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Capella University 5

There is clearly a large difference between traditional brick and mortar schools and online schools. Having said that, I have attended both after having started my degree program at a traditional school and transferred to Capella for the final three years of my B.S.

The drawbacks of not being able to simply raise your hand and ask the professor a question and obtain an instant answer or converse with fellow students is mitigated through participation of the professor within a chat or email environment. I agree it is not as efficient as it would otherwise in person; however, the majority of professors I have had push students to interact with each other as much as possible.

The curriculum follows a rather basic tenant of semester long projects with each week building towards an overall complete end project. Initially, I assumed this would turn out to be a "search online and find the answer" task with little to no challenge. While some classes are simpler than others, for the most part, I have received the necessary challenge to drive myself towards developing the best work I possibly can.

In the end, you truly receive what you put into your education. Just as in traditional classroom universities, you can do the minimum and achieve your degree or you can put forth the discipline and effort to complete high quality work. One personal observation regarding the non-personal interaction between students is that it can actually serve as a benefit. While you do not get the group environment, you are pretty much on your own to complete the assignments. This results in work which you must research, develop and turn in which was completely based on your own hard work. Also, you do not have the distractions of other students and activities more common within most institutions. Your focus is limited to your discipline and personal surroundings.

On the topic of professor quality, I have had only one professor I would classify as lackluster. The professor responded to student's work with canned responses that were obviously used from class to class, was very slow to respond to discussions or emails and I received the lowest grade out of any other class. Outside of that one experience every other professor has performed to a degree that has helped me learn a great deal about the topics covered. For the disability of no instant responses, I have to say this has been a great experience which is well adjusted for the online environment.

As compared to a traditional environment, Capella has done a pretty good job to make up for deficiencies of online schooling. I do not want to say Capella is perfect, nor is it a perfect fit for everyone. For my personality and method of learning, Capella was the best choice I could have made.

Finally, for my degree program, Capella has continuously been rated as a top 100 nationally recognized institution. The massive amount of knowledge I have obtained would not have been gained through a traditional brick and mortar environment. I used to go to class and watch the clock trying to stay awake. At home I am able to focus on the task at hand and when frustrated, get up and take a break to return with a fresh mind later. Clearly, not an option at traditional schooling environments.

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Capella University 4

I have a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Capella University (I graduated in 2006), and it took me about 5 years to complete the program. I am proud to say that I was able to obtain an APA accredited pre-doctoral internship and I am now also working as a licensed psychologist in the state of California.

The benefit of the course work and what one learns depends on the student, and having gone head to head with others from APA accredited programs, I seem to hold my own in my area of specialization (which is treating those with developmental disabilities who also have mental illness).

My experience with Capella was generally good, however I do very much regret that my program did not obtain APA accreditation, which was promised very early on only to be redacted closer to my time of graduation. Not having APA accreditation as a psychologist is a big deal (a huge deal), and this lacking area will limit my job opportunities and my ability to work in certain states. I am also disappointed I will never be able to obtain ABPP certification.

I have to admit that I currently discourage other students from looking at Capella University as their first choice, and knowing what I know now, I would do it again differently if I could. But with that said I am grateful to Capella University for what I did get out of their program.

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Owner Review
Capella University 5

Hello. My name is Michael and I work for Capella University. I just wanted to let you all know that Capella has recently updated our website that is dedicated to showing the learning and career outcomes of our learners and alumni: We believe it raises the bar on transparency / accountability in higher ed and sets Capella apart from most schools that are reluctant to share this level of information. Please let us know what you think.


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Capella University 1

Do not go here! This is the worst online Univerity. Professor Dennis Hart is the worst professor. He does not participant in the classroom discussion. Depending on him mood, He will give you a D or A. I submiited the wrong assignment and received an A. If you do not want to work and pay $2000 per class and not learn anything and get a degree from an University that has a reputation of a Dilpoma Mill. GO TO CAPELLA.

I am no longer a student at Capella. All my classes do not transfer over. Capella was a waste of money.

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Capella University 5

I received my MBA from Capella in 2003, when online programs were still pretty nascent. The curriculum was challenging yet rewarding. I learned a lot and draw from the teachings regularly. My Capella MBA helped me to reach many professional goals. I highly recommend an online program if you're a working professional, Capella is a superb choice.

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Capella University 5

For anyone reading these reviews and considering Capella as a place to earn your degree, take into consideration that in just about all customer oriented businesses complaints will always out number compliments. Most satisfied customers are rarely going to go out of their way to say job well done. Satisfied customers just go about their business, while those who may have legitimate complaints will seek out a place to vent their disastisfaction.

I am approximately at the half way point in my doctoral degree program and have found the coursework at Capella to be challenging, most of my fellow learners to be exceptionally bright, with many years of experience in their area of academic pursuit. When I complete my program, I can honestly say that I worked my fanny off to EARN my degree.

Finally, let me say, I work at a for-profit college and the industry as a whole has not always operated with the best integrity and ethical behavior. That said, many students who attend for-profit schools and complain the loudest are oftentimes the ones who want to buy their degree. They only serve to minimize their own education by feeling a sense of entitlement because the college operates as a for-profit business.

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Capella University 5

Has Anyone had any experience with the DrPH degree? I am considering the program and would like to know if its worth my efforts?

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Capella University 2

I have been a student at Capella for years. I am currently in so much debt its ridiculous. My goal was to get a PhD. I have high grades, went through the courses pretty quickly. The professors would help at this point. Once I reached the comprehensives, the problems began. It has been worse since arriving at the writing of the dissertation phase. No one helps. They view it as though "its all up to you now". They forget that we have never gone through this process before.

If I could change this, I would have just received another masters or quit after the course work and attended a traditional college setting where I could have gone in to get the clarification and help needed. Online is not a good way to earn a PhD, especially when no one is willing to help guide you in the right direction.

I tried to find another college to attend, but I wouldn't receive all of the credits and would have to start basically from scratch.

Don't attend Capella if you want to earn a PhD. A masters degree or a certificate to advance your degree is ok, but never further than that. I am so far in debt and they don't care and are not willing to help.

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Capella University 3

It is a reasonable option for people who do not have institutions of higher education in their geographic area. Of the online institutions, I find Capella to be one of the LEAST diploma-mill-like institutions, along with Walden and Argosy (from what I can tell).

With this said, though, I am highly uncomfortable with what the proponents of Capella frequently say about Capella education being top-notch. I have attended both traditional and online doctoral programs, and I have found Capella's "read on your own and post your reactions twice per week" model to be painfully unchallenging. There is nothing "top notch" about this model because no actual teaching takes place; we just read the books on our own and post discussion entries--and complete a couple of short papers. Most of the time, the instructors aren't even monitoring our discussion entries, and they seem to be just looking at "buzz words" and praise us to death. By the same token, the papers are graded by a "point and click" grading system, so it is frequently obvious that our instructors aren't really reading our papers at all.

Also, since Capella has an open admissions policy, you will notice that many of your classmates lack the very basic academic skills. This can be frustrating because they would post questions in the "Ask Your Instructor" section of our discussion board, and it will be painfully clear to you that they don't understand what they read (reading assignments, instructions, etc.) at all---and, I DO mean, AT ALL. These people, too, will end up with the same degree that you would be earning... But, then, who cares what other people get, if I am only interested in gaining knowledge, right???

All in all, I think that Capella is a reasonable option if you have no other options in the geographic area and have realistic expectations about what it is--an open-admissions, for-profit online university, which offers watered-down graduate programs. It is IN NO WAY comparable to traditional institutions, and anyone who says otherwise probably: (1) has vested interest in boosting Capella enrollment; and/or (2) did not attend traditional institutions of higher education.

