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The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling, and with an enrollment of over 400K ...
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Added on 09/11/2009
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University of Phoenix Online 2

I worked at UOP for over 2 years. I took advantage of the tuition assistance and earned my MBA. The MBA program was time consuming but not challenging. The work environment at UOP is dysfunctional and the management is incompetent. That translated into disrespect towards the employees. The attrition rate is very high. Over a year ago following awful press releases, UOP transitioned from a sales environment to a customer service business model. No one talks about number of enrollments but there is still an underlying force to produce. To make matters worse the quarterly earnings reports for the past year have been dismal. Sometimes I hear comments about my degree not being accepted or recognized. I'm not sure if the rumors are true but it's very pervasive. The comments are usually about not taking the GRE or GMAT to be accepted and other times it's about the business accreditation. UOP is not a research university; it's a learning institution. UOP may have more MBA students enrolled than any other university and the numbers aren't even close but it doesn't mean it's a best school.

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University of Phoenix Online 3

Can any one give some information about UOP?

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University of Phoenix Online 4

I attended and completed my BSN at UOP. It is all on line and demands that the student is on top of more of the many aspects of their education. You have to have a lot of decepline to go to class and get the work done. I have degrees from conventional "brick and morter" universities and have to agree with some here that they do help a lot more with the finance questions and concerns, but if you pay attention and follow the instructions UOP does work, and is not that difficult. Also, you have to take responsability for yourself.

One of the great aspects on attending UOP on line is the freedom to sit at home, on the beach or anywhere in the world you can get on line and attend classes. Also, I was able to attend classes with students from all over the US and the sharing of Ideas and experiences from all of us made the "class room" experience much more rewarding. It expaded all our knowledge beyond the classwork that is provided when student are all in the same geographical location.

To address the finanancial issues some have raised here, again, be responsable for yourself. Make noise when it is necessary, and make sure everything is in place before you start any classes. UOP is a 'for profit' orginization and doesn't hide this and they have the right to make a profit. I agree some of the financial counsillors there are not the sharpest tool in the shed. You can always ask for a different one if you are not satisfied with who is assigned to you.

As to unnecessary classes. Why start a class that is not on the list of classes needed for your degree? PAY ATTENTION and take responsability for your own education. Ask questions and get clarification when you need it.

UOP is a lot like life, you can choose to follow blindly, or wake up and take your life in your own hands. No one in real life is going to hand you anything, go and get it for yourself.

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University of Phoenix Online 5

First off this is actually my 4th school that I have attended so far, and I will say by far it has been the most challenging.

For all of you saying you do not learn anything then that is because you chose to not read or learn. Is there a way to cheat? Well yes there is, but you can cheat at any school!

I am paying for my classes and I actually read my books, and I have learned way more than I have at any of my previous traditional schools including a Division 1 school.

You need to be smart in what you are going to online school for. This means why would you go to an online school for nursing or criminal justice when you need hands on training?? Use common sense when looking for a specific degree.

For anyone that says you cannot not get a high paying job from this school; well that just cracks me up. A family member of mine has had their Masters from U of P online now for 8 years. Oh and she is Vice President of a major Hospital in Minneapolis making well over six figures.

She knows how hard it is to get a degree there while working full time, oh and by the way that is what this school is designed for. People with a full time career or with children at home, and that means not for kids right out of high school.

Seriously I have graduated from this school with no down side what so-ever. I never had a problem with any section including the financial department that I have not had with any other school. My advisors were all awesome!

Do not go to online school for a program such as nursing, and I think that is common sense folks!
I got my degree in Business management and it has really helped me in my career.

Anyone that doubts that you can get a degree with this degree send me a message and I will gladly put you in contact with a few folks that make a high six figures income with a degree from U of P.

Oh by the way I have a friend who graduated with a degree from the University of Michigan ( one of the best schools in the nation by the way ) and she cannot find a job either. Hmmmm I think it's the economy and not what school you go to.

I hope you find this helpful, and let me know if you have any real questions.
Thanks : )

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University of Phoenix Online 1

Well it depends on what part of UOP you are rating... I give the schooling part great reviews. It is fun with lots of interaction from the teacher and students. But the part of Financial AID Department gets a negative star.... I have had THE most issues than I have ever had at any school I have EVER attended. I get "randomly" chosen every time to submit verification of my taxes Which costs me six bucks every time (6 bucks isnt a lot but when you already don't have anything it is more than you can afford)... And that id IF they get it the first time you fax it... Then they ask you to fill out something for a different type of verification, you do, then about a week or two later, you get a call and have to do it AGAIN.... They need to get thier stuff together, this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are trying to say that I own a business/farm and want to know what my property investment value is... WHAT... if I had enough money to invest in property I would not have to get student loans, MORAN!!!!!!!!! If I had it ALL to do OVER again, I would NOT go to UOP..... It has caused MORE headache than its worth!!! If you are thinking about going to UOP, classes are super easy, you may not learn anything and the Financial office SUCKS! Hope this review helps you to make the right decision.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

This isn't a REAL school. This is a "give me your money and you will graduate" school. I would never, ever hire someone from UOP, ITT Tech, etc. It's suuuchhh a joke.

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University of Phoenix Online 4

I have heard all the good and bad about the University of Phoenix. I will say first I went to a traditional local collage and had the worst experience. So I tried to transfer to another college only to find out that most of the credits I earned were worthless. I started going to the UOP in 2008. In 2009 I wanted to see if I could transfer to the same college I tried to transfer to before and low and behold they were willing to take all my credits. Of course I did not transfer I went on to earn my Associates degree and I have 5 classes until my Bachelor’s degree is completed. I plan on going to UOP for my masters. UOP has been wonderful. Yes there are small snags here and there but I am on top of them and I don’t start any classes until I am straight on financial obligations and grant coverage and I have never failed to start a class on time. I have advanced in my career because of my education at UOP and I have plenty of time with my family. I recently went on vacation and the great part was I did not have to take a leave from school just pack up the computer and I was on my way. Before I could not take vacation and I was away from my family 12 hours a day with work and school. Has UOP ever lied to me? ... I can’t say they have. I knew the cost of each class and knew how it would be paid for. Is the University of Phoenix money hungry? People have to realize the UOP is a for profit organization. If I wanted to go to a very good university near me it would cost $29,903 a year and for 4 years would be $119,612. Now this is for a state University. I will graduate from UOP paying less than $50,000. You tell me. Like any business they got to make sure they get paid. So I have saved money, I have better my relationship with my family, I have advanced in my career, I am able to take vacation and not miss time away from school and will graduate in the four years of a traditional college. UOP is what you make of it. Do the research; make an informed decision and work heard. Well let me get back to finishing this research paper after all I am on vacation in Jamaica for the week let’s see your traditional schools top that.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

Hey moore2mm; My best suggestion would be when you have to repay the student loans you have, if any, you should use 'false certification' as the reason for withdrawal. It sounds to me as though you have been lied to as well. The admissions people only want your bucks and believe me they will not slack when it comes to getting their money or getting you enrolled. Even if it means lying to you.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

As a brand new mother, I realized that being a dental assistant would not cut it anymore. I had long been interested in Nursing, and began my search online of potential nursing programs. One of the websites I happened to visit was University of Phoenix. I can honestly say that this was the biggest mistake of my entire life.
They told me that I could get a nursing degree online (lie #1) and then told me that since I was a single parent my grants and loans would cover the cost of the education (lie #2).
I was enrolled in 6 english courses. Previous college education had fulfilled ALL english requirements, yet I guess that UOP decided for me that I would like to major in English.
I also kept getting billed horrific amounts of money each quarter, including fees for books, which I NEVER received.
Each time I got a bill in the mail, I would call the financial services office, and each time, they would tell me that I needed to fax them my W2. By the end, I had faxed my W2 26 times.
Finally getting another bill, and phone calls once a week, I called financial services once again, spoke to the manager, told him that I would be withdrawing from the university, and he then told me "oops, this has been sitting on my desk for weeks, it should have been approved months ago, I guess I just forgot."
Ever since then I have been getting calls twice a week, letters every week, and finally with a total of $4500 for 3 quarters of useless English classes, now am forced to pay them back. I would rather donate the money to ANY other cause besides this criminal scam.
I now have a college degree in Nursing from a REAL university, and all those english courses that cost me almost five thousand dollars.... 0 credits transfered toward my degree.
I am doing my best to spread the word to discourage ANY person from EVER enrolling. I have so far been successful with 21 people....and counting.
The worst part of the entire experience, was realizing how stupid I was to ever enroll in the first place.
I was also forced to give a single star... my actual rating would have been 0/5!

