. I had a Dean teach one of my classes and it was the worst experience of my life. He didn’t know s***. I graduated and never got a job. They claim that they have a 90% placement rate but it includes anyone that is working even if it’s not in their field. If you work at Mcdonalds you are part of the 90%. Hooray!! That’s what they don’t tell you. Biggest mistake of my life. My career services advisor never helped me either. She created a resume for me that was immediately changed when I went to a temp place. Never heard from her again even after sending several e-mails. Took all the money they could get and cut ties.
Actually, the only calls I get now are from Keller telling me I should enroll if I'm having trouble finding a job. I hate myself for going to this school. What is a person supposed to do when your duped by a corporation like this and owe so much money? Terrible practice and business.

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DeVry University 5

I've been to the University of Phonix, University of Maryland (Europe Division), Austin Peay State University and now I'm attending DeVry University.

So far my experience with DeVry has been the best compared to the other Universities I have attended. I'm taking classes online, the classes seem to be a bit challenging but that's what I expected. My administation advisor has been so helpful and so was my financial advisor. I have nothing but positive things to say. They have helped me each step of the way, I mean, when it comes to my classes it's on me to do good/bad.

I seen a couple bad ratings on here and I don't everyone to think that DeVry is a bad school. Personally, this is the best school that I've attended, I plan on graduating with my bachelor's degree in two years then my MBA in four years. I look foward to becoming an alumni of DeVry University.

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DeVry University 5

I so sick of these cry babies whining why they failed or why the administration is bad wahh wahh!! Please shut the F***** up and grow up. Its the person not the school thats dictates success. Yes I agree there are some bad teachers at devry, but there are bad teachers in every school. I have encountered the best and worst at devry and to me it just doesn't matter. If I get a bad teacher then All i do is adjust and move on. BAd teaches just make me work a little harder to learn. Do I make any excuses "OH I had a bad teacher and I failed." Maybe your just not cut out to be in a certain program. Theres nothing wrong with that just be truthful to yourself.

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DeVry University 4

I am very impressed with the quality of the education received at Devry University, but unfortunately their tuition for students is too high. I am active duty in the military so I am charged less than half of normal tuition so that I can go there. I am very impressed with my teachers. Many of my teachers have had doctorates and much experience in their field. My Health and Wellness class was taught by a medical doctor, my ethics class was taught by a practicing attorney and graduate from Notre Dame. The teachers are passionate about their teaching and I have learned priceless lessons. If anyone is considering going there, make sure you get an associates degree from community college first.

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DeVry University 5

Best school

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DeVry University 1

DeVry is a complete waste of money and time ! They might have had a decent reputation in the past like 10-15 years ago but now they hire anyone with a masters degree. They even hire company executives who have lost their own job positions and businesses due to poor performances but are now hired to teach core business courses at their schools. DeVry needs a complete overhaul starting from the top down to the staff that hires these losers.
There is definitely a lack of government regulation and intervention over businesses like DeVry who make themselves rich by collecting student's scholarships and grant money. It's no wonder they hire their own students as staff when they can't get a job elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and steer far away from this dishonest business. Trust me, You'll thank yourself in the end. And if you still decide to enroll at DeVry just ask each Professor when they update their own level of education but don't be surprised when they tell you they got their degree 10 to 20 yrs prior and that is sufficient enough to teach at DeVry.

