Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System

Cortina Key Fit 30 Travel System - MiroCortina Stroller With "Unique" Memory Recline" Seat:-Multi-position ...
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Added on 09/29/2009
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Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System 3

I have the Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system in Romantic, and there is a lot of good but the few bad things are deal breakers.

-car seat is very easy to install, and easy to make sure it's right (leveling bubbles are easy indicators)
-seat pops in and out with ease
-seems to be made well

-I was very surprised at how heavy the seat is to carry with baby in tow. I am no wimp, and from day 1, I had a hard time. now that my baby is 16 lbs, it's almost impossible for me to walk with her more than a few feet. Perhaps this is necessary to keep the seat safe. If so, then so be it!
-Hot! Hot! Hot! my daughter cries her eyes out as soon as she starts heating up- and that's usually within 5 minutes. If I keep her in the seat (ex- if I take her food shopping), the poor baby wiggles and arches her back the whole time. when i take her out of the car seat, her back and back of her head is drenched in sweat. no, i do not over dress her and no, the sun is not beating on her. she's fine until she starts getting heated up. it's making traveling with her very difficult. i can not wait to purchase the next stage car seat. perhaps this is what every parent goes through? i wouldnt know, i'm just sure that the material is making our lives miserable.
-i've noticed that some Graco seats have a deep groove on the underside. this is great for seating the car seat in the top portion of the shopping car. this seat does not have this!! i am forced to put the car seat in the large part of a shopping cart. this leaves almost no room for grocery shopping, or diaper shopping. it's made things very tough! i can not take her along with me when i have to get things done. next time, i will look for this feature when purchasing the infant seat.

as for the stroller-

-very easy to open and close
-infant seat sits securely into stroller and goes in and out with ease
-easy to steer, especially one handed
-baby is totally shielded from sun and rain when in the infant car seat resting in the stroller (only).

-when you are NOT using the infant car seat, it is impossible to shield your baby from the sun. it pokes in at all different angles and gets her right in the face. as we walk, i have to constantly check as we pass buildings and trees if the sun is now poking her in the face. poor design.
-the basket is very hard to put things into. the basket is deep, but there is only a few inches above it to squeeze things in. poor design.
-can not drag stroller when it is closed. the basket hits the floor, and you wind up scraping the basket on the ground. it's cumbersome to carry and often i would like to leave it closed and roll it to the car or through the house. not possible. poor design.
-my 5 month old can sit up, so i like to put her in the stroller without the car seat, but the harness doesn't secure her well enough to keep her totally in the seat. i have to keep checking to make sure she's not leaning out at all. grrrr.

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Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System 4

We really liked this stoller. It reclines flat so our baby would sleep on trips. The only negative is that when the baby is laying flat, the top of the seat folds up causing you to lose a few inches off the top of the seat. Our baby is 95% for height at 16 months and now too long for sleeping in it ( at least while totally flat). We still think it is a great stroller. The best part of the travel system is that since the car seat goes up to 30 lbs we have used it on many airplane flights and it has extended the period of time that we can travel with an infant car seat as opposed to the large convertible car seat. That has been a true advantage.

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booknerdwithsp unk

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System 5

After researching consumer reports and such I was sold on purchasing this system. I absolutely love it! The stroller runs so smoothly and was really easy to assemble out of the box. It is a very sturdy stroller and car seat, as they have survived many airports beautifully. I only wish the stroller could go through the sand, but I suppose that's what specialty strollers are for and I didn't expect it from this one. Though it goes off-road rather well. I didn't use the car seat interlocking into the stroller to often, because she grew so quickly and she just sweats so much when in the car seat and stroller together, (I live in the tropics), but it was really eay to use.
The car seat is a breeze to use, easy in and out of the car. Opening and closing the stroller is no problem with the baby on the hip and one hand to do it.

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Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System 5

Excellent stroller!
I bought it to use it with my newborn baby.
The Keyfit30 worked fine up to 9 months.
The stroller did perfect with no problem on streets, the beach and the farm.
It fits perfect in our car (Fiat Siena '08) and the weight was enough to let have it a few seconds in hands (that happened because our flat had troubles with the elevator!!)
There's no cons on this stroller because it was perfect all the time.
It's a good option for a new baby. We just sell it to a friend and bought a Pliko P3 (the other side of the moon! hehehe)
Let's see what will it be.

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Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System 2

Looks good, but I hope you have a personal grocery shopper! There are no notches on the bottom of the car seat so the seat does not sit on top of the grocery cart. Try doing a week's worth of shopping with a huge car seat in the main part of the buggy! Good luck!

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