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stopscammingve ts

University of Phoenix Online 1

SCAM!! This school is the equivilent of a PAYDAYLOAN UNIVERSITY!!!!The financial process is criminal, i was expecting and awarded $15,000.00 in student loans n pell grants. I also have the POST 911 G.I. Bill. When i kept calling about the money process, they said they were working on it.. I called and talked to the U.S. Dept of education, they gave me a totally different story. Then i called phenix back. they said i had to sign a RELEASE OF FUNDS DOCUMENT!!What the hell do i need that document for? its my money!!! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! by the way I got an A- in their GEN 200 class which is required by every student. THIS SCHOOL SCAMS U.S. VETERANS!! LOOK AT THE LIST FOR A MILITARY FRIENDLY SCHOOL AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THE SCHOOL!! SOMEBODYS DOING BACK DOOR SUITCASE FULL OF MONEY DEALS SOMEWHERE!! the school just wants money in their chest!! this school is PAYDAY LOAN UNIVERSITY WITHOUT GIVING YOU ANY MONEY!!SCAM ALERT 100%....

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University of Phoenix Online 4

Really Its Really very Good University..!
Actually My One Friend Have Now Taking The Advantage Of That University Therefore I Am telling You.
He Always Used To Appreciate That University In Front Of me...!!

Really Good University,He Also Has A Website From Where He Write Everything About That University,Here's The Link
Phoenix University

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University of Phoenix Online 4

I received my Associate's in Dec 2006. I returned last year to work towards my Bachelor's of Science in Accounting last year. I have worked for a major corporation for over 20 years. My boss was not a fan of online, UOP in particular, as were quite a few employees. Our company then changed their tuition policy and reduced the number of accredited classes that they would pay for and consider the company's 'preferred' schools. I was pretty upset because many employees were using UOP as an example of companies being removed from the list. Well, low and behold, UOP made the 1st cut! These same people attended some local brick and mortar universities that did not make the list! Turns out that the buzz around the company on UOP was not the same as our department. Executives said that they have a lot of respect for an online education because it provides employees the option to choose their style of learning.

I have coworkers who attend UOP, other online colleges, and traditional universities. We all complain and we all work hard. Depending on the school depends on the type of discipline that is required. I know people who have advanced into high-level jobs at our company with a UOP degree. The first couple years are just like any other college (which I began at a local college). Learning teams are a struggle. But to be honest with you, it's no different than what you'll experience in the working world. Not everyone will pull their weight and those same people may be a higher rank than you are. Life's not always fair.

Obtaining a degree from anywhere is a gamble. I think a lot of that lies in what you major in and how well you apply yourself. Online requires discipline and organizational skills. I've never had any problems with my counselors at all and I've been at UOP for 3-1/2 years total. A lot of the stress is that these are accelerated classes. You are trying to fit 3 credit hours into 5 weeks. But honestly speaking, any college that offers adult learning is the same way.

If you want flexibility in your schedule and do not want to sit in a classroom for 4 hours after working 8 hours that day already, online is the way to go.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

This school is the biggest joke ever! I have never been put through such a disservice in my entire life. My financial aid was still pending ( unknown what I qualified for still) while preparing for my FINALS. They had me send the same document to them 17 times. Each time I submitted this document to them for FA, they kicked it back with no explanation, no help filling it out, no help with what went wrong, no calls, no emails, no nothing, but a processing note that said "redo".


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University of Phoenix Online 3

Where should I start? I will try to make this review an honest account of my experience with the UOP.

I have been at the University of Phoenix for about 4+ years. I know what you are thinking 4+ years? Well I take a week break minimum in between classes. Unlike brick and mortar colleges we do not get summer fall and winter and spring breaks. We go all year round, and I get burned out really easy. Now technically if you add all my time actually in a class then I am about 3 years in, and I have 1 left before I complete my BSIT.

My experiences at UOP are like any other I have had in my life. I have good stories, and bad stories to tell. The first thing I can tell you is the UOP is not easy. You have to be disciplined to get through the course work. It is difficult. I would even say in some instances it is more difficult than the course work I have had to do at a traditional university. It takes a different kind of discipline in order to attend both types of universities. I would even go as far as saying that my experiences in a traditional university enabled me to be so successful at the UOP. Most of the UOP students are troubled adults who missed the opportunity to go to school for what ever reason when they were younger.

In my case I was a party guy when I attended college right after high school. By my account there are a lot of people who start the UOP clueless, and are probably not ready to be in a collegiate environment, and some people are just flat out good old fashion stupid. In comparison I found these same type of people at a traditional university. Im sure you have heard the stories about football players that can even read acing their way through college. Right? In either situation both types of schools have their fair share of idiots.

Education at the UOP is what you make of it. Literally their are no teachers to guide you through the specifics. Try taking a computer programming course by yourself with nothing but an E-book. I doubt many of the people who actually take the time to read this post in it's entirety can. I have a friend who is a senior at the local state university in my area, and he has absolutely no idea of what the requirements of someone in his degree field are.

In comparison I learned what the requirements for employment consideration are for my degree field in Axia of UOP in my first year of attendance. I figured that this was a common knowledge for all freshmen college students. Apparently not, I promptly informed him to go to Monster dot com and look up the position he was interested in and cross reference the requirements against the same position for other companies. He was amazed by this technique. I know it sounds harsh, but sometimes I think he is a little special; good guy, but I think he is a little slow. Yet he has made it thorough the traditional university here, and if he earned it he deserves it.

The UOP is money hungry. They will shark you unsuspecting students and try to bleed you dry. I feel they are wrong for this. Once they get you it is better just to see it through than give up, because either way the UOP wins. They win if you quit they win if you graduate. Ultimately either way they will get your money if you enroll. Heck even me being on the verge of graduation this coming year they did not tell me that my upper division credits would fall short of the requirement for graduation. 3+ years and they just decided to tell me. Will I cry and give up? No!

Cheating does occur in the UOP, but cheating occurs in a traditional college. More often than not the same guys are writing the papers for both types of students. The UOP also databases and uses a plagiarism checker to ensure that students are maintaining academic integrity. In this respect both types of universities are equal.

It takes a special type of person to sit down at a computer every night and do home work. If you are not properly motivated you will not be successful at the UOP. Anybody can not do it. I know students who barely make it through the 1 or 2 online classes they take for their traditional community college. They tell me "I don't know how you do it". Screaming baby, nagging wife, work all day and then fire up the laptop to write a 1500 word essay on the use of relational database technologies in a corporate business environment. Trust me I wish I could go to a traditional college and have keggers and play beer pong every night. Unfortunately I have responsibilities.

Facilitators can be difficult to reach, but like I said previously no one is going to hold your hand. Once you pass your first 2 or 3 sets of classes you are on your own. Facilitators are available in class discussion always, and they always answer your individual forum via threaded response. Calling on the phone during business hours is the best way to get 1 on 1 assistance, but they are not going to walk you through your home work. That is not thier job. This is not high school. No college professor would do that out side of tutoring. For the most part all of the faciltators have a carreer in the field for the class that they moderate.