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DeVry University 1

All ex-military do not waste you time or money at Devry. They may have professionals in the important classes but you still have to take all the core classes like English and humanities. I was tricked by all the fancy commercials about graduates hired by industry leaders. They say these core classes make you a well rounded student. But the fact is that most of the professors are realizing that this failed economy affects every sector even education, when they are asked to teach more for less hours.
This institution just recently instituted a standard operating procedure across the country, I had a problem with an unorganized English professor, who gave me a “D” on the first paper half way through the course but I am an “A” student. It started the first week of class when she was changing the grading syllabus and it was unpopulated. By the night of class it was all drawn out, for the first three weeks we were in high school again doing writing stuff, and having discussions about perspective, I questioned the professor how can you compare these two different writers in our test book? One a biologist professor and the other an author/radio talk show commentator; she was trying to force us to write like a used car sales man instead of support your position with facts. I asked around and found out she gave a public relations student who made “A’s” last quarter a “B”; and a programmer who received a “D” in her class last quarter. Fifty percent of our class is online in discussions, and it had an APA tutorial video over the discussion that week, I follower what the video said to do. But in the discussion the professor told me to do it her way, that week our first assignment was due so I sent it to the online tutor. I received it back and made the corrections and he did not ask me to do it the way the professor asked on the online discussion. So I arrived to class the night it was due and the professor skimmed it over and told me I had to resubmit it, I needed to accommodate her preferences. I spent that class revising what the online tutor said was good to go, to accommodate her preferences, I felt like I had to do it on the spot. The next week I received it and I was in dismay, I received a “D” on the assignment. Naturally I asked the professor what I did wrong and she just said it didn’t meet her standards, if I want help just come in during the day before evening class. I couldn’t let it go; I felt cheated; so I made to statements on the online discussion since she blew me off in class which lead to this email correspondence:
5/21/2010 11:41:40 PM

You wrote:

I would like to know what the Professor expects from me! It's obvious that the professor has high expectations; I would like to know what they are.
I would appreciate spending more time understanding what the professor wants since the final paper is 30% of the grade in this class and there is no making up for that.
Is there any standardization for this course, the same way there is for the new system that Devry has adopted? I'm confused because on the Week 3 APA discussion there was a link above the discussion. The APA link on the discussion said nothing about describing the sources just how to give credit, where credit is due. I sent my paper to the tutor but when I arrived to class I was told to introduce my sources. How can it be good for the tutor but not for the professor, are they not held to the same standards?
Isn’t that what the Devry commercial says, they have professors with real world experience, or is it just a big marketing scheme? I should have turned in what I had, but I was pressured by the professor to meet her expectations, in class the day it was due. I tried to show the professor the APA link in class but the professor ignored me.
I use facts to prove my point, there is no room for being touchy feely in the business world, and I am not a used car sales man. I want a fair opportunity to succeed, in a professional environment that is why I decided to attend Devry.
I do not appreciate being given the run around, I am the consumer of your services. I am not a high school student; I have ten years of real world experience like Intel Corporation, Motorola, Lucent Wireless, Gateway, and the US Navy. In the US Navy I learned politics; politics is what sent my job to Mexico, under such agreements as NAFTA. I have gone to college before, and I do not appreciate wasting time in class doing high school games. I aced the writing exam entering Devry; I am speaking for myself and others in your English Composition class.

Professor's Response:

Hi Student,

This is not the appropriate venue for discussing these problems. I am more than happy to help you understand the requirements for the class and paper.

As for real-world experience, that is detailed in my biography.

Please let me know your questions so that I can help you be successful. The email tutor answers editing questions. I am the one to ask for questions about style and organization.

You can give me a call any time or come see me in my office on Mondays 10-3, Wednesdays 10-2, Wednesdays, 5-6 or Thursdays 5-6.

Professor , Ph.D.

She deleted both responses and went to the Dean on Monday; I had seen the schedule for the next two quarters and saw that she was the instructor of the next few mandatory classes. I was contacted by the Dean and I disregarded his email and going to Devry, it was a waste of my time. The professors are condescending, unorganized, and have a double standard; you cannot standardize an education system then hide behind your title. As more people find themselves without a job they think they can market a lie to the public because of the program they have with the military.
I’m not student staff, or someone who sells an education to the public, I’m a real person just trying to survive. I just wanted to share my experience with you, you have been warned, as one size does not fit all. They cannot compete with real universities like MIT, Princeton, Harvard, or Stanford; they are just trying to get a piece of the pie!

