works in a true web 2.0 way. Fully remote across the world. There is no office.

The big challenge: ...
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My name is Otto - and I work for too.

We have now about 2 years of experience in remote working, lot's of ups and downs. Remote working is kind of special - and we are very happy to share our experience for other entrepreneurs and team. We think Internet remote work will be more and more part of our work culture in the future (for more see

A short sum up of our internal communication history:

1) Everything started with email, isn't it;-) So news spread with email.

2) Our next level in internal communication was a commonly editable monthly newsletters on Google Docs:-)

3) We made some great experiences with a tool called Yammer (kind of Twitter for companies).

4) And then we found the P2 extension for Wordpress blog we knew nearly from day one: This is the right tool for communications inside the open travel guide Open Microblogging:-)


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11/03/2009 5

I really love it that I can work on with great people from all over the world! The blog is enabling us to freely communicate on an open platform and at the same time open up to users, readers and other passers-by :)

If you're interested in remote work, new ways of business communication and have a responsible mindset - it is definitely worth a look!

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