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Capella University 3

I have been in the M.S. in Counseling program since May of 2010. I have completed 3 courses in my program with a GPA of 3.667 cumulative. I have found Capella to be a mixed bag. Of course, when you call regarding applying for admission, Capella is painted as the best Graduate program you can possibly attend by the admissions counselors. The reason for this is Capella is a FOR PROFIT university, like any other business, their number one priority is to make money. No students = no money coming in. With that said, I am not implying that Capella is easy or that the programs they offer are not comparable to other Brick and Mortar Universities. Just remember that they are out to make money, and if you use financial aid you WILL graduate with ALOT of debt from loans used to pay for this school. I personally believe that the value of an education far outweighs any debt incurred while attending but we need to be realistic. If you graduate and owe the U.S. Department of Education 700 dollars a month, and you aren't making alot of money, life will be a struggle financially. Just an FYI, if you decide to change your program, your financial aid will be changed without notifying you of the change. Make sure that if you decide to attend this school that you check your account and financial aid often.
On a more positive note, the coursework in this program is challenging and interesting. However, just like any school, it all depends on how much YOU put into each course and the quality of the professor assigned to your section of each class. The first professor I had seemed to have the best interests of the students at heart and so did the professor of the third class I took. The professor in the second class, was pretty much absent from the course and graded work VERY late. Also, on the topic of coursework, I would like to mention that if you are NOT motivated to read and study on your own, DO NOT take a program at this university. The reason I say this is that of course you can look at the discussions for the week and pinpoint the areas of the text required to answer the questions but, when it comes time to apply the knowledge you are supposed to have gained in the workforce, you may not know what to do. You might have a 4.0 GPA from Capella, but the question is were you a concientious student and did you read everything you were supposed to read? This is why I enjoy Brick and Mortar schools more than an online program. If you are in the classroom and answering questions/taking tests/doing projects, your professors will be able to tell if you are not doing the work required to do well in the course. With Capella, you can simply skim the text each week and get a perfect GPA while you're at it. I am NOT suggesting that Capella students as a whole do this, but I am SURE that there are some that do. Another benefit that makes Brick and Mortar schools better in my opinion is the face to face interaction with other students. Yes, you can do schoolwork in your PJ's if you are attending Capella but, what is the price you are paying for convenience? For my specific program (Counseling), I have found through research that Brick and Mortar Graduate programs in counseling have alot of Roleplay in the classroom so that students can gauge how well they would do in a therapeutic setting. The only way you are able to get this at Capella is by specializing (which doubles the cost of your degree) and attending colloquia (which are required if you want to specialize). These colloquia are one week classes that are an out of pocket expense, regardless of if you recieve financial aid or NOT. Financial aid CANNOT be used towards Colloquia. In addition, you are NOT guaranteed that your Capella degree will be sufficient for licensing requirements in YOUR state.
In conclusion, I applied to a very good school that is close to home and I am hoping to transfer there as of summer of 2011. Not necessarily because Capella is Bad or anything like that, it's simply because I would like to become a licensed therapist and the program I applied to was offering tuition scholarships in return for non-profit work after graduation. I also think that a brick and mortar education would be much more inline with my career goals and educational needs. I am hoping to hear about my scholarship sometime in the next two weeks.

Good Luck :)

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Capella University 4

Great school, great educators. I highly recommend it!

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Capella University 4

I completed a Masters in Information Technology in the summer of 2007 and actually enjoyed it. For all of you used to the traditional Brick and Motor University, get ready for a change. As in everything, there are some pros and cons to this university.

(PROS) I found no problems with the faculty and administrative staff. Just about every professor was accommodating and attentive when contacted for clarity on my assignments. Administrative staff was extremely helpful with the enrollment and financial process. I am former military member and used my GI Bill. So for those of you in the military, this university is very military friendly. I found just about all of the courses relevant and up-to-date with current trends.

(CONS) The cost of the courses is crazy, at the time I was paying just under $2000.00 a class! What my GI Bill didn't cover, I had to pay out of my own pocket. Still not bad I guess. The only other thing that concerned me was that I received a 4.0 in every class of the program. I’m not saying that I would have liked a lower GPA, but it makes me think a little. Don't get me wrong, I worked my butt off in each class, but a 4.0, wow. It just makes me wonder if they were giving grades away. Other than that I actually loved their college experience.

(Results) I am a small business owner, and therefore the degree did a great deal for me. It not only gave me new found knowledge but it was also a source for taking my business to a new level. As a result I was able to raise my rates and explore other avenues of revenues for business and have made out pretty well. If you would ask me if I recommended Capella, I would say yes specifically for the MSIT program, I couldn't speak for any of the other programs. Also just get ready to dish out some cash!

(Update) After graduating in the summer of 2007, I went right back to college again, this time choosing my local university of UT Brownsville for a Master's in Business Administration. The reasons I choose to go back to a traditional university were two fold. One was because of the cost; UT Brownsville was WAY more affordable. Second, business classes are not my specialty, therefore a traditional approach was the way to go. BTW, I graduated this past weekend and am so relieved!

Oh one more thing, "It’s not really so much of where you went to college, but what you do with the education you receive that counts!” I hope my post has helped some of you make your decision.

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Barbara Ro

Capella University 3

3 stars (put your rating here! 1-5
I'm interested in the masters in accounting degree from Capella University. Has anybody had any experience with this program?

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Capella University 2

Working on a Bachelor's in IT with Capella, and I've been there for almost 3 years now.


Flexible schedule allows me to work on my schoolwork when I have time to do so.

I have found most of the course content to be informative, and at least in the IT courses, it involved things that I actually wanted to learn.

I have run into several courses that were just plain poorly designed. For example, the assignment for a particular week may have nothing at all to do with that week's reading assignment, leaving all of the students confused and asking for clarification.

In my experience, the instructors at Capella lack interest. For example, if a student asks for clarification on an assignment, he or she will be provided with a one phrase answer that provides no help whatsoever. Also, if a particular week's assignment actually requires feedback from a professor, be prepared to wait days at a time for that feedback, and be prepared for it to be meaningless and unhelpful when it actually does show up. I had one course at capella where the instructor literally did not log into the courseroom for 3 weeks straight, and it was only a 5 week course! In my opinion, they really need to discipline the instructors for behavior like this.

Course materials are a bit of a sore spot here as well. I have had several courses that require multiple books. Needless to say, this gets expensive. Multiple times I have had the experience of a course requiring me to buy three books, but then only utilizing two of them in the actual coursework.


Really the only reason I do not move to a different university is the fact that if I did, the new university would probably require so many different courses than Capella does for the same degree that it would take me longer to get the degree that way. I've got so much time invested in this school now, it is far easier to just tough it out. If you decide on Capella, be prepared to do everything on your own, with absolutely no help of any kind from a professor. When I need to know the answer to a question in order to complete an assignment, I always post in the discussion thread, email the instructor, and ask my peers. My peers always have the same question that I do, and the feedback from the instructor never comes back before the due date for the assignment, and wouldn't have been helpful at all even if I had gotten it in a timely manner. So, the proper way to deal with this situation at Capella seems to be make up an answer, and leave the question and the made up answer in the comments section when an assignment is submitted. I will say that normally the instructors do not deduct points for assumptions that must be made due to their own lack of feedback to the students. That's something I guess.

And before the flamers get started with "Bad students post bad reviews" comments, I actually still have a 4.0 GPA almost 3 years into the program. Which is exceedingly hard to do given the lack of instructor participation that has been rampant throughout my coursework. Luckily, the other students are normally having the same problem and are willing to bounce ideas back and forth to find the best solution.

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Capella University 5

I cannot complain about anything at Capella. I have 3 courses left to complete my Master's in Human Services and I feel it has "stretched" me intellectually and academically. I have had so much compelling dialogue with my classmates in the online courseroom. I have never had an issue with advisors, professors or financial aid. All of my instructors expect the highest level of accountability. Participation is 50% of the final grade...sometimes I did not even go to my classes as an undergraduate yet still managed to get mostly A's. For reference, I earned my Bachelor's from a Tier 1 brick and mortar university (top 100) and I am currently working concurrently on my RN degree. Overall, I have had a completely positive experience and I definitely say go for it.