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DeVry University 5

First off, I'm not going to tell you DeVry's perfect, but I'll tell you right now that anytime you have these forums, you mostly get negativity, so I am actually impressed that there are so many who take time to post something positive (can't remember the last time I posted a positive review till now).

That said, I think the main reason DeVry is doing so well and enrollment is at a record high is due to the fact that they fill a void that community colleges and traditional schools just don't fill. I'm not going to list everything, but speed to graduation, career services, online/onsite flexibility, experienced professors, and they've kept there "nose" clean in the midst of other unethical for-profit school scandals.

The school goes out of their way to be compliant with state and federal regulations. The problems I am noticing is that you may not always get a consistant Academic Advisor or experienced and knowledgable financial aid advisor. The professors come with experience which is nice since I graduated from a reputable traditional school and my professors were about the same if not less experienced than DeVry's (THIS IS WHAT YOU PAY FOR).

The problem isn't that the advisor's are commissioned, but that they have high standards for enrollment to keep their position and for future promotion. There's nothing "slimy" about that if you ask me though. That's a school that wants to maximize enrollment and if someone passes through the Math and English Placement exams, it's up to them to fail or succeed (those tests are standardized and why is it the school's fault if someone drops out).

The retention rate is also good considering that many students are online and take school about as serious as finishing a crossword puzzle. Even with high numbers of online students, DeVry beats out many traditional state schools in the retention category. And that's not to mention that of the students who graduate, more than 90% (active job seekers) are employed within 6 months of graduation. What other school boasts anything even close???

No, the problem is that the students who quit need to justify why DeVry failed them.

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DeVry University 4

I have been going to Devry, both online and on campus for 5 years. I know it sounds like forever, and at times I feel as if it has been forever, but I am taking one class at a time. Part of those 5 years I was in the military and only had the time for one class. I have since retired and still have time for only one class at a time as I have 3 kids and a full time job.

Having said all that, Devry isn't that bad. I had issues at the beginning with the finance people. I now understand it was my fault and their fault. They didn't explain very well the GI Bill "stuff" and I didn't know what to ask to get it explained. I have since ironed out the problems and things have gone quite well. The professors are more than a building full of academics; they have real world experience in business and various computer related industries. Every business prof. I have had except 2, have been in corporate America or have owned their own business. This was above and beyond their education. Real world experience is the best teacher.

I took a year off and when I tried to get back in I was told I could not enroll since I did not have a selective service card. Really? You mean this military ID won't work? Evidently 18 years in one branch of the military isn't enough to qualify as being selective OR being in the service. 12 days later and a letter from the selective service folks and I was ok to enroll. Not hard to solve just annoying. And it wasn't a school policy; it was a Board of Education policy. The school agreed with me. The dean did when I went and spoke to him, but they had to have the card.

Other than my initial troubles with finance and the selective service card, the rest of the staff have always been what I would expect, helpful and courteous. Nothing to make me say wow but, again, always helpful.

I enjoy being able to contact my professors whenever I can. I have attended other schools and spoke to friends who have attended or do attend other schools and frequently hear the professors are not available on a regular basis. Many of my campus Professors have given us their cell phone to call them during specific times if we need their help. My online Professors have been VERY good about getting back to me, usually within an hour or so. It seems as if they understand the online environment and go out of their way to ensure you understand.

I understand my experience may not be the same as every campus, but I can tell you that the Ft Washington, Pa campus is good. Most of the issues I hear about are centered about the military and the schools lack of knowledge regarding the military and the GI Bill, Vocational rehab, etc. But in the last few years they seem to have gotten better as I hear less grumblings from my military friends and other military students. The VA and military Tuition Assistance waters can be difficult to navigate as they don't make it easy so I don't blame the school for the most part. This applies to both campus AND online. The difference is, the online "campus" has military specialists that the military students deal with exclusively so they have it a bit better than campus students. This exclusivity means the online military staff has a much better knowledge about military tuition assistance, VA requirements, etc, than the campus staff.

