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Overall Rating: 3.17 based on 35 ratings

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Phastreader (2)
I tried this one, since it has all the ingredients I like in a breakfast sandwich. I was disappointed, because the texture of the biscuit is somewhat unappealing. You get all the same stuff in a McMuffin, and the muffin is MUCH better than the biscuit. Frankly, I don't see any reason to order this over the McMuffin at all! 3
ravenisgod (0)
wut the monkeys this is the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0
Rushboy (0)
This sandwich tastes so very good in the morning . 0
kattwoman (24)
my favorite breakfast sandwich. not to big and it has bacon and that what i prefer1
spudly (0)
this is the best breakfast sandwich EVER!!! that cook must have one tasty ass. word!0
irishgit (122)
These smell like the cook wiped their ass with them. I don't plan to taste one any time soon.3
Molfan (53)
I would give this a 3.5. It can be pretty good if it is not too greasy. this is usually the breakfast sandwhich i order. I like it as long as it is cooked right. I have had when the bacon was not cooked long enough and then it is limp and geasy. but if it is cooked too long it tastes burnt. 2
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