Teacher quality? LOL brace yourself this is a funny story. One of my facilitators was Anthony Bruno for a networking and telecommunications class. By the end of the class I find out that Anthony Bruno the facilitator wrote the CCNA guide (Certified Cisco Network Admin ). Who else better to teach a networking class? Everybody who studies for this certification test has to use this guide, and I have had the privilege to being in his class. If UOP teachers are a joke maybe I missed the punchline. That like learning to play basketball from Mike Jordan, or throw a football by Peyton Manning.

More on Anthony Bruno: 36675-e4d0-4aba-ba21-90153791c1a1

Axia which is like the preparatory college for the UOP is probably one of the most difficult achievements I have accomplished in my life. My personal opinion is they start you off with the hard stuff (Axia) and as you get used to what is expected of you things become easier at the UOP. You into a routine, and you start to feel more comfortable with learning this way by the time you are at the actual UOP.

Essentially I came from a poverty stricken environment and I now possess an extensive amount of professional knowlege about computer networking environments. I also understand the concept of top down modular programming. I have learned how to type; nothing worse than trying to communicate online and not knowing how to touch type. I was forced to learn touch typing in my first Java programming class. Java has a strong typed syntax and I would sit at the computer for hours trying to chicken peck out a simple while loop. In my situation typing was a necessity. I also understand the OSI model, and how data packets are packaged and shipped across the internet. I build and repair my own computer systems. I also possess an understanding of how to design and publish web pages on the internet.

I won't go into every little thing that I have learned at the UOP, but I am a much more skilled IT candidate than I was prior to enrolling. I only knew how to turn a computer on when I started. My technical writing skill are very good, and if you haven't noticed I can type endlessly. LOL.

I will begin to conclude by saying yes I have learned a lot of information by attending the UOP. Attendance is only recomended for those who are really ready to make the commitment of completing school. It is very demanding, and it will take a lot out of you. Attendance is very expensive, so be sure this is what you want to do. Expect lots of homework, lots of typing, and lots of stress.

Many people who do not understand online education tend to automatically hate it. However, times are changing. Kids are required to have school issued Ipads in my district. By the time my kid is a tween online education will be the standard, and traditionals will be looked down upon. I know it is hard for people who are stuck in their ways to accept this type of change, but this is just the nature of our technologically dependent society. Our dependence on tech is why I chose IT as a career field. Just like Netflix is killing Block Buster online institutions will eventually put traditional schools out of business unless they adapt to this change.

In any respect be careful. The UOP will teach you, but if you let them they will chew you up and spit you out. If you are going to attend at least earn the education you pay for. I say earn, because they will not give you anything. They make double off you failing a class here and there. I have seen people fail, and it is not fun having to pay those hefty course fees twice. Make the most of your experience, and Good Luck!

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University of Phoenix Online 1

I took the online MBA classes from University of Phoenix and the experience was horrendous.
First: I took an exam of 30 questions and the school or computer graded me for forty questions, dropping my score by 10 to 15%. This error was reported but never corrected, while the University stated that they have to convene with the board to correct the error. Never done.
Second: Getting in touch with facilitators (no name) became impossible. After leaving a few messages on their answering system, the facilitator took more than a week to contact me making the challenge and experience impossible. Talking about frustration.

Though, the experience with the online system marvelous, it is quite ridiculous listening to the University say that taking classes online is for working individuals. There was no time to spend with families...I guess that was probably an error on their behalf.

Questioning Phoenix about the hardship endured is like questioning my father. The adviser will tell you that you are taking your masters classes...well, why would they say that online is for working and family people?

Facilitator are winches with no morals or character and hard to reach out.
One thing for sure, my academic adviser was wonderful. I can truly say she tried to help in many ways.

I give The University of Phoenix a terrible rating.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

this school is a money scam i repeat a money scam...i applied to university of phoenix onlline and soon after i had started my classes i did not enjoy the online schooling process. I myself would prefer hands on teaching. But as a result of telling my advisors this after a week I was told my classes had been dropped. a month later my counsler called and asked if i would like to sign up for more classes i replied no thanks and 2 weeks later i got a notice in the mail stateing i now owed $765. I was very upset so i called the school and tried asking why i was being charged this amount and i was told by 2 different staff members that they no longer will talk with me about or explain the matter of why i have been charged. I found this very rude that i could no get an explanation of why i was being charged. They told me to call collections they dont have to explain anything to me. I called collections to soon find out that the school were the only ones who could tell me why i was being charged.. I say to all DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SCHOOL IT IS A MAJOR SCAM TO GET MONEY AND YOU HONESTLY WILL LEARN NOTHING

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University of Phoenix Online 5

I have been at UOP online for almost 2 years, I only have 4 classes left. I am thinking of going on to the BACH courses. I have always had contact with my advisiors and teachers. The teachers give you their numbers and 2 email addresses to contact them. They have a strict code of ethics and all the work is checked for plagarism. I have had teachers that were like drill sargents and others who took a kinder approach to teaching.
Online learning is not as easy as it may sound. I realize many of the negative comments here may be valid to some degree. However, my experience has been fantastic.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

I have a 3.65 GPA without ever cracking a book. I have been going for two years and will graduate after one more course. I have over 200 credits, and the school did'nt accept half of them because they wanted to make money. My financial advisor had no idea how to do anything an was always three months late in filing my financial aid documents so I could never order my transcripts. My academic advisor never returned my calls, and never signed me up for course. I had to enroll in classes through my financial advisor. My academic advisor could never answer my questions, and did'nt even know if my program was accredited.
The learning teams are horrible and you end up doing all the work and everyone else gets the grade. But, then again the work is not hard, and I never read any book throughout the entire program. I learned absolutely nothing in two years because most of the courses are just the instructor asking you about your personal experiences.

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James Sage

University of Phoenix Online 1

1 stars

For all of you people looking to get into the field of Criminal Justice, listen up. I’ve worked in the field of CJ for 22 years and I’ve been assigned all over. If you want to get a job in the field of CJ, then pull your head out of your ass and go to a traditional school with a reputation of offering CJ programs. In my Department, all sorts of traditional degreed individuals come in seeking employment in the field of CJ and the ones with the UoP degree’s get laughed at behind the doors. There’s no way an individual who graduated from UoP would ever be my partner or anyone else’s! A traditional school in CJ will offer the best instructors who’ve worked in the field of CJ as well as have the academia to back it up…I know this for a fact as I’ve taught at a major university as well as was a candidate for UoP to teach. If you don’t believe me, go to ANY law enforcement agency and find out for yourself. Oh, and those who rank UoP high are those who are either currently enrolled or have graduated from UoP.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

This is coming from an individual who never went to UoP.

I was sitting at a desk waiting for a career specialist to come back to talk to me, and I overheard this women at the desk next to mine. She was telling the career specialist that she had an MBA from UoP and that she had been looking everywhere for a job, but no one would accept her degree calling it worthless. She is 80,000 in the hole and she was crying, pleading with the specialist to help her. I will never go to a school like this when one of their graduates is sitting in a California career one stop center crying asking for help. I do not know her full story, but that was enough to scare me away from attending UoP.

I just wanted to share my information with anyone considering attending UoP.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

If you are considering attending this school, you should know their administration departments are horribly run. If you need to get in touch with your financial or academic adviser, you will have a difficult time reaching them. They will not return your phone calls or your emails. I highly recommend getting the name of the department heads because you will need it in order to conduct any communication with them. They will mess up your curriculum and financial aid and you'll be required to contact them to get several problems resolve. Customer service does not exist here.

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chicago8figure s

University of Phoenix Online 1

A friend of mine attended UOP online and received a bachelors degree in business. I told her that she should open her own business and that I would help her get it running (I own a very successful company for 19 years and counting). Her response was "I don't know how to open a business". I am very disappointed in those words. Funny thing is that people come here from other countries and can barley speak a word of English, but manage to open businesses with barley any schooling. It's not hard to open one. The hardest part is keeping it running.

