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John Cena
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Overall Rating:3.62 based on 144 ratings
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CanadaSucks (45)
. . .it's almost-naked men covered in oil screaming at each other- and this guy is just another one of them. . .next.

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101520815 (0)
John Cena is bettter than the other old wrestlers I mean hello they all reatired and he gives what his fans what they want to see if you acully watch colsely you would all know that.!!!!!!!!!!!1

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linda16 (0)
my brother andrew is 8 and he's favouite carater is john cena my brother is a john cena fan he loves wwe smackdown

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krazjake (0)
anyone haz a problem wit cena look me up

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MomsandpopscallmeJoe (10)
I liked him more as a heel wrestler than face, he dont even rap anymore. WWE does a poor job putting over other guys, and even HHH didnt have a title run as long as Cena.

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timberwolfnatural000 (1)
John Cena is a complete joke. He is a complete rip off of The Rock. The Rock could own him on the mic and in the ring. The only reason the WWE keeps him in a main event spot is to sell more merchandise. It makes me mad that they are trying to make him into the next Rock or Stone Cold because these guys had great ring skills and mic skills and what had Cena got to show for this? His mic skills consist of lame jokes and his ring skills are even worse. What is that 5 Knuckle shuffle thing he does is that even a real move? The FU is even worse anybody can do that move. He has no wrestling ability to even do a decent move. The point is that John Cena is gonna be the WWE's complete downfall to TNA if they don't change his character or make him lose the belt soon. I am thinking of completely quitting watching RAW if they don't make him turn heel or lose the belt i mean the guy is an absolute joke to have for champion worse than David Arquette being the WCW Champion and that is saying something.

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caphillsea77 (29)
I actually went to high school with this guy, grew up in the same town as him. He didn't stand out that much back then oddly enough so I never would have imagined he'd be where he is now. He was a boyscout & his parents owned an ice cream stand here in town, and his brother is a cop in the next town over. Mind you the town I live in is a total small town white bread bedroom community, so to see him where he's at now seems weird to me.

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ohiowweking (0)
John Cena is the new wrestling gangsta.I hope he keeps the title forever.

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Majibb (1)
He will be the catalyst for the complete downfall of the WWE, once TNA gets a two-hour deal.

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ClockEndGooner (0)
John Cena is an absolute joke of a Wrestler!
He's got about 4 poxy moves and he has singled handedly made me change from WWE to TNA.
Yeah, it's a bit lower budget for now, but at least they have real athletes on it and not some f**king gimmick of a champion!
John Cena is for 12 year old girls & Wiggers!
Every other PROPER wrestling fan can't stand him, period!

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lightfinger2000 (2)
Cena has the the right physical tools to be a good competitor.However,he hasn't shown any credible talent in the ring.He needs to learn to be a better worker to accomadate all styles of opponants.Next to the Hogan legdrop his finisher is lame,someone compared it to a firemans carry and they were correct.I hate the "I can't be stopped by anyones supermove" gimmick.It worked for Hogan somewhat because he was big and It worked well for Flair because he always took the worst beating and would barely survive long enough too eek out a victory.Cena though no matter what,comes back fully loaded as if he never even was hurt and performs the same routine on every opponant.Like the Rock neither one ever loses legitimately,it always has to be a chair or interference or something.I expected better from someone of Cena's skills.If only he had a mind for the squared circle to go with his looks I might cheer with those 12 year old girls.

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Cenasucks (0)
John Cena is perhaps the biggest joke in all of wrestling. He can't wrestle worth a crap, has a stupid Super Wigga Man gimmick, and his mic skills consist of: Gay, Poop, Fart, and Genital Wart jokes. Where is the humor in that? They try to make him the next Austin or Rock, but he has neither the ability or character to pull it off and he ends up falling on his ass. The Chain Gang consists of (1) ass-ugly females and (2) kids under 13 in addition to (3) ignorant people who don't believe it's scripted and think everything in wrestling is real. Here is what a typical John Cena match consists of: Punches for a few minutes Heel takes over and does everything but drop a 10 ton safe on his head for the next 10 minutes or so. Cena magically makes a come back with: (1) shoulder block (2) throw back (3) proto bomb (4) 5 Knuckle Shuffle (6) FU/STFU combo. That's basically it. He gets the crap knocked out of him every week and he comes back to win a match no matter what type of match it is with those moves in order. It's just a huge joke. He's getting crammed down our throats as if he were Hogan or something. Only difference is while Hogan was widly loved by fans everywhere Cena is hated and doesn't deserve it. Cena is a joke and everyone knows it. It's just a matter of time before the entire fanbase sees what older fans see and join in the BOOING he gets every week. He's a total tool and his fans are mindless sheep.

