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Overall Rating: 3.37 based on 445 ratings
Colin Luther Powell was born on April 5, 1937, in Harlem New York. He was the first African-American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he authored the best-selling book "My American Journey," and he was nominated by George W. Bush to the position of U.S. Secretary of State. (Add picture)

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mlkhamilton (0)
he's a true american
testing132 (0)
Sold his soul.
Smittro5 (0)
They are all......liars (they have to be) but I like this one the most. He would get my vote!
Loerke (36)
A painful case. I would have given him a 4 seven years ago, but his knowingly fradulent presentation about Iraqi WMDs to the U.N. was perhaps the grossest Lie ever told by a member of the Bush administration (a dubious distinction indeed).

According to a U.S. News and World Report story, Powell said "This is bullshit!" when he was given documents purporting to demonstrate that Iraq had WMDs. Those documents included the draft of the very speech he would turn around and deliver to the U.N. with a straight face.

Powell has been walking around with a guilty face since then. His speech almost convinced me that it was necessary to go into Iraq (and I'd been marching against it). Almost. Powell traded in his credibility for a nefarious, deadly lie, and deserves nothing but contempt.
VirileVagabond (30)
I'd have to say that the book is still out on Colin Powell's political career. While I would say that his tenure as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was relatively successful, his turn at Secretary of State was a mixed bag at best. I'm guessing that the Left likes Powell claiming that he bailed on the Bush Administration, and likewise the Right for bringing some high positioned color to the Republicans. In my opinion, the truth is that Powell, as a military man, was ill suited for the State Department, and he would have better served the Bush Administration as Secretary of Defense. Insiders have claimed that Powell lost most of his disputes between State and Defense, and if true this suggests that he was relatively ineffective in his role as Secretary. While I'm willing to cut Powell some slack given the circumstances, the bottom line is that his political career has been too short to really merit more than three stars.
kissmeback (5)
i like him.
GenghisTheHun (162)
He has style and common sense. He was a good choice for Bush. To bad he is gone. He shall be needed for the upcoming disaster when the Irag chickens finally come home to roost!
Conservatism (5)
On of the few true and honest republicans left in Washington, it is a shame he left.  I would give my vote to him if he was to run for president in 08.
MDStewart (6)
God bless him!! If he'd only run for President. He just might be the only hope this country has left.
kentgs (0)
how disappointing
I wish the Republicans would nominate him in 08.
djstarz (1)
Had potential, but fell victim to the bush administration. Thought he was a strong man, but turned out to be very weak.
doobiesNhof (22)
Smart enough to leave the White House liars behind. He should have told Bush to shove it when he was forced to tell the UN that WMDs existed in Iraq.
kingguiness (10)
A quality man who had enough dignity to leave the corrupt Bush Administration.
Sane Person (0)
Major disappointment. It is evident that Powell knew fairly early into the Bush administration just how much of an idiot he was working for. He nevertheless kept repeating the mantra "I serve at the pleasure of the President" Horse manure! He serves the PEOPLE, and if he knew Bush was an idiot, he should have noisily resigned and made it clear why!
jeleco (0)
Colin Powell is an honorable man and that's why he could no longer function in the current administration. There is a lot more to this story that will not be heard until this administration is out of power.
Djahuti (54)
He was OK until he sold out,or they got something on him.
izzimoon (0)
I can't possibly give Powell a good rating when he played a major role in lying to the world to justify war against a sovereign nation that was not a threat to America. His speech to the UN was founded on misinformation and exaggerated claims of WMD evidence, as far as I can tell.
sue05 (0)
He could have been a great man. Trying to fit into a party that did not suit him, he was used and thrown away. He made a big mistake in hiding his ethics, too bad.
anfez (0)
I used to think he was the only honest Republican. Now I know he lies like all the rest of them!
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