After hearing those words come from her mouth, I will NEVER hire anyone that attended an online college. 4 years and thousands of $$$ wasted. Maybe some online colleges are good, but I will NOT take that risk with my company and I told her that there is no room for her with my company. I prefer people with real field experience or people with natural talent and creativity. College degrees mean nothing to me. Just a piece of paper that says that you are mediocre. Show me your talent and I'll pay you 6 figures.

I apologize if I sound a bit mean, but It's the nature of the business world (ever see The Apprentice?). It's reality. Your education is nothing to screw around with, so PLEASE make a wise choice when it comes to your future.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

We are not allowed to consider anyone for employment that attended this college. My boss says that if he can't pick up a college football schedule and see your school listed, then it is not a real school. It is worse than no college at all because he says that it demonstrates poor decision making ability. In my 6 years with the company, I have never found a single person that disagrees with him. Employers won't admit it, but you don't believe they discriminate based on what college you attended, you are a true Phoenix.

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University of Phoenix Online 4

I will have to say that those who complain about teams and the work that UOP requires, is not cut out for this school. In the beginning I was disappointed with the team concept. I thought "why is my grade being affected by other people's lack of drive?", but after about three courses of begging and pleading with people to get their work completed it dawned on me. This school is about managing people. Since the fourth course I have grabbed the bull by the horns and lead every team that I am on. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCEED!

I understand that many people feel that they are carrying others, but you have to manage them. For instance my team charter states that if someone misses the deadline for an assignment they will be removed from the assignment and will have to complete it on their own. No ifs, ands, or buts! I have stuck with this rule and have enforced it numerous times. Many times the culpret gains a higher level of respect for me and the team. Once they get ejected from an assignment they either get their work completed on time because they know I am not going to put up with their BS or quit the course. Problem solved! I came to UOP for an education not to make friends.

I have had people on my teams that say they want to be on my team for every course because I refuse to let people who are happy with B's, C's, D's and F's negatively affect my grades. I started from scratch transferring nothing and have been enrolled for over the past three years. I have a 3.99 GPA and working towards getting it back to a 4.0. I believe this school really focuses on managing other people because you can literally have a new team every five weeks. Its hard work!

So quit whining. If your into a challenge this is it. I will sell my education to future employers by stating that "my GPA is a result of managing new diverse teams every five weeks over a period of four years". If you think the UOP has a negative stigma go somewhere else because I dont want to be associated with people who make excuses for their own shortcomings and blame others in the process. Life is what YOU make it. Take control and make it happen. The only reason I did not give the UOP five stars is because of the school's tuition costs, its expensive. Good Luck!


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University of Phoenix Online 3

Overall, I had many good and some bad experiences with UOP. I enrolled in March of 2008 to earn a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I finished my last class this month and am officially graduated and certified as a teacher.

Online learning is not for everyone. You have to be self directed, organized, and persistent. I earned my first degree at a traditional college but after having 3 kids, distance learning seemed to be the way to go. UOP is not for everyone- it is an accelerated program where you have to WORK HARD! I do know people who have failed courses, I know people who have failed certification exams, and other people who had to drop out because they couldn't keep the pace. I *do*, however, believe that the UOP faculty is expected to pass as many students as possible which results in some questionable passing grades being granted. However, in general, I found that as I progressed through my degree out of the required 200 level courses (math, science, history) and into the 300 and 400 level courses the quality of student work, discussions, and team effort improved drastically.

I only ever gave bad reviews to 3 of the 20+ "facilitators" I had. One of them was asbolutely more concerend about his several advanced degrees and discussing his own self importance than facilitating student learning and growth. The other two facilitators who I reviewed poorly made up their own rules as they went frequently "closing" threads on Sunday so people could no longer meet participation guidelines, gave untimely feedback, were largely absent from the online classroom, or displayed other unprofessional methods. The facilitators for my core education classes were largely amazing and helped me reach my dream.

The courses were challenging but five weeks is too short for some courses. I remember in one class there was a week where I had to read 9 chapters of text and 5 articles that were at a minimum 20 pages. That was too much for one week and there were several other weeks where similar workloads were expected. (This reading is in addition to the required participation, team work, and indiviual writing assignments). However, as many have said you get out what you put in. So I sat down in front of my laptop those weeks and read the online materials (which is not an enjoyable experience. Ebooks are not for me).

I rate the educational expectations as rigorous and high quality BUT there are issues with the staffing....

During my education, I was assigned an academic and a financial advisor. My advisors changed just one time. My academic advisor was amazing, she answered my emails quickly and made every schedule change I requested the same day. My financial advisor was far less accessible and not nearly as efficient. She routinely took 10 days to answer an email and rarely answered my questions. In fact, 10 days after finishing my degree I still owe the University $133.00 because my last aid disbursement is "processing." I had to ask for a financial aid override to be able to graduate and that was only granted because I was willing to pay $80 to have my transcripts and diploma rushed. This disbursement has been "processing" since 11/22 and I have been given four different dates that the funds would apply since then. At this point I am not that concerend since I have my transcript and have been certified but it is concerning to others who do not want to jump through hoops to graduate once they've done their part.

Further, when one enrolls in a teacher preparation program s/he is assigned a Teacher Education Specialist. This TES is supposed to help guide you as you progress through your program. I had no less than NINE TES's in one year. That is in addition to the TWO I had the first year of my program (before I got into the meat of the education classes). That type of turnover is not a good sign and should be considered a red flag. In addition to the TES the student also has to deal with the Field Placement Office (FPA) which seems to be nothing more than a group of people who are charged with taking their sweet time to finalize student teaching placements. It took 4 full months for my placement to be finalized. That is a very long process and there is little to no communication while you sit around and wait. In order to graduate from a teacher prep program at UOP the student's progression files must be closed by the FPA, TES, AC, and then FC. That process typically can take weeks. That is a long time when one wants to be certified for employment. It seems to be a way to ensure that some people pay the $80 for rush processing of graduation materials.

So, you pay for convenience of online learning and will have to jump through hoops to get answers....but you get the opportunity to learn as much as you can and maybe make a friend or two along the way.

I will not be staying with UOP for my Master' fact, I have already enrolled in a different school with a January 3, 2011 start date. I hope that my overall experience at the other school is more than just "Ok."

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University of Phoenix Online 5

I dont know why my content was deleted so let me re-state my review. Im about to graduate from UOP in FEB with my bachelors in accounting. Alot of the reviews on here sound like students who didnt want to apply themselves or people who may have not wanted to sit threw Freshmen classes. The first year classes are very basic and some are easy but so are first year classes at any college for that matter. My core classes (accounting) were tough and challenging and I was handed no grades at all I earned every bit of my 3.51 GPA. In terms of complaining about the cost you pay more for the CONVENIENCE of getting a class done per 5 weeks. Try getting that amount of classes done in one semester at a normal college yes cost is less but also the classes you can get done in teh same amount of time is less. To say Phoenix is a joke is laughable all the teachers I had in teh accounting program were either A. Accountants or B. had their own accounting business. Now I dont know how you feel about that but I feel that having people in the field teach me the subjects is great hands on experience. I have no complaints about UOP whatsoever you get what you PUT INTO IT and it sounds like the most of you with the negative reviews one didnt put a whole lot of effort into it, two didnt make it past year one, and three didnt go to UOP at all and just didnt like what you heard in your entrance interview when applying.

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University of Phoenix Online 4

I love UOP. I think UOP promotes more working for yourself than working for someone else and therefore is not so much concerned with if someone writes at a college level or not. I mean if you have your own business- heck- you can get someone to write for you. Main concern is can you apply what you learned to real life- right? People who get caught up if a sentence is correct or pucuation need to be teachers or administrators! Writing properly doesn't offer sucess- knowing the information and being able to apply it properly does! I don't think the circulum is bad either. I know folks going to other schools and we're studing the same stuff. I actually believe that because I am able to apply the teaching to my daily life experience- i actually retain and learn more.

