His cell phone is the basic $50.00 Cricket phone. I bought this with PayGo service. The phone has the ...
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Cricket 1

i got cricket and its a piece of sh-t. the customer service sucks air. they act like they don't have a clue as to what is going own. also they do not write down anything that is said or what they did to help you. so you have to start all over when you talk to another person. if anyone knows the ceo of this company then let me know because i got a some chose words for him or her.

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Cricket 1

I actually have no issues at all with the service itself. I don't drop calls, I get all my texts, everything works as it should. The problem I have is with the customer service. If you have to call in for any other reason apart from paying a bill then you will end up wanting to beat your head into a desk before it is all over with.
When I initially got my phone the caller I.D. said a different name. I'm guessing the previous owner of the number I had. I would call customer service and they would tell me it's fixed just give it (insert a time frame here ranging from 24 to 72 hours). I did that 3 times and then could not get a live person on customer service for 3 solid weeks. The IVR would just loop. Follow the prompts and it would take you right back to the beginning again. I would try all hours in an attempt to get through to ANYONE. Finally, after 3 weeks I did reach an actual human, at that point I wanted a supervisor. He give me the same thing. Yadda, yadda, yadda, it will be fixed just give it 2 weeks. Grrr. Finally after I waited an additional 2 weeks I went into the store. They could not fix it they just changed my phone number.

More recently I moved from one city to another. I needed to change my phone number as I no longer live in that area code. I could not get the first rep to even understand that I no longer lived in that area code. I worked in a call center for years so I try to be extremely patient and understanding when dealing with phone reps. Him I hung up on. I call back and they tell me it can't be done on the phone it has to be done at a store. Fine. I go up to a store and they tell me is should be able to be done on the phone. At that point you could probably see smoke coming out of my ears. I go back home and call the freakin' call center again. I ask for a supervisor. They release the call at 8:32. Oh yeah now I'm livid. I call back AGAIN and ask to speak to a sup immediately. The rep does not want to get me one. I tell him I am not mad at him, I know it is not his fault but I am gonna unload on someone so I would like it to be a sup. He begrudgingly gets one. I tell the sup my issue I JUST WANT TO CHANGE MY PHONE NUMBER. He tells me I have to go to the store, but this time a different one. A corporate store that is 18 miles away from me. GRRRRRRRRR...... I go to the store and they tell me I have to, in essence, close my existing account and open a new one, since I just paid my bill the day before, unless I want to pay twice I will want to wait for another month. Really?!? Not one of the flippin people I spoke with, including the supervisor was unable to tell me this, including the sup?????? I will use the month I paid for and then switch to another provider altogether. They just lost me.

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Cricket 5

I love cricKet! I've had them for 3 years now and I don't ever plan on switching! I live in nashville so I get great coverage! But just the other week, I switched off my dad's plan on to my own plan under my own name. Before that, I was on the $45 plan which gave me unlimited talk, text, pix/vid, web, long distance, mexico text, and 411! It was all I needed except for nationwide coverage... This was something that i really wanted, and i went great lengths to try to get it. I tried boost mobile (BIG MISTAKE DON'T EVER GET BOOST), and I was getting ready to try straight talk by tracfone, but I decided it would be to complicated and just stuck with cricket. Good thing I did cause when my parents were kicking me off their plan, cricket had an amazing sale on their plans, $5 off! So i got the next best plan for the same price! now i do have nation wide coverage cause cricket gives me 30 roaming minutes each month. I know thats not a lot but its enough for because I rarely travel. And it's better for paying $70 a month just to get 450 min.... I also got the myshot II which is a great phone! The ONLY problems I have with it is the battery life and call volume. It's hard to hear people sometimes and i can only get about 1 hr 30 min to 2 hr a day on it talk time. if your not talking it last's for forever. but for $99 for the phone and my first month of service free, i can't complain!

So yes I would highly recommend cricket to anyone, and everyone! They offer no contracts and a variety of all unlimited plans that can't be beat! The only thing that I don't like about cricket is their phones aren't the best quality. Some are, but I have mainly been lucky when I get those phones. Another thing is since their plans are so cheap, you have to pay the full price for phones unless your a new costumer, if your a new costumer then they have some discounts they give you, but not a whole lot....

Besides that, their incredible! Great service, great plans, great deals! and NO HIDDEN FEES! try to get that with verizon!! hahahaha


make sure when you go to their site that you type in your zip code in the right hand side of the screen, then you'll know exactly how much plans cost in your area, or if you even get cricket service. and in case some of you are wondering, no i am not a cricket sales rep, or anything :) i'm just a happy costumer, who wants to pass good things along!

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Cricket 1

This cell phone is the basic $50.00 Cricket phone. I bought this with PayGo service. The phone has the worst sound quality as far as cell phones go. It echoes, is scratchy and hard to hear callers. I am constantly being told I" cannot hear you", and I am constantly saying to the callers, "I can't hear you!" I am not sure if it is just the phone itself, or the crappy Cricket coverage and phone service. I wish I never bought this piece of S....!!! I am trying to sell it on CL, but no takers!

In addition, the $1, $2 per day plans fail to tell you that you are charged roaming etc.

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