Edit 10/13/2010: My degree was conferred last month and I am very pleased with my decision to attend Capella. I would like to share the most recent statistics on default rates for Capella University since it is such an important indicator of success and competitiveness in the marketplace. Capella's default rate is a mere 3.3%, which is less than half the average and less than many public brick and mortar institutions. The national average is 7% and that includes public, private, for-profit, etc. So please, do not be misled by the naysayers who criticize ALL online is clear that graduates of Capella have no problem getting jobs. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all online schools.

You should always consider the source of criticism when contemplating where to attend. Many people make claims about online universities without any basis. Perhaps some could not get accepted (my degree required a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA) and are bitter about it? Others may not have wanted to put forth the participation effort required to succeed in the courses and failed. Online education is not for everyone. That said, at the right school, it is a fantastic option for those disciplined few who have work, family and other competing priorities.


U.S. News and World Report (2010, September 15). Loan default rates at prominent online universities. Retrieved 10/13/2010 from

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Capella University 5

I have to say...What a great school. I am a University of Phoenix Alum...and I like this school more. Amazing curriculum & practicums.

I would absolutely recommend.

P.S. If you are honestly considering Capella, don't read these reviews. You will hear horrible things & wonderful things. You need to experience it on your own.

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Capella University 1

Two words - rip off! Want a diploma mill education and have the funds to buy it? This is the school for you. If you're serious about your education, look elsewhere.

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Capella University 5

I am in my soon to be third quarter or half way through (with transfer credits) the PhD in Business Organization and Management. I already have an MBA from a Private Top rated University and Capella has been wonderful. I am a lecturer at two Universities one public/one private in Ohio. Both have welcomed my experiences from Capella with open arms as their educational trend is shifting towards distance learning and learning options. Having experience in Brick and Mortar as well as online learning has made me a step above the rest.

I appreciate all of my professors help, the staff in my experience have been wonderful. I was never surprised or upset by hidden information but initiative is key. In the online world, or anywhere for that matter, one has to take some responsibility to initiate conversations and ask questions, as well as be self-motivated in exchange for the freedoms of asynchronous learning. It's the logical trade and one that many have to become accustomed to if this or any Online University will be a good 'match'.

With regard to the residencies, sure they are expensive in an economic time we all could use extra money, but really, they are worth every penny. Three logically spaced power-courses are required for the PhD and I have to say they are experiences that I will not forget for the rest of my life. I learned a lot in a short amount of time, stayed in nice hotels all over the country, and made many lifelong friends who will be my peers and probably co-authors for decades to come. These residences also help to bridge the gap between your peers that is innate of online learning.

Anyone interested in the details of the PhD program in Business, ask for Ashlee. Scott is a great academic advisor as well. They are amazing, kind and helpful, and are in the process of completing or have completed work at Capella and will give you straight forward answers - but you must ask!

I look forward to completing this program, and I would recommend the school to my friends. I am sure those with negative comments have valid experiences, and I feel glad my own experiences have not mirrored their own. In my time here, I can state that I firmly believe a failure to complete the (PhD) program is not going to be due to a lack of help from the faculty or staff at the university, as long as you take a little initiative.

-AdamE PhD class of 2012

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Capella University 5

I am a student attending Capella University and I can truthfully admit this is a wonderful school! Capella is expensive, but the education is outstanding! I have attended several other online and traditional universities in the past and hold two degrees. I have never before encountered this level of work at any school previously! Each class takes around 35 hours per week. This school is not for lazy individuals! Hard Work! Great Education! No Regrets! I love Capella!

S Hunt

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Capella University 5

With the exception of one professor, all of my professors in my Capella PhD program were extremely helpful and knowledgable, and set and enforced high standards (every school has at least one dud). I completed my Master's degree in an online program at Boston University and the format of the two schools was virtually identical. The standards at Capella were tougher than at BU, but the difference was likely more due to the difference between PhD and Master's level learning and expectations. Both schools were awesome: neither gave away any grades and both made us work and learn. The biggest difference was that at Capella, the professors taught the classes, but at BU, teaching assistants taught. I don't know if this was because of the difference between doctoral and graduate-level work, or a difference between the schools. Both programs are very relevant and comprehensive: I have used what I have learned in both programs at work, sometimes on the very day that I learned it.

Aside from the North Central Regional accreditation, the State of Minnesota, where Capella is located, sets and enforces high standards for all schools. The State of Minnesota also has laws that encourage innovation and excellence in academics, as evidenced by the number of nontraditional programs and nationally high ratings of public and private schools in Minnesota.

To the reviewers that lambasted Capella for unreasonableness because they think that using correct grammar, spelling, and academic format is only for formal papers, and should not be required for posts and weekly assignments, think again. The whole point of using these tools on a routine basis in class is to practice and improve writing skills, which are an important part of academic work. It is far better to lose a few points on posts or weekly assignments because of style mistakes, from which one learns, than get a poor grade on a final paper because of style. At the graduate and PhD level, students are expected to demonstrate mastery of content, appropriate taxonomic application, and presentation. Once a student has become fluent in APA or other required style, and has adapted to academic writing, this becomes the easiest part about posting or completing assignments. To those, who lament grade inflation, it is important to remember that in a system where a standard is established for each grade and the students are motivated to do well, the distribution of grades will necessarily differ from the grade distribution a system in which students are graded based on how well they did relative to one another, and not relative to established standards. The first system is fair to all students because it rewards performance, and fair to the institution because it ensures that grades are earned on objective criteria that demonstrate the school's academic integrity. Curve grading is unfair to schools because there is no way to ensure that students have demonstrated competency, and unfair to students because a student may receive a grade that is not commensurate with the actual quality of work: an A paper may earn a C if half of the class wrote slightly better papers, or a C paper could earn an A if it was the best paper in the class. Both Capella and BU base grades on objective criteria, so students get the grade that they earn.

I have attended both brick-and-mortar and online schools and have found that the biggest difference between online and brick-and-mortar programs is the level of hand-holding that occurs. In online programs, the student must assume a lot more responsibility for completing assignments on time and interacting with professors and peers than at brick-and-mortar institutions, where set class times force interaction and the potential for public embarassment forces preparation and assignment completion. Reviewers, who wonder how anyone can learn when s/he cannot simply ask the professor a question, are evidently not good candidates for online programs because they do not have the research skills, initiative, or time management skills to conduct independent research or plan ahead so a necessary question can be emailed or posted and answered. When reviewers of schools complain about them, it is often evident that at least some of the problem is a poor match between the program and student goals, needs, and attitudes. When students give kudos to schools, it is evident that the program is the right one for the student.

For me, Capella was a great fit because the program matched my interests and intended use, challenged me and made me grow academically and as a person, and gave me a way to earn a PhD when an unpredictable schedule precluded attendance at a brick-and-mortar school. I am currently awaiting my comprehensive exam results and am looking forward to the dissertation phase.

For anyone with the discipline and desire to complete an online PhD degree, Capella's programs should be on the list to check out.

Anonymous, MCJ
PhD Candidate, Capella University


I passed my comprehensive exam. It was a lot of hard work crammed into a short time, but the content and process were extremely fair. The questions and grading criteria for the answers required student demonstration of knowledge and skills critical to successful completion of the dissertation, and actually doing the exam was a good learning experience. The break after the comprehensive exam prior to starting the dissertation was sorely needed and very welcome. The dissertation is hard work, but it is going well so far.

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Capella University 1

The proof of money grabbing shines brightest when you receive your cardboard diploma that any 5th grader can print off their computer. When I called and complained they offered to send me a Capella "medallion"!!!

Stay as far away from this money hungry abortion of an on-line school!

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Capella University 2

I would really counsel anyone considering an online PhD program to do what I would counsel anyone considering advanced doctoral work to do: know your long-term goal.