Wherever you go, your education is yours. You get out what you put in. You earn an A and you earn an F so don't blame the school for your failure.

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DeVry University 3

I am investigating DeVry currently, as a transfer with about 55 credits. The reason I am considering this school is because there are no other schools in my area (Austin, Texas) that offer a degree with a major in technical writing. There are other courses I could take, but the classes do not seem to fit the bill for what I'm looking for. So, I found Devry. After talking with an admissions person, I can see how this school has it's roots in technical training. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

The reviews on this site are not exactly glowing, but they are mixed. I was hoping someone might have an opinion as to why the reviews are all over the board. Is it the type of degree program as well as location that makes such a huge difference? I have not noticed anything on here yet about Austin. Also, does anyone have any experience with trying to find a job with a DeVry degree? How do employers view this school?

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DeVry University 1

I am a current student and the ONLY reason I am still there is that it would be too much trouble to transfer my GI benefits and financial aid to another institution. The administration is weak and condescending. If you need a counselor, then I hope you get Jason since the other person is worthless! The instructors are a hit and miss. You may get someone who actually knows what they are teaching, but more often than not you will get someone who justs reads powerpoints. (this is for the on-site courses) If you take the courses on campus (Cincinnati) then you have to do all the online curriculum also, so you might as well save some drive time and gas and just take the courses online. The school forces you to get your textbooks via online delivery through MYSCRIBE, this may be okay if you can read from a computer screen for hours on end, but if not then I would check another school. You can purchase book separately, but you still pay for the online book and then you pay for the hard copy textbook. THERE IS NO CHOICE! Once they get you into their system, then you are just another dollar sign with a student number. Good Luck and go somewhere else, especially if you want to learn something. If you are just looking to get a piece of paper (degree) then go with the online, but don't waste your money or your time. JG

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DeVry University 1

Why does DeVry have the highest dropout rate among for profit schools? Are their teachers that bad? Or is it because their systems are terrible and shut down so frequently? And how come DeVry grads have the biggest challenges in getting hired? Do employers really recognize this school at all?

I know people who graduated from University of Phoeniz, loved the experience, got excellent training, and found work right after graduation. What is DeVry's problem? Sounds like it is DeVry specific and not the fault of the industry as a whole or the students who put their heart and soul into studying btw apparently went with the wrong school.

Sort of like trying to make a long distance trip by car with a vehicle that is a clunker. DESIRE, MOTIVATION and INTEREST btw wrong choice of tools.

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DeVry University 5

It's nice to see that there is a site online where all the dumb DeVry dropouts can come to blame the school for their inability to graduate! Thanks for giving me so much fodder for flames, losers!

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DeVry University 5

Okay, first important thing I must ask of you people who are actually complaining that DeVry University is a bad school, have you even ever entered into a class at a campus or did an online class and actually finished it? By finishing I mean actually putting effort and doing your work and actually GRADUATING from DeVry University? ha I bet more then half of the people talking bad about DeVry just stained their panties. Be for real, stop complaining most of your just like starting flame wars and seeing how far it can go, others are followers instead of leaders. I haven't started DeVry yet, my first class starts July 5 at the Orlando, Florida campus, Ohhhh!!! about DeVry not having a library....I sure enough seen one at the campus I'm going to so...ughhhh yeah you failed there buddy. I'm going to DeVry for BCIS (Business Computer Information System) if anyone on here is currently in CIS or done CIS at DeVry can you please get in contact with me and give me some few pointers, I would appreciate that alot. Please and Thank you

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DeVry University 1

Let us all stop and take a look at the opinions posted below on this blog about Devry University. If you notice, all of the comments (or most) that give Devry University a, "good" rating are students that are enrolled in the technical field. This may be why they are giving the school such a good rating. I do not see anyone giving it a good rating in the business degree program, I wonder why?

If you want to know the real scoop keep reading.

