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Al-Jihad:Why Are We A Defeated Ummah? (Online Islamic Store .com)$4.46
Between Jihad and Salaam Profiles in Islam (Cokesbury.com)$14.36
UL-Al-Jihad Fi Islam (URDU Only) (Online Islamic Store .com)$5.35
Islam Revealed A Christian Arab's View of Islam (Cokesbury.com)$11.99
Voice of an Exile Reflections on Islam (Cokesbury.com)$41.95
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Overall Rating: 1.70 based on 27 ratings

Active since the late 1970s, al-Jihad's mission is to overthrow the Egyptian Government and replace it with an Islamic state, and attack US and Israeli interests in Egypt and abroad. (Add picture)

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555555 (0)
Muslims (especially the arabs) loved America before 9/11 (although, there are no documented proofs that muslims did attact WTC, even if they did, It is UNISLAMIC!!) -No one hates freedom! and if America is a world power rite now then I would say it is becuz of the freedom. and for Democracy, ISLAM is democracy, After the death of Prophet (s.a.w) the Caliphs were ELECTED!! after the death of 3rd caliph, one person had to knock every single door to ask to choose from two candidates who should be chosen as the 4th Caliph (Note: all men and Women were asked the same questions) And about leaving America, listen to this:-------- Numerous evidence suggests that Muslims from Spain and West Africa arrived in the Americas at least five centuries before Co1umbus ------ One more thing, if muslims are in crisis today then I would say it is becuz the muslim rulers rite now are ruling by force!!! and to tell you the truth: it was prophesized by Muhammad(s.a.w)and is recorded in one of the Hadith (sayings of the prophet)0
MariusQelDroma (33)
555555, you're starting to get on my nerves. Please take your hatespeach elsewhere. It has no place on this forum. If you honestly don't like it in America then ____ing move already. At least you said one thing correct about extremists such as yourself, they are rather close-minded. Hate seems to be the only language that terrorists understand, hatred for America, for democracy, for freedom, or whatever bugaboo they're in the mood to chase down and blow up. Too bad that means they blow up unarmed civilians. It takes a lot of nut to do that, I guess....1
jjpowerus (0)
Don't be fooled with this Islamic Jihad crap name .. they are really known as Al Qaeda.2
awais_yar (0)
Excellent Work Boys 0
gp_valkyrie (0)
Killing womane nad children ??? Another man's freedom fighters? You come to my house, and you got a 12 gaulge in your brains. I hope one day you all stand in a row so we can carpet bomb you suckers and drop a couple of fuel bombs over you. I would love to sit on one of those bombs and while getting closer and closer to you screaming "YEEEHAAAAA" and taking you all down! 1
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