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Michigan Militia (MM)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 2.75 based on 72 ratings

The anti-government MM was founded in 1994 and promotes the purchase of weapons and ammunition for "self-protection." (Add picture)

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irishgit (122)
This organization is long gone, now, but there are no shortage of yokels just like them.4
Victor83 (39)
The Michigan Militia was a "terrorist" organization? LOL.3
chAos1 (0)
Keep your eyes open for a new organization. From business professionals to ditch diggers...We are called P.R.A.I.R., Peoples Resistance Against Islamic Radicals. Our enemy fights from the gutter, we will fight from the sewer to protect our country.0
maersk (2)
just another excuse for fat middle aged men to put on cammos, strap on an AR-15 and play rambo on the weekends.....1
IgnatiusJReilly (78)
They just want you to think they ar elong gone. They are secretly planning a major comeback, complete with a new live album!!6
GenghisTheHun (155)
This group is long gone and a threat to none.2
aWiseguy (72)
If you saw Janet Reno comming you'd take up arms. News flash; The MM broke up in 2000.5
brianptx2 (0)
awesome idea to have a militia in case Canada ATTACKS US (sense the sarcasm). look, you people who think that you're defending yourselves from the U.S. government and it's oppression are misguided at best. this government has done horrible things around the world and at home, but carrying guns around and calling yourselves the people's army isn't goint to do piddly. my suggestions for taking a proactive approach to changing government instead of firing rifles in nowhere, Michigan, would be to get an education, learn U.S. laws, and change the system using those laws. that's why we live in a republic. and no i'm not naive and think that the U.S. government is some benign force that is open to rich and poor alike. but if you're clever and smart enough, you can do a lot more with your life than screw around like with bunch.0
King_Porus (1)
not as bad as other fanatical murdering terrorist bastards like IRA1
mh004g (0)
I hope they all point their guns at each other and pull the trigger. 2
ironlaw (1)
You go, boys! As long as you mind your own beeswax, f**k the feds.0
LadyShark4534 (13)
I do remember talking to a few members of this organization and asking them what they did for a living. All of them except for one was unemployed. The one who was employed was a janitor at Burger King..........4
Enkidu (40)
If Madison and Jefferson could have seen this bunch of brain-damaged yahoos, they would have worded the Second Amendment a little more carefully.4
mcspongeicus (0)
Your country seems to be populated by gun toting fanatics who believe its their god given right to bear arms. Not too different from Al Quaida. Idiots.4
Eagle Scout (2)
If the government can have an army, so should the people. I just wish that I could find such a respectable group in California.3
unarmed patriot (0)
Until the group that put GeorgeII in the white house I had no intrest in a militia but now I am going to get active before it to late. 1
GWBush (0)
The US government should move in with the military and crush these lunatics. That would never happen, since the "militias" are the darlings of the fascist corporate media. These are nothing but a bunch of inbred hillbilly terrorists who have watched "RAMBO" too many times. The government protects us from terrorists; the "Militia" are not smart enough to protect themselves from a sunburn. These idiots are just a bunch of fat, middle aged, paranoid, white trash skipping their Klan meetings so they can play Rambo in the fields next to their trailer park. 2
dogbert (0)
This doesn't sound like a terrorist organization to me. But, I agree, we don't need militias anymore, and I can't condone any type of terrorism, even the home grown type. Try trusting your govenment more often. Don't not question them, but Hey! We are mostly all on the same side. Why don't you just call it the Michigan Gun Club and get off this list? And BTW, I have a few guns myself but I don't feel any need to join a Militia. 0
militiamedic (0)
A terrorist with a box cutter and a citizen with a gun get into a fight who wins. Nuff said. 1
crosshairs (0)
Most people in this country,that r below the age of 40 or so,have no idea of what goes on in there country.They r either satisfied to pick up their pay check and stop at the local party store and pick up a 6 pack-go home and "don't bother me,I don't have time,I just want to relax and have a couple of brews: or they believe in what the Liberal news papers print.Have U ever seen any kind of an article concerning a person that has a legal right to a CCW,and uses that right to save someone from being robed or raped or assaulted,or in being attacked criminally by someone on the street,in a restaurant,etc..U always see the other side of the coin.How someone shoots someone in a argument or a driveby shooting or sometype of an illegal use of a firearm.That will never happen with the liberals running the majority of the news print.The same people that print those kind of lies in the paper R the ones that always have a negative outlook concerning anybody that stands up for our RIGHTS as stated in the Bill Of Rights.U can take this to the bank,if we loose our Right to bear arms we will loose all of our rights.The reason for the 2nd amendment is to protect the people of this country from their own Government.Anyone that has studied our background and the civil war,and has read any of the statements of our forfathers,would understand that their reasoning for "a well regulated militia" is based on fact.The people that caused the bill of rights to be part of our Constitution,were very aware that a Government with to much power was a Government that was not "by the people and for the people".I spent several years in the servic of my country,and 2 of those years in Vietnam.The men and women that died in any and all of the wars R the ones that gave people the right to disagree with each other in a public foru.m,but they did not give anyone the right to be just plain stupid.Please if U don't know what U R talking about,as the man said-it is better to appear as a fool rather than putting your foot in your mouth and speaking with no knowledge and proving it.Anyone that does not read and understand our Constitution or our Bill of Rights has not read them or has not done any research on this country.There R three kinds of people in this country,The first kind makes things happen,the second kind watches as things go by,the third kind says what is going on.I sure hope that the majority of the people in this country are the first kind of people---They make things happen.May the good LORD BLESS YOU and KEEP YOU. 2
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