In regards to money, most times you don't need your money back before the school gets theirs. It's unfortunte but sometimes people just go to school to get paid. Epecially in today's time, I've seen folks just go to get there grant money and then quit. Something about that just doesn't seem right. I have opted that any money given be paid to UOP and then anything extra be sent to me. Try electing for direct deposit, once your funds are transferred within 5 days or so- they'll deposit your remaining funds in your account. See no fuss!

Another plus about the school is that yoru schedule is worked out for you. When working full-time, going to school, having kids, married, etc.... it's wonderful not having to worry about registering for class or paying for a book. Shoot if I have a hard class coming up and it's something that I can put off or do at a better time- I just call up my academic advisor and she makes it happen. Same thing with my financial counselor- I have had no problems. Oh and if you are having trouble in a class call your academic advisor and they'll find you a tutor. So now what college creates your schedule, makes it flexible to be moved around, provide your study books, and hooks you up with a tutor when you feel it necessary- only UOP! Oh and did I mention they are with you till you graduate?!?! I remember when I was at a traditional school towards my graduation I felt lost, I had to work out my schedule and try to find all the classes that I hadn't taken because noone tracked my classes to say- uh you know this is not a class you need for your degree!

So I bet since I'm ranting and raving on how grea tthe school is your wondering why I only gave it 4 stars. I thought it deserved 41/2 but it won't let me do that. Anyhoo, I did it because of the cost. School tution is going up everywhere I know but UOP is expensive. By the time I'm done- I think I'll be close to 60K in the hole. I think it's worth it though. With the information I have been given- it has boosted up my confidence to open my own business and that's way worth more than 60K!

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University of Phoenix Online 4

I am a new Graduate student at U of P, and have several points to make about the folks posting about the University. I have seen several common theme in all the complaints I read while researching the school to make my decision. The first and most common, is that many of you are complaining about having to "repeat courses", you are not repeating courses that you transfer from a community college, you are in fact taking a higher level of course to fulfill the upper-division requirements that accrediting associations require of all schools. These courses --- 300-400 level classes are not offered at the community college level, as they are not a university. Also, many of you complain about the school "stealing" your money when you do not receive a refund for dropping out of a class. No university will offer you a full refund unless you drop the next day or within a predetermined number of days, and most schools will give you 0$ refund after two weeks--- This is every school at every level in the country. I also see people complaining about grades they have earned, most of those people can hardly spell, and can not even manage to create a complete sentence. This is a school thats primarily based on writing papers to demonstrate what you have learned. If you have learned nothing, you are likely to struggle with assessments. If you are not capable of putting together a complete sentence, or at least faking it, you probably won't be successful. The biggest issue I hear folks complaining about is accreditation. The school has the same accreditation as the school I earned my BS from, that school is well respected and provided me with an excellent education. Further, it is not necessarily true, at may be true for MBA programs, where you would be discriminated anyway unless you come from the IV league schools anyway, no matter what school you went to. I am in the Masters in Teaching program, and my research from calling multiple state certification departments, and multiple school districts has produced nothing but positive reviews, and affirmation of the quality of the degrees reputation. They all told me that it's not only accepted for credentialing inb those three state that I called, but the Human resources people in the individual districts all told me that they view its as good as any other degree, that "a masters degree, is a masters degree" when it comes to universities that are accredited. In addition, I have found that employers consider graduates of the program to be "highly qualified" based on life experiences, the type of "writing" education UofP demands, and the overall requirements of the program which far exceeds the type of educational experiences students may receive at other universities.
The reason I'm taking the time to write this is because I spent many, many hours reading these message boards, and using other resources to evaluate the quality and value of the university, and I always come to the same findings---- The degree's are accepted and viewed by professionals and organizations as being equal to or in some cases better (depending on the program) than typical on campus schools. So, if you're reading this post because your searching for info to validate the university, I suggest YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, AND DON'T MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON THE POST OF PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET....... Some of the people have little or no experience or idea of what to expect from a school. Many people in life, and at schools have different expectations from life than you. Read some of these post, and you will see that many of the people posting are not the brightest people on earth. I have earned 2 degrees from through three different "traditional" universities, they were all different, all had there strong/weak points, and all had the same accreditation as the UofP. I work for the Federal Government, and have work for various state agencies with that same accreditation, it's solid, and employers feel the same way. Good luck in your search, I hope you find what you're looking for, and are happy with the choices you will make.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

I am so disgusted with UOP. I too have gone to a traditional university and excellent junior college. I went to UOP b/c I was a married working adult and wanted the accelerated education. The convenience was important to me but it was NOT worth it. This school will take anyone and their classes are a joke. Granted the dynamic of learning is different but if you want a diploma from a respectable school, look elsewhere. The caliber and class of people is low. Some of these people shouldn't even be taking college courses! But you get what you put into it and I worked hard and got good grades and was determined to keep on.

I completed all my required courses with UOP and had about a semester of elective credits left. I chose to transfer these in from a junior college to save money and had some health and major family issues. Now 2 years later, UOP won't take my credits and wants me to retake almost another year worth of upper-division classes! That is crazy. They won't readmit me into a Business Management program to transfer 12 electives and graduate! Their classes are not savvy so I know they aren't teaching anything new to require me to retake all the classes I just took with them. They are only concerned about profit and the bottom line. I have repealed their decision but with no success even with my health issues and proof from my doctor. This school is a sham. They advertise that they cater to working class adults with busy lives but they had no flexibility for me whatsoever. You have 7 years to complete your degree once you start their program and I am within 2 years of the deadline! I will not give this school another penny of my money even if it means I will never complete that degree!

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University of Phoenix Online 3

I got my degree from UOP and I will admit that if you not want to learn you can get through a number of classes doing very little work. I did their classroom version mostly so I was in a room with other students and an instructor. I will also admit that there seemed to be a few students in the program that I was sure should not be in a college level class. That is what concerned me. If these people I was in class with were representative of the other graduates what kind of experience with future employers might I get if they had hired a UOP graduate.

Now it has been a number of years since I got the degree and of course in this economy I am not sure if it was tough to get a job because I am in marketing, or if I was held back by degree. I finally found work so it can't be all bad.

My sister did the online thing with and I loved her reasoning. She figured that since Jacksonville was a traditional school when she put her degree on a resume no one would know if she got the degree online or not. With UOP even though I went to classes everyone assumes I did their online program.

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University of Phoenix Online 2

Before getting into my review I want to first state I have attended Indiana University for 2 years as well as a local community college prior to attending UoP. I chose UoP because I work full time and I have a family that requires much of my time. I have attended online classes previously and had an idea of what to expect prior to enrolling. The registration process was easy, the many advisors do all of the work for you, even requesting your transcripts from other schools. One aspect I did not like was the fact the advisors do not keep you informed as to what steps you are taking, they email you step by step instructions on how to fill out financial aid forms and registration information. If you are someone that does not ask questions before signing your name to a document then I can see how so many problems can arise later on. However I am a veteran with financial aid processes and I declined the loan portions. This act of independence threw my advisor into a fit, she called me every hour at work, leaving messages, letting me know I needed to complete the loan portion. I politely declined and she assured me she wanted to ensure I was getting enough money to pay for the tuition.
After the enrollment process I was excited to begin working toward my degree. Then to my dismay, I received the transfer credit report. I had been designated a Track A student, basically starting from scratch with other 12 credits transferred to the program, even my university Composition class was not transferred over. I was furious, but of course they provided me with a reason for why this was. It did not count told my AAS but it would if I went for a BS. I settled with this and thought extra credits wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Finally the time came when classes disappointment grew even more. At first I thought I had obviously been assigned to the wrong class. The curriculum is so basic! I removed myself from traditional community college because the lack of challenging curriculum. UoP classes were worse. I remember thinking that my "classmates" should not be paying $5000 for this class when they cannot even type reasonable sentences. Here is an actual assignment from my Com155 class:

Sentence Correction and Changes in Writing

Review the following sentences. Some of them are correct, whereas others contain an error with a commonly confused word.

