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Overall Rating:3.40 based on 10 ratings
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JC Dorzweiler (0)
Marilyn is probably a wonderful person who cares about people, but shouldn't a person with her intelligence do something more important than answer silly questions in a column? Her answers seem to be correct even when all the "authorities" think she is wrong. No one has even mentions that she appears to be quite beautiful too.

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07FZappa (0)
It's good to be right and it's right to be good is everything I need to know about Marilyn Vos Savants character.In a world full of evil geniuses it was important that I discovered that the person with the highest I.Q.in the world is good. Coming from a world where I would often see the world through the eyes of a circus carny, she instantly dispelled the myth that being a good person and a good citizen is stupid and phony. that's magic! David Bolewski

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Timestalker (0)
I think her opinions as even her most ardent detractors. She just reveals them with more civility and elegance than some of them. Intellegence often does lead to meatier and well expressed opinions which makes them easier to digest.

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aarononline (0)
Marilyn has very eloquent answers to some of the toughest questions. I don't think it ever occurred to her detractors that sometimes Marilyn tells them what they want to hear rather then what she really thinks because she knows they don't want to hear what she really thinks. Some people just need to have someone to knock down because of their lack of self confidence. It is only because of Marilyn's column and books that I have taken an interest in math and she has shown me new ways of thinking things I used to take for granted. Take a more comprehensive look at her Books rather then her Sunday column in Parade you will not be disappointed.

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HalJor (0)
Just because someone has a high IQ doesn't mean they have common sense. The logic puzzles and bits of trivia are occasionally interesting, but having the ability to determine what a group of words have in common does not imply that you can solve more human problems like should I be offended or can hunger be cured. No one can know everything. Marilyn proves that. Stick to what number comes next, leave your personal philosophies out of it.

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LadyShark4534 (12)
Highest I.Q., my ass!

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