I have designed and managed enrollment and admissions programs for "proprietary" or for profit schools like Capella. Because their entire operating budget relies on student fees it is expensive. For instance, a one year beauty school program at Empire Beauty School will cost you about 20k. An AA from ITT will be approx. 20k and 40k for a BA. Capella's PhD program is advertised at 60k.

Assuming one has no other student loan debt from undergraduate that equals an approximate monthly student loan repayment of you can expect a monthly payment of $680 upon graduation. ( nts.cgi)

The question then becomes, "does the value of your degree offset that monthly expenditure?" If you think that earning this degree will then you have crossed the first threshold.

The second consideration should be the type of work you want to do. For posters here in clinical psychology and other private sector jobs the degree is formality for promotion and/or hiring. That means employers are less concerned with your degree's prestige than what you can do. Which is fine.

However, for people considering a job in academia, research, or even some high level government work a degree from Capella (or ITT or UofP or Strayer) will be an obstacle. The truth people familiar with traditional graduate educations dominate in those fields. And they, overwhelmingly, value the contacts and value your degree's prestige and reputation brings. They also value what the school's reputation communicates about your ability. The fact is, Harvard is Harvard because there is a long history of Harvard graduates that suggest the education they receive prepares them for certain tasks. Capella cannot offer that.

I strongly suggest that anyone considering a career in education reconsider attending any non-traditional program unless their goals is an EdD or EdS or another similar "practitioner's degree". If your specialty is education the expectation from most educators will be that you are versed in traditional academic and education practice.

Also note that traditional PhD programs are generally paid for, at least in part, by the institution. Therefore, a student graduates with less debt. That can put one in a position to take jobs or opportunities that a burden of a $680 a month loan obligation will not allow.

Just some things to think about.

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Capella University 3

I am thinking of enrolling in PhD for emergency management and Disaster Response. Anybody in same field please share your experience.

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Capella University 1

I am actually sorry to have to rate this school with even one star. I would invite anyone who is considering attending there to seek any other alternative. Frankly, they almost destroyed my faith in higher education for a variety of reasons and just remember they get paid no matter what... Does everyone there get straight A's too? Grade inflation aside, I attended good schools and am only sorry I didn't pull the pin on the doctoral program sooner. Their psychology program was a complete bait and switch. They advertised publicly years ago that they had APA accredited continuing education credits and insisted to all newcoming students they were absolutely going to obtain APA accreditation. After 5 years of trying and lying, they died and left everyone who was counting on them holding the air. Once you figure out the mindset and experience the nightmare you are in for nothing but financial pain. Do not in any way shape or form let them by with not sending you out an annual financial statement. I never received one in the couple of years that I spent frustrated there. Another thing to keep in mind since they make so much to do about being accredited is that they pay for that distinction and who is going to refuse their money? If your idea of an education is spitting massive amounts of income against a wall and being told to paint it without a brush this is the place for you. If only it was amusing, since no one, even the courts can hold them accountable. They currently have an instructor in conjunction with an affiliated teacher's union who is working hard to take them to task at the supreme court level. However, their monetary resources (thanks to their hopeful constituency and Title IV funding) makes a very prodigious defense possible so the outcome is anyone's guess. It's like a tax payer feast where you get to pay twice and throw up out of both ends.

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Capella University 5

As a current student of Capella University. I must state to all interested persons that it is a great way to advance your career. The school is stable and it has structured programs. The evaluation process is very structured and fair. The level of class work is challenging but it can be done. It is not a easy school that offers easy programs. This school is very dedicated to your development as a professional. Its primary focus it to educate and allow experiences of its student professionals, educators, and the course work to lead you to success. I would reccomend it highly.
J.E.Rice Sr.

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Capella University 5

I am currently taking my first course at Capella University. (Masters in Mental Health Counseling). I must say that I have learned more from my first few assignments in this course than my last YEAR at the brick and mortar university that I attended. The assignments require you to apply the information to everyday life experiences, and I get MORE feedback and interaction with my professor and peers than I have ever gotten before! I am thrilled that I chose Capella! Keep up the good work :)

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Capella University 5

I researched 34 schools and never could seem to get any transparency. Every school I contacted was unsure of my credits or wanted me to apply to the university and take one semester before granting an evaluation of my credits. Some of these supposedly “nonprofit” universities wanted me to retake some of the exact classes again, but this time at their university. I truly researched 34 schools and the only transparency received was from Capella University. Capella University offers superior higher education and I learn more per class than I ever did at any traditional university. My enrollment counselor Chad Pittenger, was honest with me and has guided me through every step. The course work is quite heavy, but a good school is not easy and this degree will not be a hand out. I would recommend Capella to anyone who wants to go to school to learn. Capella is not easy and the course work should not be taken lightly, so if you just want a piece of paper for a degree and you have no interest in high education, Capella is not the school for you. On the other hand if you are eager for a challenge and want an extremely good education, Capella is the school for you. My quest for high education will continue at Capella University. While attending Capella University, I have developed a sincere pride and I’m proud to admit I’m a Capella Student. I love Capella!

Scott Hunt
Capella Student

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Capella University 1

We all at times struggle in academia. Whether is independent studying and or classroom. Currently a collegue who is getting her masters in counseling seems just plainly LOST....yet arrogant yet I can tell she is struggling with the application and knowledge of counseling theories, while using effective skills and techniques competently.
You can read all of the books..and read!! and write, but going to class online is not the same environment as someone who ALSO reads and writes for assignments. I read all of my assignments and still manage to be in class for four hours at a time...but it must be hard work for capella students to figure out particular theory/models and not get any immediate feedback. One can write academic/research papers but how effective are they, how do we know if they are reliable in the end? ex: I got an A on my paper, ohh worked hard trying to figure it out??...So it mustve being an EXCELLENT paper, capella is amazing...right?

anyway this lady is doing her internship and looks lost like a deer but walks as if "know it all" which I dont care much for that.....on the positive note she is trying to keep her genea pig clients to come back for future session yet with little to none success. the unusual thing...

caprella online education cannot guarante the success of each individual and or a future clinical counselor. is an individual journey that we all embark at one or another and i wouldnt be surprised if many capella students have a very difficult time finishing a PHD. (Dissertation proposal) ??? what the ?....I just cant imagen.....learning effectively at the gradaute level... It gives CACREP a bad name..

CAPELLA is actually really good at counting their $$$$$$$$$$$$...for sure

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Capella University 1

I took one course, and dropped the second one a day too late. I appealed the no refund policy because the reason I dropped late was that the instructor made a mistake posting the course requirements. After getting about 5-10 messages about it from students (including a few from me), she finally realized it and posted the course requirements. I found out that the course required APA formatting, including citations and references, not only for papers, which makes sense, but also for weekly postings AND responses to your fellow students. As someone else mentioned, this is fine if you want to write books or journal articles as a career goal, but I was hoping to actually learn from my instructor and my fellow students, as well as share my own experiences and get feedback on them. This is not the way programs at Capella work.

The reason I didn't know this is because my "sales person" was very high pressure and didn't inform me of this situation even though I told her I wanted to look into a different program after my first course because I did not like this format. Of course she didn't tell me that this is the same for the program that she pushed me into, and for most programs at Capella (maybe just the Graduate programs?).

The outcome is that the school took 4 weeks to decide, and thinks I should pay 50% of the course that I've dropped when they made 2 mistakes in this situation that led to my course drop. 50% means more than $1000 coming out of my pocket for nothing but aggrevation and my time wasted. Both of the instructors I had were very uninvolved, and broke all the rules they set for the students. I learned nothing about the course topics from them, only from the readings and my fellow students' postings.

I just wanted everyone to know what you're getting into if you choose this school. It may work well for those that don't have other school options in your area, but if you do - go somewhere else!

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Capella University 4

I am a current Capella student (M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology program). I've got three courses left to finish the program.

I already have my M.A. from a very prestigious brick-and-mortar institution, but chose the Capella program due to the flexibility of online learning. There were not very many options for an online master's in IO psych, but my experience with Capella has been great.