Devry University is a good school if you plan on getting a degree in computers. Although even if you are enrolled in computers most of you will have issues with administration and their accidental, "Attendence mistakes", The financial department, teachers who do not care and barely retaining any information from each class to progress in your chosen field.

If you are going to get a business degree I highly recommend choosing a different school and here is why.

Devry states that within 6 months 93 percent of their students will find a job with the help from their career services department and the career fairs which are held on campus. Here is what they do not tell you. If you go to those career fairs, 98% of them are directed towards students attaining a degree in computer programming, computer security and other CIS programs.

I remember my business class where I confronted my professor about putting student involvement in the curriculum as well as possibly taking us through scenarios to help improve learning. I explained the different learning types; one example would be visual learner, and that each of them should be addressed. I was then told, "What do you want me to do about it? It's not my job. I just teach here."

When I heard those words I had to remove myself from the situation, because I was going to stab that fucking professor in the throat with my notebook and where his head as a fucking pendant. How can you tell someone who is looking to better themselves by attaining a higher education degree that, "It's not my job, I just teach here." What the fuck is the definition of a teacher? Why in the hell are you teaching if you are not passionate about what you do?

Do yourself a favor and I mean a SERIOUS FAVOR, do not attend this school. If you decide to do so after reading this blog it is your own damn fault and just in case I do not get the chance to tell you......I told you so!

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ElectronicsGee k

DeVry University 3

I get into this debate with people all the time. Bottom line: the campus I attended has the same accreditation as Penn State University for the Engineering Technology curriculum. The masters program I'm working on now is one of the few to be certified by the Project Management Institute. They don't just hand these things out, and if they do, then blame the regulations too.

That being said, onto why I say it's just okay. I will back every professor I have had since 2005 (with a few exceptions mind you). My favorite professor through the undergrad program has a doctorate in Electrical Engineering and works at the patent office on top of being a full time professor at DeVry. Very rarely will you be taught, and have extended interactions with, a Doctorate of EE at a traditional school. The only sad thing about this professor is that he overqualified himself for a lot of work and is stuck teaching.

However, the administration (Again with a few exceptions), career services, recruiters, finance, and other supporting offices are run by chimps. The administrators never seemed to know what was going on, holed up in their offices.

Career services is an absolute joke. I don't know how they got those job placement figures, but it wasn't through the woman who suggested a posting on Craig's list to me.

The recruiters are outright liars and very "slimy" for lack of a better term. I got the feeling they would sell their own mother into slavery if it meant 5 students, who have no business in a college, would pay for a semester at DeVry. They will let anyone in, I should know, I tutored the people who couldn't add fractions. Sorry, but if you can't do arithmetic, you have no business in college. I feel bad for you, but your high school failed you. We have this notion that everyone should go to college? Well it's not true.

One of the only reasons I chose DeVry is because I got a full scholarship (yes they do those) and actually made money during my undergrad from Grants and Work Study. The finance people, in the three years I was there, never figured that out apparently because each semester, without fail, they put a hold on my account and started loans I never authorized to pay off my balance that didn't exist.

So if you can avoid the morons and stick to your studies, you'll learn. The professors are great and they will teach you and mentor you, and tutor you if you need it. Try finding that in a large university, private or otherwise. However, stay out of the support offices as much as you can. Find that one administrator who cares and latch onto them like I did. Oh and call a recruiter on their lies just once for me, see if they turn blue.

