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Added on 12/01/2003
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I used Cincinnati Bell for a year, and I found that I was given the run-around when I had a problem with the phone line. After switching to low-usage phone line (I only wanted the DSL since I have a cell phone) I discovered someone was using my phone line. After a lot of phone calls and run-arounds, I was able to have a technician come out and he found that my line was crossed and I was able to have the extra charges dropped.

Again I found the unknown phone usage on my bill a month or two after, and this time the technician came and adjusted the line. This time though they would not give me credit, saying that nothing had been wrong with the line. If there was nothing wrong with the line, then why did the technician say that there was a problem and he was going to randomize the line?

It's actually very stupid of them to not seriously look into this problem because it could potentially cost them a lot of time and money as they deal with the same problem again with the next tenant. I'm just glad I'm moving to another apartment, and I will never deal with Cincinnati Bell ever again. I am going to tell all my friends and classmates to avoid using them as well.

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