Yes I miss the engagement, interaction and dialogue of my peers in an in-person setting, but my main objective was to learn. And learn, I have. My academic writing and research capabilities have evolved due to the prolific writing expectations of this program. My ability to apply every learning objective to my job has helped me develop professionally. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Capella University 5

Capella University offers absolute convenience combined with a quality education. Learn in your pajamas with a schedule that works for you. This is the only way most of us can continue our education as adults with the responsibility of family and full-time jobs.

Like all schools there will be a couple professors that you do not click with but overall the majority are excellent. It is important to note that because Capella is online, the program requires more reading and writing than most brick and mortar schools. This will not appeal to all. On the upside, it is guaranteed that your writing skills will improve during the process.

Capella has received multiple types of accreditation. Please do your research prior to starting to make sure your education plan will support your future goals. Be proactive!

Example: Certain adjustments to your course plan may be necessary to meet licensing requirements in your state. Licensing requirements are unique to each state and in constant flux. It is the student's responsibility to stay on top of these changes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Capella University and I definitely recommend this school to others.

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Capella University 5

I have one more course to finish before getting my MBA at Capella. I have really enjoyed my educational experience at Capella. It was a lot of hard work and I have a 4.0 to prove it. I sacrificed a lot of time working on my MBA which meant less time with my husband and friends. I have learned so much and really enjoyed the applicability of the content in each class. After February 19 (the last day of my Capstone course) I will be able to look back with no regrets of getting my MBA at Capella. The majority of my instructors were very helpful and want their students to succeed. The staff I have talked to are very helpful and friendly. I hope to meet some of them when I go the commencement in August. Back in October of 2009 I mentioned Capella to a couple of professors at a b&m university that I attended and they had a positive view of Capella.

I highly recommend Capella to those who think they are disciplined enough to take online courses. The courses are 6 weeks long and there is a lot of material covered as well as writing assignments and discussion questions every week. There is no room for falling behind although if you have an emergency that comes up most professors seem willing to work with you. My father passed away in November of 2007 and I had a big paper due on the day of his visitation. My instructor was willing to give me a couple of extra days to turn it in (even though I actually turned it in before my extension date).

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Capella University 4

I am considering Capella for a PhD so cannot comment on the school per se.

I'd like to share my thoughts on the impact of attending various kinds of schools on employability. Do you agree or disagree, and why?


I have completed courses in the classroom and online. I have attended community colleges, completed a master's degree in a private tier 1 graduate school (4.0), and am an affiliate professor in a tier 1 graduate school. I have completed post-graduate work at Stanford University. I have worked internationally as a manager, executive and consultant in Fortune 200 companies; for a Bay Area tech firm; state, local, and federal government, and in the DOD and intelligence community. I've been a chief information officer, and currently make nearly $200K/yr. My salary doubled from what it used to be based mostly on adding the MS and on post-grad work at Stanford University to years of material accomplishments, or so I’m told.


I do NOT always agree with the way things are, but based on my personal experience, here are my observations and conclusions (your mileage may vary!):

- BUSINESS and GOVERNMENT: In business, they look at your ability to get the right things done. Businesses judge the quality of a school by the work that their graduates do in their respective business. But for the most part, so long as the school is regionally accredited, a corporation does not care where one earned their degree. Again, what matters is past and current performance - what have you DONE. One exception is a hard-core science job, say at a company like Xerox, big pharma, etc. These are more academic than business in culture, so “school rules” apply. This is where people argue about degree, then school, then GPA, then number of patents, etc – it never ends. Another exception is if a school’s reputation slips. I did hear of one Fortune 200 company that would not recognize a degree from a university offering online courses whose name begins with “P.” Ditto everything preceding related to government, generally. So good and great schools are okay, and people will argue about which is which, but everyone seems to know which are the really crappy schools – the ones nobody argues are good. Don’t go there – literally.

In the business world, in general, the MS/MBA is a big plus, and a PhD can be a minus, even if Ivy League. It’s not valued – how many CEO’s in non-science companies have a PhD? The general perception is that PhD's are too academic, can't get to the point, and lack focus on what is “fit for business” vs. perfect. The perception is also that “if the person had value he or she would have been making money not spending it on another (unnecessary) degree.” When reviewing resumes, many hiring managers (not HR, but the people who actually hire) will reject a PhD applicant unless the degree is required. Typical comment is "oh brother, that's the last thing we need around here is some ivory-tower PhD." Sorry, that's the perception, and people do make decisions based on their perceptions.

- ACADEMIA: People in universities – online and B&M -- will always prefer "people like me," just like every other profession. So, if one's goal is to be a tenured professor in a B&M university, then you better go to one to get the degree! If one wants to teach in an online school, they will have no problem with an online degree!

ONLINE EDUCATION: The value of online education. Again, I've done B&M and online, from community college to post-grad at Stanford. No doubt, the quality of the faculty at Stanford is the best I've ever experienced. And some of the people who actually taught class were not PhDs and were not Stanford educated. What they were was smart and experienced and effective.

On the other hand, if the school is great, one can escape not learning much. In my Stanford work, some of my peers got 1/10 of what I got out of the same class. Bill Gates does not have a BS, neither does Dell. And I know a lady with a Harvard degree who is nice, but can’t manage people and can’t seem to get anything done. One can also get a great education at a medium quality school. Reverse is also true. If one attends a decent school, and a student really engages with the material, one will learn!

As for creating a classroom-like experience online, i.e. video, etc., these can be good. Having taught at the grad level, my view is that students really learn when they write. Good writing is a reflection of good thinking, which is the point. There is a lot to be said for doing research and then writing, doing analysis, making recommendations, etc., as this is what one often has to do at work.

So the bottom line is that one can get a pretty good education in many schools provided one puts in the work; business and government don't much care where the degree came from IF you also have accomplishments and you can talk like an executive. If you want to be a prof in a Tier 1 B&M university then that's where you better get your degree.

As always, if you want to work in a certain place, look at the education and background of the people who work there, and do what they did.

My 2 cents!

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Capella University 5

I am currently enrolled in the PhD psychology program at Capella. I have never taken a course in an online environment before. I can truthfully say at this point that Capella's training approach is more rigorous than land based reputable colleges and universities I have attended at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

If you want to improve your writing skills, learn to interact critically with substantive information in your chosen field, develop a scholar-practitioner approach to learning, enjoy flexibility and saving travel time and money, like accessibility to professors, prefer the flexibility to research and explore areas of personal interest in your chosen field of study, want honest professional feedback and critique of your abilities and coursework, and enjoy frequent thought provoking interaction and discussion with other students regarding specific assignments and coursework then I would recommend Capella University without hesitation.

In terms of cost I think the quality is there. However, getting the most out of online education at Capella does depend on the investment of time and energy a student puts into the coursework. If your time management skills, optimism and motivation are intact and impressionable, a student can excel in learning and personal development in his or her chosen field at Capella. Capella's rigorous training modules are designed for students who possess these characteristics. Believe me, this school is no piece of cake and is not designed for students who prefer to sit back and be lectured to, have an occasional quiz and do a paper at the end of the quarter. Capella's training modules are geared to train you to think critically and write...a lot!

It is the students responsibility at Capella to be self starting, diligent and motivated to learn. Prepare to work, learn and develop personal study skills, understand how to take a scholarly approach to research, refine your writing skills and become a creative and critical thinker in your field. I can honestly say this style of education rivals any formal land based educational methodology I've personally been a part of and I've been to 6 different colleges and universities in the US and Europe.

There are some professors that may be better than others but is that is true anywhere. I would rate the professional standard of expertise at Capella so far as high moderate to high. I have no overall complaints. Furthermore, I receive financial aid and the response level from the FA office in my opinion has been very good, so I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I've had bad experiences at a Big Ten school I attended to. So what? It happens. The academic advisors are available to help and interact to offer advice and counsel on determining the best program and coursework and course load suitable to your desire, schedule and needs.