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DeVry University 3

I attended a normal community college and had to attend classes on their schedule. This meant that the follow up course to a network class was not available the following semester so I was forced to take what was available. Their academic advisers were not interested in getting me through the course work quickly or in any logical order. Also I was forced to take classes during the day which was near impossible since I was working full time during the day. I am almost done with my first two courses at DeVry and find the work to be easy. But the work at the community college was no more challenging. The professors I have now are just as qualified as the ones at the community college. I had a professor so out of touch at a community college that he fried our project computer by forcing the wrong memory chip in the main board and powering it up. We then had to use a spare PC for the rest of the term. So I believe you get out what you put in. If you feel the classes are too easy then transfer or put more effort into challenging yourself. Also with the profit issue I have seen repeated. Has anyone looked at universities such as USC, FSU, and such and realized how much money hey make off of their football programs and then pay their coaches millions of dollars a year. I believe the majority of universities are interested in making money and teaching students. The final issue with most complains is that I know many people with degrees and still are working retail because the did not make an effort to get themselves involved in the field they were going to school for. Just because a person with a degree doesn't find work it is not the fault of the school. you have knowledge now use it. Volunteer, find a position as n intern or take a lower level position and prove yourself. I have worked in IT for 5 years and am working on a B.S. in networking. The classes along with my experience will most likely get me a job before those of you who complain they can't find work wake up and realize you need to actually work to get noticed by employers. The cover letter and resume if written well will get you moved along in the hiring process and the school will be irrelevant.

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DevryInstructo r

DeVry University 2

I am a past instructor at DeVry University and let me validate for you why people on these boards tell you that their degree is worth very little to employers. Out of the 30+ students I had in each class, only 6-7 of them will earn A's and/or demonstrate themselves to be top performers. The vast majority of students cannot write and/or clearly do not care about their academics. I can remember back to my days teaching at reputable public colleges and these same students would be removed from classes and placed in remedial English courses until they could write at a college level. Not at DeVry. They say that students are our "customers." How warped is that thinking?!

I can only imagine how these same students interview for employment. When employers come across these individuals who cannot write (or probably speak) properly then DeVry as an institution gets branded. If you are one of those occasional "A" students who has the misfortune of following a DeVry underachiever's resume onto an HR desk, you can imagine why you do not get a call back.

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DeVry University 1

If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't attend DeVry.

I started in 2005 at their Alpharetta Campus north of Atlanta. The beginning classes are a joke. If you cannot get an "A" in these, it's because you don't have the mental faculties of a chimpanzee. I'm dead serious. To pass a class all you have to do is show up, post in the threaded discussions 3 times a week, and have a pulse.

I saw students pass English classes who could barely string together a basic 5 paragraph "paper" of the type they teach you in middle school. There is no way the majority of my fellow students could have passed a real college English class. Zip, zero. The quality of the "Work" I saw was pathetic.

Still, I persevered. Why? Because in my time there I found several professors who believed in me and who encouraged me to succeed. I also met up with several fellow students who were intelligent and in the same position as myself; stuck at DeVry. We all carried on and made it through our Accounting classes. That was sad. Over the course of my Accounting core I had 5 professors. Two, were actually professional and taught me useful course material. The other three shouldn't have been teaching at all. One professor would go off on tangents about the apocalypse and how we had better "change our survival plans". Another one, who taught Intermediate II, always showed up late to class, never reviewed our homework, "lost" our midterms, and was constantly taking calls during a night class.

There were three of us in this class who worked diligently with each other to teach ourselves what he wasn't. When we couldn't figure out a solution, or why the correct answer was correct, he would tell us to "read the book". No matter what, it was always our fault.

When I told him of our concern about learning, he said "I will take care of you". We complained to the Dean, and his response was "As long as you're getting A's, what do you care?"

That right there should have made me quite DeVry. Unfortunately, once you put in so much time and money, it's hard to quit. Graduation was so close I decided to see it through.

Before you graduate, you have to complete your "Senior Project". I assume this is the case because the majority of my fellow DeVry graduates wouldn't have been able to write an intelligible Senior Thesis if their lives depended on it. The whole project is set up like a High School Science Fair, complete with tri-fold boards and "judges". We were supposed to be "reviewed" by professors in our department and others and then graded. Would have been great, except no professors were interested in actually working. They showed up for the "freebies" we were instructed to hand out (food, water bottles, t-shirts, etc) for our projects.

It was a total joke. I knew then that my time, and money, at DeVry had been completely wasted. I've never felt so dejected in my life.