Identify those with errors by marking each of the errors in bold. Make the correction in parentheses after the error. For those that are correct, write correct at the end of the sentence.

Their are three kids in the room.

We have been married for 20 years, and are relationship is as strong as ever.

I’m having trouble with my car. Can you give me some advise?

The diplomats are doing what they can to restore peace.

I know it is important, so I will defiantly be there on time.

I never knew that the new employee knows the manager’s son.

I cannot find my keys. I hope I did not loose them.

I should of written down where I last put them.

---You can imagine my outrage. Now we obviously all had to graduate from some type of elementary, high school, or GED testing to get into UoP, why were we spending over $2000 on this course to do such basic work?! Not only that, when I presented the question to my 'moderator,' I was chastised for not being open minded regarding the other students that needed the refresher! Well excuse me for being a tad bit upset at the fact that I am blowing my money helping other ADULTS play catch up on their schooling! That was the last straw. I begin doing some research on the school came across many forums similar to this one. So I am adding my experience and have decided to continue my education at my local university. The cost for convenience DOES NOT outweigh a real education. UoP may work for some but certainly not for me.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

This is the WORST school in the entire world! Do yourself a favor and find any other school. They are only in the business of making a profit NOT TEACHING. Once you are enrolled, their only aim is to keep you in so that they can continue to milk you dry. Be smart and runaway from this school as fast as you can.

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University of Phoenix Online 5

I enrolled at Axia college of University of Phoenix two years ago and I just now graduated with an associates degree in Health Care Administration/Medical Records. I was able to land a job in Administration doing Medical Records in a Long Term Care facility with my degree. Like many of you I read all the negative feedback from this school on how the accreditation sucks, staff is horrible and omg!! they ripped me off. I got to thinking geez I wish I would of found this sight before enrolling.. But you now what!! I did my homework, I checked in with all the other online schools and let me tell ya there is not one out there that is totally perfect there is going to be something that someone out there doesn't like and will write a bad review and they are more in-likely are over exaggerating. And to tell you the truth how many of them are actual students, did you ever think that maybe they could be someone from a different school giving the UOPX a bad review so that their school looks better? In fact I know someone personally who received their degree from UOPX in Health-Care Administration and is actually using it this day as an Administrator of a Long Term Care facility..
Anyways, like I said I did my homework- I am enrolled to continue my education in a Bachelors in Health Care Administration/Long Term Care, because my over all goal is to become a Long Term Care Administrator. I called the D.A.D.S which some of you might be familiar with especially if you are from Texas. They are the ones that are in charge of approving your internship and state exam then to double make sure that this program is accredited I called the higher learning commission that is in Austin and Yes UOPX is accredited in their Health-Care programs. I checked in with many different online schools and none of them offer the program that UOPX offers many of them are similar promising that their degree is anywhere between 14 to 18 months long which I found amazing however if you plan to become a Long Term Care Administrator you have to do an addition 15 credit hours in Long Term Care. That is were they get you!! UOP in their Bachelor program takes 24 months because those hours are included in their program. So whats the point of enrolling into a different school thinking you are finishing your program faster when the truth is you have to have those additional classes to even qualify for internships and state exams.
check it out for yourself: ing/nfa/faq_nfa.html
I just spoke to an admission counselor from Colorado Technical University they offer the Health care program but has no idea on the additional 15 credit hours that are needed. Basically its up to you to figure that out.

Some people are always comparing Nationally and regionally accredited schools. Nationally accreditation basically covers the nation while regionally accredited schools only cover one of the six regions of the United States. Even though CTU is regionally accredited they can not met my needs that a nationally accredited school can. Why? I Live in Texas and CTU is regionally accredited by the North Central Association, Texas is part of the Southern Association.
So to rule out the rumor of not being accepted by my local campus due to my degree being a nationally accredited is false. The local campuses will accept your transcripts if you decided to go to an on ground campus. I have also read rumors about institutions that are regionally not accepting an accreditation from nationally institution, that is also false because I have 3 schools constantly calling me three times a day that are regionally accreditation willing to recognize my my nationally accredited degree..
The fear of not being able to find a job because company's will not recognize online degrees?
Well that is just a load of crap!! Your diploma isn't going to say online so how would they know if you received it online or not? If you do get any grief then you need to tell that employer that this is the 21 century and they are the ones that need to be updated!!

My overall personal experience with the school is great. Nothing was handed to me I had to work hard for it. When I turned in my assignments late or they were poor quality I received a poor grade. When I did excellent work I received an excellent grade.
I have read many reviews on how poor the teachers were, well let me tell you something the instructors there are great and everyone that I have had worked in the same field that they were teaching. I have had several Doctors and Biomedical engineers, Register Nurses, you name it. The teachers there are very qualified and anyone that says different is because they suck and couldn't be taught a thing.
As far as UOPX being called a diploma mill is also false. A diploma mill is where you pay money and you do very very little work or no work at all and receive a diploma.
Here is another resource you can look at:

Many people are degrading UOPX because in the higher level degrees you are required to do Charters which means group work. You will be pared with a group and a group project is due!! My opinion on that is, Who in the right mind wants to work their butt off on a project while you have some slacker sucking up all the credit! I myself find this a little disturbing but the truth is all the different schools that I talked to require group work. So UOPX is not the only one. There is also ways around on not giving that certain slacker(s) credit. Take the initiative, proof read the paper before it get turns in. If those slackers didn't turn in their part be one step a head of them make sure your paper is complete and looks good. Be sure to take their names off the title page. The instructors know their grade as far as participation will not look as good as yours. In fact most of the bad reviews are people who couldn't handle group work. Its a learning tool for all you complainers if you can't learn how to take initiative then you really shouldn't be looking into a degree in any type of leadership. UOPX requires you to hold a certain GPA through out each degree program if your not disciplined then this school isn't for you.. You have to work for your grades and I can assure you that just because these are online programs they are not easier than your traditional class room programs. In fact they are harder depending on your learning concepts.

So when you are reading these negative post keep in mind they are people who are ex-employees, students that couldn't handle the work, and people who have never even gone to UOPX.

If you are a Disciplined person who wants to further their education and receive a good one then this is the school to enroll in. Your education is what you make of it!!
If you are looking for a quick degree with no effort then please don't enroll because its people like you that are quick to write a bad review due to your self ignorance.

How many of you watched the Commencement Ceremony back in June?
Isn't it amazing how the school can have public figures give speeches such as Condoleeza Rice, Randy Jackson, and Neil Bush? If this school was nothing but a joke that many people claimed it to be. Why would you those type of figures even speak at a school that wasn't worthy? Exactly!!

Thank You,

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University of Phoenix Online 1

I will post my review after I transfer! My experience has been a learning one. I wish I had found this site and the site above before I enrolled. html

Do your research.

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Ellen Olms

University of Phoenix Online 4

3-4 stars for education received. You get what you put into your education. Like everything
else there are good teachers and bad teachers. I found the courses to be stimulating and the
rigor was intense. Great education.

-5 (that is minus 5 stars) for the management and subsequent employees of UoP. They are all
about money, money, money. I know every company strives to make a buck and has that right to
be profitable, but this company does not have an ethical conscious. I worked at Uof P, they
drive you for enrollments?even if it means enrolling someone who can?t afford it or may be a
loan risk. I wanted to do good and help people and I found a very greedy breed of
individuals working at U of P. They are not there to help, they don?t care about
individuals. They care about enrollments, period! I quit the organization as it was too hard
watching so many people compromise their credit and struggle with a decision they were
pushed in to. I do think they should not be in the business of granting loans. They should
use their own money if they are that confident in their employees and business model.