In my humble opinion, some of the negative comments and reactions I've seen expressed here are tenuous. You get out of this thing what you put into it...period. If you want to learn, research and excel in your chosen field, Capella is definitely, without a doubt, a school that can facilitate your educational goals.

The only drawback in the Psych prog. is Capella is not certified with the APA...yet. This may or may not present a problem for an individual seeking state licensure in a particular state that only recognizes a degree from an APA accredited school. Although many states do not have that stipulation. However, as was mentioned by a poster here, Capella is an accredited university like any other land based school.

There currently is only one online school that has a very good Psych program that is accredited with the APA. Online graduate education is a work in progress in terms of obtaining certification like this. In my view I don't think it is a reflection of the quality of education at Capella. I personally think, along with others who recently discussed this with me online, that it is the prevailing professional mentality that online educational is still inferior to land based institutions that needs to change first. Based on my experience, I vehemently disagree with that perspective and I suspect because of the rapid trend and increase in marketing and development of online education through reputable land based schools, that "caveman" mentality will become the minority in the very near future. In my opinion, there doesn't seem to be any reason for Capella to not receive such a certification from the APA. The quality and depth in the Psych department is there.

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Capella University 5

I obtained my Ph.D. from Capella in Psychology with a specialization in Family Psychology. I am already licensed to practice mental health counseling in the state of Florida. I can only say that my program journey was extremely rigorous and challenging while at the same time being enjoyable. I originally approached a well known B&M school here in Miami, FL about whether I could attend and also work since their 15k stipend for Ph.D. students could not pay my mortgage and feed 4 more mouths. With disdain and arrogance, they said, "Don't bother applying. We are not interested in you!" I could not believe how Neanderthal these traditional academicians were. I am thankful for my time at Capella. I was able to have an incredible mentor and dissertation chairman and also learn under a Family Therapist that has sat under most of the great names in that field and had 30 years or more experience as a professional. I felt validated, supported, affirmed, cheered on, and caught the excitement and fervor for learning that my professors had. I felt respected and treated like an adult and not like a child. I've had pretty narcissistic professors in the traditional setting but it seems that eventually bad professors at Capella get axed and only the best get kept on board. All professors get evaluated by the students. I've never had that at a traditional school. I am a peon and need to be most glad that a god of academia is giving me his/her time. In the end, I got to join the club of "doctors." I must say that other doctors, both in the behavioral fields and medical physician fields have been most receptive of my degree and consider me a colleague worth referring to and for consulting. Capella propelled me to another whole level of respect and stature. I am most thankful.

Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Ph.D.

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Capella University 4

If anyone is interested, I completed my BS in Information Technologies there in 2005 and will be completing my MBA there this month. First the short info: they are fully accredited and have a few that some of the smaller B&M schools have yet to achieve, it isn't easy don't fool yourself, DO NOT fall behind in a masters course - you'll never catch up.

Most of the true negative reviews here mention the financial aid office and I'd have to agree with them on that. However I never used financial aid at any of the other B&M schools I've attended so I have no point of comparison, I just find them tough to deal with. Cost - it is friggin' expensive, but so are B&M schools. One of the things I like about Capella though is the other students. I'm taking courses with heads of major companies and top ranking officers in the military. You just wont get that at your local college. Back in 03' when I started this path I looked at every option I had including all the local universities and the major online ones. The locals were a joke (to me) because they refused to look at most of my past education or work experience. Capella was at least reasonable here, they didnt take all of it but enough to make it practical.

By comparison I tried to initially enrole in UoP (bigger school, better reputation at the time, etc.) and submitted all my transcripts. They did an initial eval and said they would accept all my old courses. Then about 1 week into my first course I get call saying they would accept none of them because they were all "continueing education". To make a long story short the admin office had no real idea what continueing ed was and just denied it out of hand. After some heated conversation they agreed to accept a few but I was done at this point and their credability was shot. Knowing a basic academic term shouldnt have been a problem for them.

So anyway I am completing my education here at Capella. I cant see a lot of value in getting a Phd so this is probably it for me. How have my degrees been viewed by employers ? For the most part I never get a comment on them, and the ones that do either went there or UoP and want to know what I thought of it. I did get one idiot tell me that it was a "corrrespondance school", and another say something another unknowledgable reviewer said about having no face-to-face contact was a problem for him (HR guy go figure). I wouldnt want to work there anyway. For the most part companies are global and work in a virtual team enviroment so you'd better get comfortable with it, or work at Walmart. If your attending or have graduated from a place that interacts and conducts courses virtually you should be able to sell that to a hiring manager big time. In the end you need to make up your own mind, but if had it to do again I would do it at Capella, but I would have started sooner and took less time off between my BS and MBA.

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Capella University 4

I think it's a good school. If you want to read a review I wrote of it go to: line_mba_review_capella_university.html?cat=4

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Capella University 5

I attended a traditional Ed.D. program in Education for a year, prior to transferring to Capella's Ph.D. program in Education. I found Capella's program to be informative and rigorous.

After completing my Ph.D. with Capella, I was offered several full faculty positions at highly regarded universities.

I was nervous that traditional schools would misperceive the quality of Capella's program, but I am happy to say that most of them positively regarded my online experience as they are attempting to use more distance learning themselves.

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Capella University 3

I have been a PhD student at Capella for almost a year. I have had some great professors and have learned a great deal that I can apply in the workplace. As a matter of fact, when I was preparing for the Texas Administrator's test, I was able to use the knowledge I gained while attending Capella. Although the classes are informative, and the learning is good, there are some downfalls. One of the biggest ones is the amount you have to pay. In order to receive your PhD, you have to attend three residencies. These are not part of your $4485 tuition every ten weeks. Therefore, you have to pay your $1485 for each residency, $500 (approximately) for the hotel, $500 (approximately) for flight fee. I am a single mother who is trying to get ahead by earning a PhD, so I can give my children a better life. However, it is hard to make ends meet when you are worried about how you are going to cover the bills while knowing that you have to attend another residency. Besides the residencies, I have also had to pay additional money for a computer program which I need for one of the research classes. Shouldn't they tell you that while you are ordering books and figuring out your budget? No! They don't. Like other comments I have read, I have not had the best experience with the financial aid office. I have waited for many weeks to receive my reimbursement funds, so I can purchase books and make plans to attend residencies. Each representative tells a different story; thus, you are left not knowing what to do or who to believe.

I am considering transferring to another online university because I like the flexibility aspect of distance leanring. I don't know how many of the 30 hours I have accumulated with transfer, but I am looking right now. If I had to do it all over again, I would do a much better search of online universities before choosing Capella. They work very hard to get you in, and then they leave you hanging.

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Capella University 3

Here is my two cents worth. I am deciding on whether going to a brick and mortar or online school makes much difference. In my line of work where I live I do not think it does. I have worked in a clinical mental health agency for five years(10 years of experience in mental health all together) and here is the breakdown of all the workers

Regional director(highest degree in our company)-Liberty University online master's degree(licensed)

Clinical director-satellite courses through Radford-just needs test to attain a license in social work
counselors-all master's level

University of Va(plus 25 years of experience)-no chance of advancement with this one-no licenser

Radford University-for her there is only a chance for advancement because she is getting her licenser(just needs the test)-she got treated awful before this

Director for TDT- a brick and mortar school-only got position due to licenser readiness

So in my company get licensed. It does not matter what school you go to here. Licenser is the big factor.
Corporate does not care about PHD's at all. We have one interning. As a matter of fact the only person they would go out of their way to hire is a psychiatrist which they would kill for. The dirty truth is where you are educated does not mean a whole lot(in this company). By the way this is a company who has corporations all over the United States and jobs are very competitive here as well. By the way I have done both traditional and online education.