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 1 agree)
donttredonme (0)
everyone who rates cena low because of wrestling skill has no kowledge of wrestling at all. in OVW he showed grea prowess as as wrestler. however the "geniouses" (SP) a wwe decided he was to be a brawler cause of his gimmick. trust me, if he was allowed he could wrestle 100x better than he does now. he has the look, he has the skills, he has the body, he has the mic skills/ hes the real deal. just so you know im not even a cena fan, but i cant deny him

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shroomy soup (2)
As Jim Ross has said, he is one of the most controversial champions in WWE history. Fans have turned against him. It started at Wrestlemania 22 in his match vs. Triple H. Triple H was supposed to be the heel (the bad guy) but the fans in Chicago were booing John Cena every time he pulled off a move. In recent Raw shows, fans have booed him. This guy has good mic skills and charisma, but his matches are just plain boring. His match at Wrestlemania 22, the biggest event in the industry, was a dud. Triple H was carrying the match. In a recent special, "WWE vs. ECW", Cena had a chance to show something since it was an "ECW rules match." However, Cena once again bores us in the beginning of the match when he is dominating Sabu. Then, it was Sabu's turn to dominate and he clearly stole the spotlight. Cena does not deserve the WWE championship title...he's a brawler, not a wrestler.

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TheShape (0)
Cena is the worst wrestler I've seen in a long time. His character is a joke (he's supposed to be Raw's #1 face) but he gets booed more than the heels do. He can't wrestle to save his life and he's very stale on the mic. The only people who like him are young boys and chicks who don't believe that it's all pre-determined and believe all the B.S. WWE puts out to hype Cena up. He's supposed to be from the "streets" but judging from his video it couldn't be any further from the truth. How are people supposed to get behind a character that is so phony it's not funny? Barbra Bush has more street credability than Cena does! What's sad is WWE clearly sees that fans really hate this guy yet they keep him as a face which doesn't make a damn bit of sense. I guess their argument is "Cena sells tons of merchandise" well that may be true, but wouldn't he sell just as much as a heel? I mean if you're a true fan you're gonna buy his stuff heel or face. Triple H is Raw's #1 heel and you see plenty of people with his shirts on, so I don't buy that argument. Hell you even see people wearing RKO shirts on Smackdown and Orton is Smackdown's biggest heel, so again their merchandise argument is a very weak one. In closing Cena is a joke and shouldn't be anywhere near a main event or title on either show. He's not ready and it shows.

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lockedown224 (0)
I have watched the WWE for some time and saw a lot of stars rise and fall. For my part, I just hope John Cena won't fall just like the other great wrestlers that rose to fame and fall from grace. He's attitude is probably his best asset. The way reacted to the boos is quite professional of him and that is why I am giving him a 3/5 rating. But sadly, he falls from just being one of those guys who can do one, two, maybe even five moves. He may need to refresh a bit on his technical skills in the ring. All in all, John Cena really needs some work on his in-ring skills. He can't stay as a prettyboy wrestler forever.

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Ih8rateitall (5)
He has a myspace page and his quote is hustle.loyality.respect. What a poser dudes. His matches are boring and stale. The "chaingang" is nothing but little kids and chicks, and if you don't believe me, check out the Cena fans on his myspace, the majority of Cena's fans are women and little boys~ http://www.myspace.com/johncenasspace He might be a good guy in real life, but his character is stale and his matches are boring. *opponent is beating Cena for most of the match...then Cena unleashes: left punch right punch 5 Knuckle Shuffle U can't see me taunt F-U 1,2,3, Cena wins *Yawn, you suck Cena!*

  (4 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
gamerman (8)
I could tolerate him as a heel but he sucks as a face. He gets booed every week, faces aren't supposed to be booed. He can't wrestle, and I hate the Vanilla Ice gimmick. The "chaingang" consist of ladies and little boys. Everyone else thinks he sucks.