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DawnOfThePhoen ix

University of Phoenix Online 4

I graduated from Phoenix (UOPX) a few years ago with a masters degree. When I entered the masters program, it was very clear what the requirements were (I needed an official accredited undergrad degree with a gpa of 2.5 or over [my gpa was 3.360 from Saint Mary's College of Calif.]. It seems UOPX doesn't accept just any undergrad school either-they must be regionally accredited in particular), significant work experience, references and acceptable writing and communication skills. UOPX's admission requirements to enter their undergrad programs require previous college credits, taking English and math compentency exams, high school grad transcript and other requirements especially for non native English speakers. Therefore, I don't understand why individuals keep saying that it is so easy to get into the University of Phoenix when their entry requirements are basically the same as any other colllege or university. All one has to do is read their admissions requirements and see that they are indeed basically the same. In terms of pride or interacting with snobs in particular who probably look down at other colleges too, its usually to make themselves feel good which basically shows their lack of academic maturety. These snobs who graduate from so-called brick & mortar or top tier traditional colleges who overlook the main purpose of going to college and look for reasons to scrutinize someone else's alma mater, usually act this way because they may be looking for a way to feel better for getting stuck with a huge amount of student loan debt and no immediate job prospects. Most employers or professional environments such as healthcare, IT and business organizations generally view University of Phoenix grads with respect and generally refer to UOPX when discussing college training for career advancement because they feel UOPX is geared toward preparing individuals for job specific careers as opposed to the more traditional colleges that include many required courses that are unrelated to the core career curriculum; are not suitable for working adult professionals in terms of institutional structure; huge classes, indifferent instructors who usually have no career background in the professional courses they are teaching and younger generation students who have no experience and are basically useless in interacting on a professional and experienced basis. I also find UOPX's media advertisement commercials and website to be presented in a impressively informative and high quality manner, just as good or better than other accredited American universities. Yet people can say what they want, but what really matters is that UOPX has highly impressive accreditations and afffiliations; their credits are just as transferrable as any other traditional college and employers tend to view UOPX grads as professionals with more job specific academic training. I proudly display my framed UOPX graduate degree including a framed letter of regional and business accreditation; my undergrad degree and in particular my Berkeley IT certification on my wall. Individuals who have seem my credentials are equally impressed with them all.

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University of Phoenix Online 3

I currently attend UOP also. I can tell you that every school you go to will have its good and bad. Some people will say great things about a certain school while others will say very negative things about the same school. I have heard so many things about online degrees but I know people who have online degrees and one person in particular that has an online degree from UOP. They to have a job in the area in which they went to school for with that degree. For the position they have it said 2 yr degree in healthcare admin a must. I know this information because it was my MOM. Almost every school you go to now will most likely give you some type of class online and i think soon all schools will be this way. I was told that certain jobs dont accept online degrees but how is this when your degree wont even say online degree, so how would they even kno you have an online degree. It looks the same as those they get from going to on campus classes. Everyone who have something negative to say probably never attended UOP and if they did they do not have a degree because they didnt finish. But those who have degrees from this school have better things to say about because they were there long enough to establish an opinion.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

Don't dismiss me as just another irate consumer that was mistreated. I know certain things you don't. Without adequate federal funding UOP would not stand a chance. You must encourage your subscribers to call the Department of Education and demand the Gainful Employment Act become law. You and your subscribers must demand it!! In case you are not literate of the law if the gainful employment act becomes law this school would not be able to increase tuition probably ever again and would probably be forced to cut its tuition in half which will snow ball into a layoff and launch its downfall.

You have to understand the dynamics of the way the school works in order to understand this so you would have to just trust me on it.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

I was a straight A student in my third year of college (the first two years were at a community college). UOP is ok if you are focused on getting a degree to say you have a degree. You may want to think twice if your focus is success and prosperity. Some people are so caught up on having a degree. I will not feel happy with a large debt from school and cannot afford to pay the money back or am struggling. Please show me people who have paid back their student loans and are now living in abudance after UOP, not someone who has the received a degree to feed their ego. How has the degree added success to your world or how were you able to achieve financial success and help others because of your degree?

The reason why UOP received a terrible from me was because they never kept their word. I could not trust what they said would come to past and trust is the foundation for my partnerships. I refused to give them another dime because they did not care about me they mostly cared about getting paid and it showed. They did take special interest in my concerns when it was time for me to start a new class, which meant $1,700 in their bank account.

If you want to know if this is the right school for you ask the universe or your higher power (or some source that you trust and listen for the answer, trust your instinct.

This was not the right path for me . Altough this may be the way for some, it became painful for me to coninue, which let me know I was not on the right tract.

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University of Phoenix Online 4

I give 4 stars...I currently attend UoPh and am surprised that I'm not at the 4.0 level! The challenge of time management is always an issue, the challenge of technology is always an issue, and I have had little success in pleading my (weak) case for tardiness and technology troubles. It is my responsibility to meet the requirements, and at this University, I get no more special treatment than any other student. So, 4 stars for sticking to their (crowd control) management plans. Earning my associates after successfully transfering a number of credits from another University (my state university would not honor but a very few), I found most of the professors/facilitators to be very engaged, and honestly interested. One professor was a soap-box political mega-horn, but I let that slide and kept to my obligations and learned plenty along the way. Look at the University professors in brick and mortar facilities that push their opinion on young students all day long. Another plus, I am always intrigued and pleased at the diversity of the student body...I do believe that those students who do well would do well at any University, and those who are obviously not ready for University studies (might be me) will be dropping out or fail out.

I have been recruited just as hard by the military, the state university, private universities, jobs, and volunteer organizations! As with any organization, if you're buying in...buyer beware! Consider any online program with your own goals in mind. I'm earning a Business Management degree...a more sensible online-learning option, I think. I considered a nursing degree...a not-so-sensible online-learning choice, past the basic book-learning classes, I think. But then again, there are many clever people out there, and catering to a huge number of people who all want to continue their education, begin their secondary education, promote themselves at work, where there is a will, there's a way. And private for-profit learning and management institutions will find that way. The demand is there, and like all the car dealerships out there, find what is right for you.

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University of Phoenix Online 3

I got a Master's from UOP in Education/Curriculum & Instruction. I'm now enrolled in another Master's program at National University online and some CLAD classes at Brandman University online. I thought that it would be interesting to compare the two Master's program. UOP was actually a school that had very qualified teachers that were not easy graders as I have read. I had a good GPA and I put in at least 30 hours per week on homework and projects and earned every grade. The big difference I found between UOP and National is the curriculum design of the classes. National does not have team projects and UOP does just about every week. Personally , I got tired of some lazy team members at UOP that pulled the team down. Other times, I had the most helpful team members that I could not have done without. National may give you a test as a final, like it, or not. The big difference I see is that the teachers at UOP are not as warm, caring, or interested as they are at National and Brandman. Don't get me wrong all schools have their problems, but the teachers care at these other schools. I can call them at home and we have online chats with the class and I just feel more connected. At UOP they were much less personal and caring , yet very qualified in their subject. I'm probably going for my EdD and it won't be at UOP. Another difference is that National is not as strict about the words per post, yet some teachers ask for 6-8 posts per week. At UOP I often felt forced to write the post and make it 200 words and it got old. Sometimes a response can better be said in a few words and then another few words and then another few words . like a dialogue, but not a forced word count. I do think that I did more work at UOP , but it may not have meant I was learning more. It was an assignment and a group assignment per week. At National it is only up to me if I do the work and I do not have to depend on a team. So, you just have to decide what learning design best fits your learning style. When I did try to get help with my research paper at UOP it was impossible and I got the run-around, so they lost me as a customer. I have teachers at the other schools that are still helping students get their CLAD portfolio together after the class is long over.