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Capella University 3

Sounds like a recent reviewer (mabby) needs to do some anger management work. FYI I have helped a half dozen "Capella" students finish their thesis and graduate, so I DO know something about Capella, although not from the vantage point of a student. You might also note that 50% of PhD students fail to finish the thesis because the process is so overwhelming. I am willing to wage that the non-completion rate is higher for Capella (or any distance education)students. But I am sure you know that since you are a self-proclaimed genius and ... oh yeah, the 1986 Scripps National Spelling Bee winner ... LOL

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Capella University 5

I am nearing the end of what has truely been on of the most rewarding and challenging journeys of my life - getting a PhD in Information Technology from Capella University. Two and a half years ago, after about six months of performing due diligence to select the right on-line PhD program, I selected Capella from a VERY short list of accredited on-line programs. My choices were Capella, Nova Southeastern, Phoenix, and Walden. Without going into the reasons why I did not select the other programs, let me say that I have been pleased with everything about the university. The quality of the program is excellent, the amount of work is challenging but appropriate for the doctoral level, the professors have been just as good or better than the ones I had in my more traditional programs, the on-line library and database access has been superior, and both the comprehensive examination and the dissertation have been very challenging capstones to the program.

Many people still have the perception that an on-line education is not worth much - especially at the Phd level. Fortunately, as more univerities enter the on-line arena (a recent report from the Chronicle of Higher Education shows that about 20 percent of all US universities are now offering on-line programs), this perception will fade. More importantly, their is a ever-increasing cadre of senior managers who are impressed that people would be able to juggle careers, family, and full time university work at the PhD level.

The only complaint I have at all is the time it took for some professors to turn around feedback. It was more annoying than anything else, but it sure was hard waiting almost 3 weeks to learn that I passed my comprehensive exam. I have heard that the University has a high failure rate on the exam, but that is only heresay, as I passed it and Capella will not release offical numbers.

The negative reviews on Capella seem to center around financial aid problems (which I have been fortunate enough to avoid) and the fact that the program is way too hard. I personally like the fact that the program is so challenging, it adds to the reputation of the program. Capella understands that their niche in the for-profit educational scene is having the highest caliber educational standards for all their programs; it is a reputation that they jealously guard. I will be proud to have a PhD from Capella as my capstone educational degree.

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Capella University 4

I am a first year undergraduate at Capella University. I am currently taking my first class and so far I'm very pleased with how quickly, efficiently, and easy the whole process was for me to get enrolled and started.

After researching for most of the summer, I was pleasantly surprised with all of the positive reviews for this school. It does seem students studying for their MA or phd seem to dislike Capella, but undergrads are pleased with the school.

So far the expectations of Capella students have a healthy balance of challenging and achievable. If you dedicate yourself to reading everything that the professor writes, and if you follow directions well, you shouldn't have a problem.

Out of almost 30 students in my class, only a fraction of them have done what was required. Either the other students haven't reviewed the syllabus or they are still waiting for someone to knock on their door with a lecture hall packed in their briefcase. It's amazing to me how many students have gone through the trouble to enroll and pay for the class but yet, we haven't heard a peep out of them and it's already Week 2 of 10 weeks.

Compared to the majority of fellow students, I should do well on my journey for a valuable and valid education.

I'm assuming some of the nay-sayers for Capella are these students who expect everything to fall into their hands and refuse to follow directions. Yes, if you choose to overlook important notes from the professor you might miss your assignment topic and deadline. It's not the professor's job to personally call you and remind you to study and complete your paper on time. High School teachers don't even offer that level of personal service, so why should college professors?

Now, being that I'm only in my second week of classes at Capella, my review of the school may very well be premature. Only time will tell. If my rating and opinions change over time, I'll be sure to come back and update this post. Until then, my high rating and glowing review will stand.

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Capella University 1

I attended Capella from 2003 until 2007 when I graduated with my Masters in Information Technology. I work full time as a network consultant and with my Masters I was able to start teaching online.

After a little more then a year off I decided to go back to Capella and get my PhD in General Information Technology. I only did this after a lot of soul searching and assuring myself that it was the right thing to do.

Capella gave me 48 credits for my previous course work which is max. I'm filling out the application for their $5000.00 grant and I've gotten the federal loan to pay for the first three quarters or until the end of the school year.

OK, somethings to know about Capella. They have a great online classroom and I can't recall ever having a bad course. Some instructors were better then others but all were pretty top notch.

Capella will put a bounty on you if you owe them money. They love their money but they have some of the best accreditations I have seen for any college and that is where you need to do your homework. Accreditation is everything when choosing your college.

One way to save money with Capella is not to purchase any books. My courses were all technology related and pretty simple and using the Internet to find what you need is just part of doing research. I got wise to that real quick.

There administration is top notch and the academic advisor's are excellent. I never had a communication problem with any of them. I call and they answer the phone.

I did check out other online PhD programs but none offered the selection in Technology that Capella did. I guarantee you that if I had a bad experience with Capella I would not have gone back to do a PhD. I teach for the University of Phoenix and they give you a huge break in tuition if you work for and take your PhD program with them but they have only one PhD in Technology and it was nothing I was interested in.

Any PhD program is going to cost you plenty and I'm convinced that the bang for the buck is in the accreditation of the institution and the acceptance of the degree. I still feel that Capella has both going for it and if it didn't, I would have gone else where.

Cliff in Tucson

***********Update! Summer 2009!********

This is follow up to my last post on entering the PhD program at Capella. It was a mistake and I now wish I hadn't done it. everything was going along pretty smooth until the Summer semester of 2009 when I had the great misfortune of having Dr. Lawrence (Lonny) Ness as one of my instructors. Here is living proof that not everyone is cut out to be an online instructor. It is my belief that Dr. Ness has a personal agenda for being an instructor online and it has more to to with feeding his ego and reading his resume to a captive audience then anything else. To say I had a terrible experience with his class would be an understatement.

After I had attended the first track of the residency and I began to question my judgment about my enrollment at that time. I meet many of the instructors at the colloquium and soon realized that most had found the one place that would hire them based on nothing but their credentials.

I should have stopped with my Masters and been happy but after a year in Capella's PhD program, I can tell you the only thing I got from it was more college loans to repay.

My advise, if your looking for an online PhD program, do yourself a favor and find one somewhere else but not at Capella.

Cliff in Tucson

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Capella University 3


I have a few questions that maybe someone who has graduated from Capella U can answer.

1. I know Capella U is Accredited with the state of Minnesota but how does that translate to other states if you get a degree from them?
2. Are their degrees accepted everywhere?
3. What is the placement rate in jobs for graduates of their programs?


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Yoda Mark

Capella University 4

I’m a senior engineer at NASA with over 20 years of experience working on high tech stuff including Space Shuttle and satellites. I’ve got a B.S. in Electronics Engineering and a M.S. in System Engineering from Johns Hopkins University – a prestigious brick and mortar school. I have also completed PhD courses at Johns Hopkins, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland. My M.S. degree took me 3 painful years to complete that involved driving 100 miles round trip 2 – 3 nights per week. The worst part was dealing with all the stupid group projects with a bunch of strangers that I will never ever see again. I work in groups and teams every day in my job, and I don’t need any of that hassle while trying to earn a degree. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled with my M.S. degree, I just did not enjoy the logistics involved. I have taken several courses at Capella University towards the PhD in Organization and Management. Let me put it this way, at all the brick and mortar schools I went to I earned a 4.0 average (i.e., straight A’s). At Capella, I got my first “B” in a graduate course, which was due to my lack of good writing skills. I was shocked, as the pillar of my personal academic expectations that I have placed on myself has been shaken! So, suffice it to say, I am challenged at Capella. What I love about Capella is that it is all about me, my ideas, and what I want to research and write about and I find this very refreshing. The professors have always been very responsive to my questions and when I seek advice on a topic. It is funny to have an instructor mention that he is sitting in a ski chalet teaching the course and responding to your emails – so you have to accept that you are in an entirely different learning environment. At the same time, I am sitting at my computer at midnight in my PJs or logging on from my hotel room in the middle of the night – very different from traditional learning environments.