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Damien_McCade (0)
Ok, there's people who hate Cena, and there's people who like him. I'm sitting on the fence on this one. Cena has a few things that annoy me, such as the finishing move (his new submission move, the STF, which is called the STFU, actually is better than the FU) the lack of technical skill, whatever. But he has a few things that save him from a 1/5. Cena has a champion attidude, always defending the title against anyone and never backing down from a fight. Cena is also going in the ring in the name for his fans (which, unfortunatly, is reduced to teenagers, but I digress). And, let's face it, whenever Cena raps, expect some laughs coming from me. Speaking of rapping, some of the songs on his CD, such as "Time Is Now" and "Basic Thuganomics", are pretty good, compared to crapmeisters like 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" and Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps". So, am I a fan? Yes and no. Cena has the attitude and fan appreation that I like, but the lack of technical skill and that lousy FU just annoy me. However, give Cena time, folks. He may pull off something big in Wrestlemania 22, trust me.

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Oninshiro (1)
THE reason why WWE has sucked for the past year, and he killed the legacy of the WWE/F title.

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Cenagirl4eva (0)
i'm a 43 yr old woman who has been following wrestling since i was a teen and dating a pro wrestler.so i know all about the workings of it. i know one move from the next and i know a good thing when i see it. Cena is just awesome. not only does he look good,rap good and wrestle good,he's never forgotten where ;he came from. when just a few years ago he was sitting in the stands like the rest of us. and now he lets us share in every aspect of his life. he truly is "The Champ". and always will be.

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Rikki Smith (0)
This guy is an ass. He has an utterly laughable character and is the worst champion of all time.

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rjy (1)
Not bad, but I think they gave him the world tittle too soon!

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Anson202 (1)
people please don't rate john cena on how "fine" he is... this is meant to be on actual wrestling abillity and character... first of all his wrestling abillity is horrible... his moveset is incredibly limited and his finisher is a fireman's carry! His matches are incredibly boring too... ne only does like four moves per match (punching and kicking doesn't count as wrestling moves... Second off all he has a hprrible gimmick... I've honestly have gotten tired of him rapping and all that stuff... it is incredibly annoying and boring... i think they should fire him or trun him into a heel... of course there not going to fire him... stupid wwe... they should give the wwe championship to more deserving wrestlers... like shelton benjeman... he has incredible talent...

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StartGame76 (0)
If I could give John Cena -1,000,000 stars I would. Here's some basic facts about Cena: 1. He's a poor worker with a very limited moveset and has to be carried through his matches. You know something is wrong when Carlito, Tyson Tomko, and JBL have to carry you through your matches and that's what it is with Cena. 2. Only teenie-bopper girls and young boys ages 6-13 like him. Listen to Raw...you can hear the boos for Cena by the older crowds. They cover it up with the HIGH pitched screams of girls to make him seem more over than he really is. You want proof? listen to WWE SummerSlam 2005 in his match against Y2J Chris Jericho...you can hear very loud boos for Cena and cheers for Jericho (who was supposed to be the heel in the feud.) I don't know what the SummerSlam DVD will be like, but knowing WWE they've probably dubbed over the boos with fake cheers etc. What's sad is that Cena's fans (little girls) cannot give one reason why they like him other than "OMG CENA IS SOOOO HOT." ATTENTION: That is NOT a legit reason to like a wrestler. We like wrestlers for their talent, gimmick, and mic skills...not just because the way they look. That's just stupid. 3. His gimmick is a joke. He's an ultra-white boy from the preppy side of town trying to act like a gangsta. He makes a mockery of rap videos with his crap doing sterotypical things like pouring beer out, having a BBQ with his crew, and having flat chested girls doing booty shakes. Most rappers say they're just telling it like it was when they were growing up in bad parts of town etc, but what kind of hard times did Cena go through? not getting a new G.I. Joe action figure when he was a kid that he begged mommy and daddy for? Or maybe not getting that Mustang he wanted when he turned 16? give me a damn break. I could go on and on about what a tool this fool is, but I won't. Cena appeals to little marks and we older fans are paying for it and that is just sad in my opinion.

