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Iloilo, PhilippinesGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.12 based on 17 ratings
ItemImageIloilo City, Philippines is known as the “Queen City of the South.” Originally settled and under Spanish control, until 1898, Iloilo is the provincial center of the region, and is one of the Philippines major agricultural centers. Iloilo is the home of the Port of San Pedro, one of the five international trade ports in the Philippines. Iloilo has also been called the “Gateway to Boracay Beach.”

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sabflower (0)
I'm a Filipino and "Iloilo" is a word I mention like only once in 5 years. It's not hot, really. Noone cares about it. If you want paradise for a vacation, go to Cebu or Boracay.
julZy (0)
You must be kidding me!.... r u telling all the pilipinos people that ur the QUEEN CITY of the SOUTH.... Ur hallucinating mate!... Have a look @ da history book in philippines or go back in elementary grade one that what u said was true!!!.... coz ur to late to say that You are the Queen from all these years!!!.... anyway is you say u are then so be it but everyone knows in the whole country whose the real one!!...

But you know i do appreciate all the wonderfull places you have there... but telling everybody ur the QUEEN is just inappropriate to change the history of our country!!!!
chakz (0)
amazing .. philippines' one great city...
JOlly (0)
ILOILO City is accessible on everything. I wish to have my own home in that place in the very near future. I live here in the US and wish to retire in ILOILO City. Cheers!!!
fatv07 (0)
I should say that this place is perfect for each and every one of us.
chymera00 (0)
Iloilo City is the BEST place in the whole world (That's true!). To learn more about this charming city found in the heart of the Philippines follow this link >> http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=214487
cheers (0)
the original Queen City of the South of the Philippines. Home of the world-famous Dingyang festival. This city offers almost everything. From an old historical mansions to new and modern metropolis. Surely, Iloilo had charm of its own .. truly a great city. Come and visit Iloilo.
fritzona (0)
Iloilo City, located South of Manila in the central Philippine region, is rich in heritage and colorful traditions. Iloilo is home to many beautiful Spanish-era churches and houses, Lapaz batchoy, Paraw Regata, and the famous Dinagyang festival. Iloilo is also a major stop to many beautiful beaches like world-reknowned Boracay, Guimaras Island, and many beaches yet to be discovered. Iloilo is a city with a rhythm all its own. Whether you're here on vacation or for business, you'll find yourself enjoying life at a simpler, healthier pace. We take pride in our city's distinct character. Ilongggos are a people of exceptionally gracious hospitality.
solid_to_sun (0)
You should come and visit this place.
Yoshi 04 (0)
I like the Philippines and my paents live there too!
lewd30 (0)
The Queen City of the South. People here are very kind and religious. They have very old churches and houses dating back to the 18th or 19th century. The modern side of Iloilo is that they have almost everything from high end hotels to high end department stores. You can reach Iloilo by the sea or by air. And lots of cultural events like Dinagyang Festival.
alexisl_99 (0)
iloilo is one of the philippines oldest city and most highly urbanized city. it is accessible to boracay islands which is considered as one of the most beautiful beach in the world. also it is just a 15 minute boat ride to the island of guimars famous also for its beautiful unspoilt beaches and home to the philippines sweetest mangoes. iloilo has an exciting nighlife, nice accomodations for travelers and delecious native delecacies.
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