I’m married to a very supportive wife and also have a five-year old daughter that keeps me quite busy, and I travel frequently for my job. At age 44, it is a challenge going to classes and balancing work and family. With Capella, I can log in whenever I want, do all my research online or at my library at work or the public library, and get all my work done during off hours. You definitely have to rely on your own self-motivation to complete a course – very different from a traditional classroom setting, but I must say, I find that I learn a lot more about the subject matter in terms of breadth and depth than I have found in traditional schools. Now, my other degrees are engineering, with heavy doses of Calculus and Physics, etc., and I would find it difficult to take those kinds of courses exclusively online. However, for the qualitative nature of many of the course at Capella, the learning environment suits me just fine. I am pursuing the PhD for the personal credential to help support my goal of writing books and technical papers – this is my post-retirement plan in nine years. Also, my employer (NASA) loves the fact that I am pursuing a degree (no, they really didn’t care that it is an online school – that is, after all, the technological trend these days, and it helps the employer balance their work demands on the employee while at the same time demanding continuing education). If you are pursuing a PhD as a teaching credential to be applied at a brick and mortar school, you probably should think twice. This is not due to an inferior education at Capella, but due to the perception it invokes as an online school. The tides are shifting in this perception, albeit very slowly. In a professional setting, however, one that involves consulting, perhaps, this is a great way to get a credential. In my 20 years of work experience I have never had anyone ask me where I got my BS and MS degrees from – it just does not matter. I obviously work with a lot of folks that have PhDs from traditional schools and I have never heard anyone ask where their degrees came from – they are just referred to as Dr. So-and-so, and where they got their degree from just does not typically come up. Education is what you make of it and what you strive to get out of it. Find what works for you and be sure it fits with your goals before you commit the time and money. If getting a PhD as a book writing or consulting or professional credential is what you are after, and you need flexibility to balance your family and professional commitments while getting the degree, then this is the degree program for you. If your end goal is to teach at the graduate level for a traditional school, you should put your reality filter on and accept the fact that traditional schools will not likely recognize a degree from an online school (there are exceptions, but don’t count on it – fact is, there is too much competition for teaching jobs from folks that have traditional degrees). I inquired about teaching at Capella, and even Capella will not accept a PhD from Capella as a credential (generally, there are always exceptions) for being on their faculty – interesting, eh? Good luck in your academic pursuits!

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Capella University 1

For those of you who are going to Capella for the doctorate programs or are in the planning stage - beware!
Capella is a rip-off! I completed my phd program while I lived in Florida and then relocated here in Kansas.
When I attempted to apply for licensure here in Kansas, imagine my surprise when I was informed that Kansas
does not recognize Capella University due to their residency requirement (no face to face with your

I then contacted Florida's Board and they informed me of the same thing! As a matter of fact they went so far
as to tell me that no state recognizes their program except Minnesota!

I then contacted Capella and spoke with my advisor (whom I had for four years) and she told me "yes that's
true." Why didn't you tell me this prior to my loss of $107,000?

Of course if you want to do nothing but write books, then Capella is the place for you. But if your like me
and want to counsel, then you're SOL!!! I can't believe this! Now in order for me to counsel here in Kansas
where I plan to live for quite a while, I need to obtain another masters degree, but one in social work at which
time I can obtain a license and practice!

One last thing, when I spoke with the Kansas Board, they were shocked that no-one had told me of this problem,
and suggested that I find a really good lawyer. Ya Think???!!!

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Capella University 4

A little background - I have an associate's degree, two bachelor's degrees and a Master's - all from face-to-face (F2F) institutions and all summa cum laude. In the past, I have been enrolled in a face-to-face PhD program, which I left because of philosophical differences with the Graduate Department Chair. I am a straight-A student and scored over 700 on all components of my GRE and an 88 on the MAT. I started in the MBA program at Capella, then moved to the PhD because I could complete the PhD in nearly the same time (except the dissertation). I will finish the MBA after completing the doctorate.

I chose Capella for its completely online format, flexibility, and reputation (from colleagues). I have found the online instruction to be more challenging than F2F settings because there is no "lurking" in the back of the room (so to speak) during class. Each student must participate by creating structured and well documented posts and responding to the same from other students. At times, the writing load is very, very high - particularly if you take more than one course at a time. For example: there are 2-3 discussion posts per week. For each, one must construct a 300-400 word response (900 words minimum so far). Then, one must respond with a substantial post to at least 2 other learners (600 words) and then engage in dialogue with others who are responding to you (let's say 600 more words). At this point, the average learner has written 2100 words (remember - these are also fully cited from the literature) and has not yet completed an assignment for the week. Taking 3 courses each quarter (a very heavy load) has led me to write about 10,000 words a week. I can assure you that in all my previous academic preparation, I never had to prepare or participate at this level - ever.

All the writing aside, the grading scales are extremely soft - allowing learners who may have little potential to pass Comp Exams or pursue dissertation to progress through the program with passing grades. In this area, Capella is weak - essentially accepting tuition dollars from students until Comps - rather than allowing them to fail during the course work phase of the program. Capella pulls back the soft grading strategies during the Comps and a significant number (no one will give hard figures - but rumors are that it is from 50-80%) do not progress to dissertation. Will they try to help you? Yes. Will they create a remediation plan? Yes. Will they do it for you? Nope. Nor should they.

Core faculty are excellent and well versed in online instruction. Some adjuncts are as well, but others (as in F2F environments) are there for the extra money that facilitating a course will bring. Some students are profoundly academically well prepared and discussions with those folks allow learners to truly see the potential of a social constructivist learning environment.

Capella has resolved most of the troubles it had with WebCT and the current LMS (Bb) runs well most of the time. That said, it is Blackboard and offers few opportunities for interactivity beyond discussion boards. Faculty are using more Macromedia Breeze objects and incorporating more video/audio into the course materials - again, a real plus. All this said, however, this is independent learning. If you want this degree, you are going to have to work for it and earn it. You are going to need to be highly self-directed and motivated and you are going to make some sacrifices in order to do all the reading, thinking and writing that will be required of you. If you need interaction, you are going to have to seek it out yourself. Tools will be there to facilitate it, but you will need to organize those interactions.

On a final note, the library and writing services offered by Capella are unparalleled. I can get ANYTHING from any source I require either directly from Capella or within a couple of days from MITS. I can (and have) checked out up to 25 books at a time from the library - all are delivered free of charge to my doorstep (and return postage is paid by my tuition as well). There are real librarians that you can speak with and who are there for the sole purpose of facilitating your study. This is a far better system than anything I've seen in a F2F environment as I can do this all from my office.

Would I do it again? Absolutely.

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Capella University 5

I am student at Capella. I have attended several other online acredited colleges (four) and have taken indepth looks at many ohters, and my experiance at Capella has by far exceeded that of the other online schools. I have also went to school on a college campus as well too. Capella offers a great quaility education. The staff has been amazingly helpful, and I am learning a lot. There have been no mix ups or mess ups with my financial aid etc... either. I am VERY impressed with the education I am getting at Capella. It by far exceeds the other online schools available. I myself have not had to look for a job yet, since I am not finished with my online degree, however, i know of several people in my community who went online to the University of Phoenix, and they had not trouble whatsoever getting jobs with their degrees.

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Capella University 1

DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! Horrible experience with the MBA program! The learner support team representatives were rude, unresponsive and told half-truths on more than one occasion. Each quarter I would contact then to make sure my financial aid package was progressing properly. I was told that everything was in order. However, there was always some unexplained delay to my financial aid processing. I also discovered that the representative failed to even document my calls. Moreover, they kept cutting my financial aid award.
One quarter I didn’t do well because I couldn’t afford the course textbook. They refused to give me a book advance. By the tie I was able to buy the book, half the course was over and I was late for several assignments. I received a C for the course due to the delays from the financial aid department.

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