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cena-lover01 (0)
OMG!I love John Cena so much.He is so freakin fine.I don't just watch him for the looks though...I watch him because he is a very talented wrestler and rap artist...John Cena is alwayz in a fight or and argument and he never backs down from a fight.John Cena has had a CD come out and it is awesome.His CD is selling out in stores because he is so loved by the United States...To those of you that don't like him,I understand that you are able to be opinionated but he is a great person...if you would just watch the fans and how they love the impact that he sets in then you would understand that the people that hate John Cena are probably just about 2,000 and I am just counting the United States.John has won the WWE Championship and the United States Championship 3 times.He will have the chance to win much more titles in the future...I will meet him someday because he is so awesome and I Love Him So Freakin Much

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roshun2008 (0)
john cena is not just a great wreserler to me

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numbah16tdhaha (148)
He has become one of the biggest stars in wrestling. That being said, his moves could use a little work. He is not really billed as a mat tactican, but he looks like he is in a barfight half the time. Mic skills are great, possibly even making a run on the Rock for best in my book. Still, he's a hard competitor who takes zero crap off of anybody and can absorb alot of punishment and still win.

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nebitric (0)
hes not so bad

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tenysha (0)
john cne a will always make cd's and he will always ware that belt and he will always be the wwe champion and he will always be a legend! and you know what though YOU CNA'T SE ME CAUSE RIGHT NOW THE CHAMP IS HERE!

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Dukesucks (4)
My favorite wrestler other than Batista and Hulk Hogan.

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SliceNDice (0)
His matches are very boring.

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didefresh04 (0)
John Cena is the best wrestler and I don't know why anybody doesn't like him, but that's just their opinion. At least he shut up JBL!!!! And to all the people who think that he's just a rapper want-to-be, well, he's got talent and he shut up JBL! Didn't I mention he shut up the big loser JBL? JBL needs to get his head knocked a few hundred times and go back to being Bradshaw. Enough of big losers, but John Cena can't be seen and if you get in his way, you'll just get pounded with his patented move. I'm a member of the CHAIN GANG!

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kingguiness (11)
Cena is annoying! He is what is wrong with the business today and the sheep that follow it.

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RotramelE (0)
John Cena is the hottest guy ever walk through the WWE certains . Anybody that doesn't like him is jelous of his. His CD's hot the movie he is staring in is hot, when he speaks he hot, he is just sexy period. He is hotter than Randy Orton.

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Amaso Kid (0)
When this guy came out, I said to myself, man, he knows how to use the mic... he's bound to go to the top in this business... A few years down the road now, he's pumped up his body good and the crowd really gets on his style with the trash talking. But John, oh, John, work on your wrestling moves for god's sake. He can really become the next Rock or he could really go down the drain in a couple of years' time.

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buck gracia (0)
john cena at the greatest stage of them all was the first person to shut JBL up and win the wwe title u probaly are thinkin john cena lost the united states title the wwe title is better u cant see him

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tuma (0)
crap w21 match. Doesnt look like cena has any skill. Batista is the man

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thehiddeneffect (0)
John Cena is LAME!!!!! At Wrestlemania 21 he won the championship with his fireman carry, in one of the most lamest championship matches I've ever seen in professional wrestling, other than chyna winning the title. Now ladies think he's hot, but that's no reason to give him 5 stars. Ladies just watch wrestling for the guys, MOST wouldn't know a clothesline, from a bodyslam!!!!! No offene ladies(I said most)..... I'm sure the younger fans ages 6 to 17 think he so great. But I come from a generation with guys like the ultimate warrior, the million dollar man, I.R.S.,ravishing rick rude,ricky steamboat,hogan,flair,four horsemen,the harts,and I'll tell you this, they wouldn't stand for the legend killer BS!!!! John is a no talent wrestler. I give him a while to either change his gimmick or quit altogether like the overhyped Lesnar!!!!! I hope this helps.....

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celtics_rock_34 (0)

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mtbmlb (6)
OK wrestler, but talks WAY too much.