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University of Phoenix Online 2

I was persuaded to attend the University of Phoenix-Online even though I am a resident of Illinois. The alternative was Governors State Univ which is located in Illinois. I wish I had attended Gov State Univ. I was given false information when Univ of Phoenix was recruiting me. I was told that my astronomical financial aid bills would be erased via the loan forgiveness program which I find I am not eligible for.

I was entering the elem education program to receive a masters degree in special education to become a special education teacher. Upon completion of the program I submitted my material to the ISBE to receive a teaching certificate. To my surprise I was denied my certificate because there are several deficiencies. Apparently Illinois requirements are slightly different from AZ. Among other things there are 3 Illinois ISBE tests that I have to pass before I can get my certificate. My academic adviser was adamant that I take the AEPA which is an Arizona requirement. Hello I am in Illinois. She was also insistent that I get a fingerprint clearance card which is another AZ requirement. If she had been as persistent about my meeting the Illinois requirements I would be certified right now.

My BFF completed the same program as mine but in IL. Her academic adviser was familiar with IL requirements and let her know which tests were needed. She is now certified and working while I am unemployed and studying for 1 of 3 tests that I will be taking over the next year.

College students depend on their academic advisers to alert them of the necessary requirements for program completion. My academic adviser was not at all familiar with IL requirements.

L. Williams

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University of Phoenix Online 3

I chose three stars (which is an OK rating) because UOP does have its good points. I earned my Bachelor's in Psychology last fall. I chose UOP because it allowed me a flexible schedule. In that aspect, UOP is great. It's faculty is just like any other university in that there are some who care and some who don't. I had a 4.0 GPA because I did my work on time and did it well. What I hated about UOP is the learning team concept because in every class I had, I pulled the load and someone else got credit for it. I can't tell you how many people I carried over the course of three years. I already had a great job when I went back to school so I did not have to enter the workforce looking for a job when I finished. Unfortunately, I have heard many companies do not acknowledge and/or respect online degrees, including those from UOP. If you have other choices, think about them.....If not, look at the reviews from other online schools and choose wisely based on your personal goals and needs.

Good Luck

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University of Phoenix Online 3

Can anyone really provide any substantiated review instead of these. This guess-work done by these negative commenters is good and all but again, it is just guess-work, imagineation which does not really provide any factual reasons.
Could someone that had put personal effort and engagement, maybe someone that graduated this University, please comment?
I am thinking of enrolling and trying to get a broad overview HERE is useless as most negative commenters quote someone, have not put enough personal time or effort in this school, blame the school for their failures at life etc.

Could someone post...a person that does not expect things for free in life, that does not blame everything and everyone else for personal failure, someone that actually SHOULD and COULD post a review?

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University of Phoenix Online 1

I have got one thing to say about UofPh. Beware of the stigma their degree will give you. I had heard from many employers that they will not hire UofPH grads. In fact my current boss says that a applicant with no degree at all is better than an applicant with a UofPH degree.

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University of Phoenix Online 1

The University of Phoenix is typical of many academic institutions (including primary and high schools) that operate on the "group think" premise that outcomes based education guarantees pushing as many students through the process regardless of how unintelligent or ill equipped those students are.

Unfortunately, institutions like the University of Phoenix have to exist because there are hundreds of students graduating from high schools in North America who can neither read, write nor spell at a university level. Many high school graduates in America and Canada are barely literate.

My homeschooled 6th graders can write a better essay than you average 12th grade student in the USA and Canada.

Real education is for the wealthy only. The education system has been warped and dumbed down to ensure that the top 5% of wealthy people will always have enough people to collect their trash and clean their toilets. If any parent wants a real education for their child, they had better have enough money to send them to a private school and follow up with an ivy league university.

Public education for the masses in North America is a joke!

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ConcernedStude nt

University of Phoenix Online 1

I started attending online classes at University of Phoenix ten months ago. Because of a few breaks, I'm almost half way through my degree. I have one more class that I want to take before I switch to a different school. I want to actually learn something while taking my courses. The flexibility is great, but that's about the only thing I like.

Several things to note with University of Phoenix classes:
1. The course content is very low. A student should not be able to get through a Master's level course without reading anything out of a text book. I have a 4.0gpa and I haven't read more than a few paragraphs out of the texts for my last few classes.
2. The teachers are disorganized at times. They are juggling several different classes at a time and are often still working other jobs as well.
3. About 40% of assignments are group projects. An individual in a Master's program should not be graded on what a classmate did or did not complete. Students are often in groups with people in different countries and time zones, which only adds to the frustration of group projects.

I can honestly say that I haven't learned much in from this program and I have a 4.0 gpa. If you're looking to slack off, this is where to go. I'm actually looking to learn some new information. If you're trying to learn something new, this probably isn't the college for you. And if you're looking into a master's or doctoral level degree at U of Ph. then I strongly urge you to go elsewhere.

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University of Phoenix Online 4

First of all, I would like to point out that all of the bad reviews come from people who didn't attend the school, only attended a year, or were ex-employees. I transferred my credits to UoP after my associates degree. I also previously attended Oklahoma University and other public and private state universities. There really is no difference in the education. I have had PhD level teachers in state universities that never taught me a thing. They stood in front of an auditorium class of 60+ students and taught by powerpoint. It didn't matter if I was there or not. My only grade was the one from the test, so if I read the material I could pass the test by attending 1 class per course. This is a fully accreditted and federal funded school. At UoP I am required to post and articulate knowledge in the subject of the class. For my accounting class at UoP, there was no way to fake knowledge on that subject. The facilitator of the class was a CPA and would call BS on fluff posts and not give credit for fluff posts. I have seen students at state universities that had full-ride sports scholarships cheat their way through classes... does that discredit the entire university? The fact is that you get out of the education what you put in. I put in the time, I learned very applicable skills and I have had no problem with the accredidation of UoP. I do dislike the learning teams, it is true that out of 4-5 people in a team, 1-2 do work. This is just a part of life though. My financial advisor is kind of a moron, but I have never had an issue in the end. I have nothing bad to say about the school, and I have made it all the way through. I recommend UoP to all full time working adults.

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University of Phoenix Online 3

I am just about to graduate for the University of Phoenix online. I really don't have a problem with the online aspect and the way employers view it. It simply doesn't matter to me. What does is the the quality of education you receive from the school. I would rate the school at best, "OK". The school has no teachers, but rather 'facilitators'; and it operates in a learning team environment. If there were two things I could change about the school to make it better, it would be those two. I want teachers, not people that keep a conversation going. And the learning team environment is the farthest thing from reality there is (it's only together for no more than 5 weeks). The grades attached to the learning team assignments can REALLY hurt you - with no fault of your own.

Finally, it's REALLY expensive!!!!!!! It costs almost as much as attending Stanford, and it's online. The thing is, it's a for profit school - parent company is Apollo (check out how much they made last year!). But whatever you do, do NOT get your BS and MS (or MBA) from UoP. Most of the time the BS is more like a HS diploma, if you can - get a masters degree from a more reputable school (even if it's online, extension, or executive) - the combination will serve you better.

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University of Phoenix Online 3

I am considering attending UoP but am concerned about not being hired by companies just because of the school I graduate from. I plan to get my bachelors/masters at UoP, but the mixed reviews is making my decision difficult.

Has anyone had an problems with accredidation? I don't plan on attending UoP online, I think physically being on campus is easier, but the schedule of 6-10 is perfect since I work full-time. I've tried to attend CSUF but working full-time to pay for school is difficult.

So my main concerns are, will I not even be considered for jobs just because I get my degree from UoP? I spoke to a counselor and they said I can transfer my credits back and forth through CSUF, has this held true for anyone else? Has anyone received their bachelors/masters at UoP and have actually used it? When you get your diploma, does it state that it is an Online school? Does that even matter? Please help!

I do 3 stars, based on mixed initial visit to UoP was good, seems like they care but yes, maybe almost too much, if that's even possible?

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