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Peter Ueberroth autographed Baseball (SportsMemorabilia.com)$92.50

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Overall Rating:2.28 based on 39 ratings
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Peter Ueberroth, a former commissioner of Major League Baseball, is a registered Republican who has enlisted the support of both Democrats and Republicans for his campaign. He is running on a single issue platform of addressing the state's economic crisis. He has said that if elected, he would only serve for the remainder of Davis' term. Famous Quote: "A cloud hangs over baseball. It's a cloud called drugs and it's permeated our game." (Add picture)

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mtarpo (0)
Heard him on the Walnut Creek debate. Successful business man, not a politician, excellent, can turn around losing ventures like the State of California. Common sense not special interests.

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EnigmaticMan (0)
C'mon...has anybody REALLY listened to this guy. He's the ONLY one who sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He has laid out very detailed (not vague) plans to address the California budget crisis. I would suggest anyone who claims to be open minded to go to his website (www.peterforgovernor.com) and click on the replay of his San Diego Issue Forum and LISTEN to what he has to say. He's not going to accept a salary because he's going to do this job as a VOLUNTEER. He's not going to run for reelection when the term is up, so he won't waste time with fundraising nor owe any special interest group any favor. He's not even going to waste time critizing any of his opponents plans. Please go to the aforementioned website...LISTEN...then form your own opinion. It's nice to actually hear some intelligence spoken.

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robinh (0)
Why is he running? He can't win, He runs highly irritating ads that feature his daugter's voice on the radio, and her voice is as whiney as his is. Good grief.

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Mel Lastman (0)
I am not impressed with this guy. Sure the Los Angeles Olympics made money, but the only reason that happend was that L.A. had most of the facilities already in place so expenses were lower than almost every other games had been. His term as commisioner in baseball was marked by him shovelling money to greedy owners and players. Considering Republicans are famous for shovelling money into the greedy mouths of the super-wealthy perhaps Pety boy is a fine choice for the Republican Party. Oh, does anybody really think experience in government is a factor when the person with the most experience is Gray Davis?

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bigdingbat (0)
He's going to hog the gum-snapping, face paint-wearing, Schlitz-drinking, New York Yankee-yelling vote.

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whimsy1 (0)
I'm not giving him a higher rating because I don't trust him, or agree with many of his views but unlike Commenter Harleygirl, a Scheidle minion, I don't come up with spurious arguments to bolster my own candidate. What about YOUR candidate's political experience, Harleygirl, or didn't you think anyone was smart enough to check who these comments were by? (Camejo, on the other hand, has political experience. ) Are the Scheidle minions giving 1s to ALL the other candidates, or just the ones who they think have a chance? Show a little spirit and intelligence, and at least find out who the other candidates are. For everyone else, the most believable ratings come from those who have been members of this site for a long time -- yes, unlike me. For novices, it looks like the most believable ratings are those that have at least a few 2, 3, and 4 ratings on the breakdown. (Maybe this comment will help the Scheidle supporters to at least start showing a little subtlety:))

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harleygirl (0)
Someone PLEASE tell me this guy has SOME political background?

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YesIamRight (0)
What are you JOKING!

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RHall (0)
Runs a great 2nd behind McClintock. Has already proven his ablility to work with people, and choose the right people to fulfill his plans.

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lilylangtree (0)
He has business experience but doesn't have the overall ability to help Californians.

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magellan (179)
I love his campaign - so far. By focusing on a single issue (economic crisis of the government), recruiting campaign staff from both sides of the political fence, and saying that he won't run for reelection if elected, Ueberroth is effectively taking the politics out of what to date has been an obscenely partisan affair. While it is true that he did a wonderful job with the notoriously inept Olympic Committee, he has no track record that would suggest that he can handle the California state government. Great message, shaky resume.

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