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hereticjackal (0)
Dis guy iz so awsome, he raps sooo good.. he's da next wwe champ!! dsaijshff.. and he's sooo hotttzzz! ^thats pretty pathetic. And thats what most of you are basically saying. Cena's a bad wrestler and his raps seem to always mention something gay, which could mean his character is hiding something.

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NIWknever (0)
if i were to write a book it would be entitled: The end of Proffesional Wrestling as we Know it.- The John Cena Story. cena has got to be the worst thing to ever happen to me as lifetime wrestling fan. for one thing his promos are the most anooying thing ever, his matches suck, he goes over everyone (i.e. undertaker, angle, jericho and benoit. not to mention the entire f.b.i. in a 3-on-1 match~ uhg.) and his finisher is the infamous fu. does anyone else besides me realize this is a fireman's carry- please. just thinking about him winning the title from jbl at wm21 makes me want to kill myself. i would've given him a zero if i could but one star is the lowest thing. giving him a one out of five is the most insulting thing i've ever done to myself.

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lowrider (0)
he can't rap

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Amanda Tanner (0)
I think that John Cena is a great wrestler. Not only that, but I love how he gained the US CHAMPIONSHIP title back. On top of that John Cena is soooo hot! Every time I see him, I get so excited. Some day I want to be able to go to SMACKDOWN and meet John Cena.By the way, he has the greatest body and set of six-packs ever!! Carlito Cool is a friggin pilsbury fro boy!!

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john cena lover (0)
i think john cena is the bomb and i say he is hot and a cool wrestler

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
aarsenault10 (0)
I think John Cena is so FREAKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
dragon30 (0)

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Poison Tongue (0)
John Cena makes me cream myself evry time i see his sculpted body... DROOL

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johncenalover (0)
hot and a great wrestler and good talker the perfect man

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Bradin (0)
John Cena is so hott...He is #1. I think that he will be the next wwe champ. His raps are off the hook!!!Cena I love u!!!

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Cena_Lover__ (0)
John Cena's awesome. He's funny, original, different, best thing that happened to WWE!

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johncenarulesthearth (0)
yo cena i wish u will be rap battlin in this world ur raps are so cwl hope u rap forever in ur life...so lets get the party started WORD LIFE YO,yo this is war brock ur in jail fite me 1on1 so drop the word WORD LIFE see ya JOHN cena Y(YO) J(JOhn) ni3e raps.....

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
CenasLiLAngel53 (0)
John Cena Is Tha Most Hottest Sexiest Guys On Tha Earth!!!I Love Him Soo Much! Hes A Good MC His Raps Are Funny n* Hes Tha Best Wrestler WWE Has!!!John I Love You!! I*m Always Gonna Stick By You!!Love You!mwaa XoXo

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tainted (0)
I want to see Cena throw Kurt Angle throught the Cell, for his inference as a fake criple and taking his title away.

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xoJCena*sOnlyGirlxo (0)
john cena is so cute, so fine, so hottt, so MINEE!!! so back off plz haha he is sexy a great wrestler a awsome rapper and the most sexiest man i eva seeen hes mine mine mine mine mine!! and damn he's fine thuganamics! world life, you cant see me olny him hhaha!

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
CenasBabiGrl4 (0)
John Cena Is Tha Greatest Thing That Happened Ta Smack*Down Hell Ta WWE!! He Should Still Be Tha U.S Champ NOT Booker T!!Booker Hates Smack*Down Plus He Sucks!!John Cena Is Hott! I Love Him Soo Much He Will Always Have Me On His Side!

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johncenasbabe (0)
John Cena is the HOTTEST guy I ever saw!

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MariusQelDroma (36)
Great talent, great mic guy. Best on mic since the Rock.

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
ladyvenom_619 (0)
cena has some entertaining raps and catch phrases. one of the few reasons i watch smackdown! but he is better off a heel. liked him more back when he was.

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andrea phillips (0)
Wuz up its yo gurl john is off thy chain hala bac at yo gurl luv Andrea wordlife, u cant see me!

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
emma_2004 (0)
John cena is sooo kool, he brightens up smackdown soooo much, he is a sexc guy and i luv to watch him on smackdown

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greatness (0)
he's one of da most entertaining wrestlers but i liked him more as a heel

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