Now, even with accounting experience under my belt, I'm having no luck finding employment anywhere. Career Services is a joke, as the best my counselor could tell me was to "Apply with a temp agency".

Save yourself the money and the heartache and go somewhere, anywhere else. Go to a public institution of any reputation and you'll be light-years ahead of any DeVry graduate.

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DeVry University 5

I am working on getting into DeVry now. For those people that want to tell you they let any idiot in, take a look at your own, how should I say, "smarts." I took the assessment exams and before I did I asked for some refresher help with the math. I didnt take it as serious as I should have and my AA let me know that. Luckly she set me up with a retake on the math, and thanks to her I relearned Algebra in a week.
I know its easy to point fingers and say DeVry lets any idiot in, and based on other similar complaints, they lie about job placement, but in the end it's about the students own self responsibility. If you're an idiot, then learn something. If DeVry doesnt get you a job, then get it for yourself you lazy, self centered, egotistical, waste of a great education.
Their job is to give you the education you pay for. Its not to make sure you're smart enough to follow your dreams, or to hold your hand and find you a job. My only question to those nay-sayers is, "If somebody is so stupid, why would you bash them for trying to get an education, or the people trying to give them an education?"

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DeVry University 1

Problems with DeVry start from the minute they get your information. You will be inundated with as many as 8 calls per day on both your regular phone and cell phones. Sometimes you will get 2-3 calls within minutes. You will be paged and receive text messages. And then you will be spammed in your email.

They will give you this great sales pitch on how they are not an "open university" which is a pure lie. All you need is either a high school diploma or a GED and the application fee and they will at least take your application. And DeVry will take an application and your $50 application fee from anyone they get on the phone who says YES!

You will go through an interview which usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and half this is supposedly to design the right program for you. In sales, this is called "neutralizing" the prospect and DeVry's used car salesmen know this very well. The fact is the AA's already know even before they call you what program they want you to enroll in. The whole interview is just a smokescreen.

And there are wild claims such as "DeVry has a 92%-97% job placement rate" which of course is total crap. Even in their ads, whenever placement is mentioned it is followed by an asterisk. Read the small print.

The AA's tell people that on average students find work within 6 months of graduation with starting salaries of $45,000 and up. Again, total crap.


When you get a call from one of these AA's you may think that they are professional advisors calling you from a nice office. You expect them to be knowledgeable and place you in the right progams. Guess again! Let me describe the picture for you.

They are sitting in cubicles with about 75-150 other AA's with a manager or one of their other buddies ready to jump in and help them if they can't close you and get the application fee. If you have ever bought a car, you know the scenario. You want to wait and the salesman says he will be right back and of course he brings Mr. Big with him.

They will tell you that they get paid on salary and there is no commission for enrolling you which is partly true. What really happens is they start off on a base salary with incentives to be bumped up based on enrollments. It has been reported that some of these AA's get bumped from $28,000 to $85,000 within a year based on student enrollments. The government is looking into right now and some schools like University of Phoenix and others are under investigation by the SEC. No wonder they try so hard to get you to enroll in their school! The more people they enroll, the bigger their paycheck. Of course, whether or not you find work or even if you are truly qualified to attend school, is not their concern.

Another issue is the followup. Once they get your app fee and you are set up and complete testing, you can't get a hold of these people. And when you call in, you get the runaround. It's like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Sometimes the left h and doesn't even know what the left hand is doing. It is very frustrating.

Back to the Admissions Advisors, Enrollment Counselors or whatever name they go by, these people come from dubious sales background like selling time share, vacation packages, pennystocks, telemarketing, network marketing, used car sales and so on. Truth and integrity and not a part of their package. Just close, close, close and hold on to their J-O-B.

I am all for education. However, I suggest that anyone who truly wants a quality education, skip over DeVry and other similiar schools. Go to a local community college. You will pay about 1/3 less and have far less headaches. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with checking DeVry out, just don't fall for the hype by some self serving salesman who's title is Admissions Advisor.

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